7 Immaculate Nail Designs to Try at A Wedding

Weddings makeup for some of the most important times people have in their lives. One of the best ways to make the most of weddings is to look good. Why? Its because looking makes a good impression on wedding guests and you also feel good.

So, we have these 7 immaculate nail designs that you can try at weddings.

These are just simple wedding nail designs that you can incorporate with unique elements and designs. Plus, your creativity is not set in stone! You can use these nail designs as the perfect blueprint to expand your knowledge.

Wedding Nail Design-1

wedding nail design-1
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 60 to 150 minutes. 

Ingredients – Grey glitter, clear coat, nail glue, jewellery, light brown nail polish and short tipped acrylics.

The Steps 

Does this design look simply stunning? Well, you can pull this look of using DIY resources in your home. However, you are going to need short tipped acrylic nails to help provide a consistent finish for your nail coat.

Start by applying acrylics on your nails. Then, apply some light cream and brown nail polish on all your nails. However, leave out the ring finger. For this finger, apply a light cream nail coat, and let it dry. Then, apply some glitter on top of the nails.

Wedding Nail Design-2

wedding nail design-2
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 50 minutes.

Ingredients – Light pink nail polish, nail glue, short tipped acrylics, and nail glue.

The Steps 

Next on our wedding nail designs would be this creative use of pink, acrylics and glitter. You need acrylics with a curved tip, to help give a unique feel for this nail art design. Start by cleaning your nails, and then set the acrylics on top.

Next, apply the light pink coat on your thumb, index and middle finger. However, the ring and pinky finger will get a white coat. Then, sprinkle some golden glitter on top of these nails to help boost the quality of the nail coat.

Wedding Nail Design-3

wedding nail design-3
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 50 minutes.

Ingredients – Nail glue, medium tipped acrylics, glitter, and nail disinfectant.

The Steps 

Remember this unique nail art design that involves the use of glitter and the light cream finish we had used earlier on. The good thing about this look is that it’s easy to apply, but still looks intricate and stunning.

Start by applying straight tipped acrylics on top of your nails. Then, apply the light cream coat on your nails. Once it dries, apply some glue, and sprinkle some glitter on the top section of all your nails.

Wedding Nail Design-4

wedding nail design-4
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 45 minutes. 

Ingredients – Long tipped acrylics, nail glue, ombre nails and nail disinfectant.

The Steps 

Here is where you will have to get in touch with your sense of creativity and organization. Be creative by setting the acrylics on your nails, and complementing the look with some jewelry. Be organized by getting the correct nail care set.

For this look, things are simple as you just need acrylics with purple and white gradient. Start by cleaning your nails, and then set the acrylics over them. You can complement this look with a clear base coat for the best results.

Wedding Nail Design-5

wedding nail design-5
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 40 minutes.

Ingredients – Short tipped acrylics, heart stencils, nail glue and nail disinfectant.

The Steps 

Are you looking for an excellent way to stand out from the rest of bridesmaids at an oncoming wedding event? Try out this simple yet intricate gel nail design. You will need gel nails, disinfectant, and a heart decal.

Start by cleaning your nails, and then set the light pink gel nails on top of them. Once the gel nails dry, set the heart decal on top of your ring finger. 

Wedding Nail Design-6

wedding nail design-6

Application Time – 35 minutes. 

Ingredients – Glitter, light pink nail polish and nail glue.

The Steps  

Nails can make your weddings truly memorable, and we have another exquisite design for you to try out. For this nail design, you will need light straight tipped acrylic nails. Set them on your nails, and let them sit stably.

Next, complement your look with some nail glitter. For the ring finger, set the glitter on the entire nail. However, the middle and index finger will get slight shades of the glitter, around the cuticle section of your nail. The thumb and pinky finger should also get slight visible shades of acrylic as well. 

Wedding Nail Design-7

wedding nail design-7
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 1 hour.

Ingredients – Ombre nails, nail glue, jewellery, and purple glitter acrylics.

The Steps 

As usual, we must have something useful in store for those who are novices or perhaps those who don’t have time to spare for nail designs. For this nail design, you will need acrylics with a light pink and white gradient, and they should be of medium size. The medium size types are best because they help bring out the rich color of your nails.

Set the light pink acrylics on all your nails except the ring finger. For the ring finger, set a light purple glitter paint coat, with some jewelry on top to help boost the quality of the paint.

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