5 Fresh Colour Combos to Rejuvinate Your Gradient Nail Art

There is nothing worse than having to repeat the same nail pattern, polish and designs. It can be somewhat unappealing, and may even fail to make a good impression on your mates. 

So, this guide on 5 fresh colour combos to rejuvenate your gradient nail art is an excellent place to start. The key to success with this approach to nail art is for you to get creative with the application of colours.

Done correctly, and you will have nails that are outstanding in group photos, and unique.

1. Peach Sorbet Nail Design 

peach sorbet nail design

Top on this list would be the peach sorbet nail design. Making this unique nail art design is easy. You need one pastel purple and a perfect peach for the best results. Let it cure under a UV light for the best results. Plus, since it’s a relatively low key design, consider pairing it with some jewelry.

2. Cherry Wine

cherry wine

Next on this list would be the Cherry Wine nail art design. The design is easy to prepare and it involves the use of one juicy pink, and a berry red nail polish. You may have to start by applying a base coat to help boost the quality of the nail paint finish. Once you are through applying the base coat, proceed to apply the cherry coat on the nails, such that it has a gradient finish. You will have to use this combination as it guarantees the best results.

3. Cool and Creamy

cool and creamy

For those of you who want a laid back look, but still manage to make a good impression on your friends, try out this design. To pull it off, you will need one blue pastel and cool plum color. Mix them up, and apply the colours on your nails as required. Best of all, you don’t have to use a base coat for this, as the laid back colours will do the “shinning” in this context!

4. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

You can easily see why this particular design is nicknamed the Fruit Salad technique. It’s a color scheme that is reminiscent of the rich colors you will come across in healthy meals.

To make this unique gradient nail art, you need two colors. These include one butter lemon and pink that pops out. You will also need a clear nail base coat to help improve the quality of the nail paint.

5. Lots of Limes

lots of limes

There is something appealing about applying lime nail polish, especially the type that is reminiscent to the green leaves. To apply this nail polish, you need close to three colours, and you have to get creative with the color gradient. 

Start with one fresh mint, one chartreuse and one lime green colour. Apply these colours along with a base coat to ensure the best results. 

Tips for Using Acrylic Nails – Number 3 is A Stealer!

Now that you have a quick run down of some of the best acrylic nail designs, it’s time for you to move to learning using them correctly. And it’s easy to use acrylic nails. These useful tips include:

Clean Your Nails

The first useful tip for you would be to ensure your nails are clean before using acrylic products. Start by cleaning your nails, using a product such as disinfectant. Plus, ensure you clean all sections of the nail thoroughly.

You have to do this to ensure that dirt, fungi or bacteria won’t live under your nails. These are contaminants which can easily compromise your nail structure, and lead to broken nails.

Apply Nail Strengthener

If you are going to use acrylic nails on a regular basis, consider getting a nail strengthening product. A good recommendation would be for you to use Vitamin B or Biotin oil. It works well for strengthening the nail bed and cuticle.

You have to apply it to your nails before and after you use the acrylic nails. Doing so, will help reduce any likelihood of suffering from weak nails.

Avoid Leaving Acrylics on Your Nails for Long Periods 

If you are still new to using acrylic nails, you will know that it’s not good to leave them on your fingers for too long. Leaving acrylics on your nails can have several negative side effects. First it can cause the nails to become brittle. Second it can provide the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi.

So, the recommended time span for leaving acrylics on your nails would be two weeks. 

After that, you have to remove the acrylics, and perform a basic DIY maintenance process on your nails. The maintenance will include using disinfectants and the strengthener products. Then leave your nails free of acrylics for a few days. Doing this will help restore the strength and structure of your nails.

Katharyn Riedel

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