7 Mind Blowing Nail Designs Featuring Gold and White

White and Gold! Two of the most popular colours in the fashion industry, dating as far back as ancient pharaohs and queens of Egypt. These are exceptionally rich colours, and you can have them sitting on your nails while complementing it with various other embellishments.

However, remember that pulling of this look requires informed decision making, and a few helpful ideas to get your creativity going. We have pulled up 7 striking nail color techniques you should look at today.

These striking nail color techniques include: 

1. White with Golden Dragon Nail Design 

white with golden dragon nail design
Source: Beautybigbang.com

First on this list would be this white with golden dragon paint design. You can already see the richness that white and gold can bring to your pale nail bed colours. For this nail design, you will need acrylic nails, preferably the long types. Why? It’s because the long nails make it easy to bring out the richness of these two colors.

Start by disinfecting your nails, and then set the acrylic nails. Then, get some glue and golden glitter. Set the glitter on your nails, and let it sit. However, leave out the thumb, and let it have a plain look.

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
10-30 minutes Long tipped white acrylics, gold paint, nail glue, and green nail polish.Setting the gold paint.

2. White with Golden Sequins Nail Design

 white with golden sequins nail design
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Next on this list would be this unique design, that involves transparent acrylics, and some glitter. This golden sequin design is perfect for when you want a laidback but intricate look on your nail. Start by cleaning your nails and set the acrylic nails.

Then, apply a clear base coat to your nails. Why? Do this to help bring out the richness of the transparent acrylics. Plus, apply some golden glitter on your thumb, ring and pinky fingers. However, leave out the remaining nails with a plain look for an enhanced appeal. 

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
10-30 minutes Long tipped acrylics, golden nail polish and clear nail coat.Setting the glitter paint.

3. Gold Metallic and White Nail Design

gold metallic and white nail design
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Take your look today to the next level with this gold metallic and white nail design. While this design looks intricate, it’s easy to apply when you have the nail tech resources and information. You will need a shiny golden nail polish, golden glitter nail polish, long acrylic nails and a light brown coat.

Start by applying the long acrylic nails on your nail bed. You will have to ensure two nails get the glitter, two nails get the shiny golden coat and the middle finger gets the light brown coat. Let your nails sit under an LED light for the best results.

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
10-30 minutes Golden glitter nail paint, light gold nail paint and nail glue.Achieving the right cure finish.

4. Gold Glitter and White Coffin Nails

gold glitter and white coffin nails
Source: Beautybigbang.com

You can already see how this look is appealing right off the bat. It involves using some acrylics, glitter, and jewelry. You will start with setting the acrylic nails on all your nails. Next, apply some glitter nail polish on your ring and index fingers. 

However, the remaining nails will get jewelry designs. You may have to set some glue on your nails, and then set the jewelry. This look is for the middle, thumb and pinky finger. Plus, you can complement this look by setting golden jewelry on your middle finger. 

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
2 hoursLong tipped acrylics, coloured rhinestones, nail jewelry and nail glue.Requires lots of resources.

5. French Gold Tip With White Nail Design

french gold tip with white nail design
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Show your bold side with this French Gold tip white nail design. The design involves using some white paint, and shiny glitter polish in a unique pattern. The good thing is that you can use acrylics or gel nails, and they don’t have to be long.

Start by applying the white paint on all your nails. Then, apply the shiny golden on the top tip of your nails, and in a curved design. Next, apply the golden paint on your nails in a patched design. You can complement the index finger with some jewelry.

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
1 hour Long tipped acrylics, golden nail polish, nail stencils and nail glue.Requires a lot of time and effort.

6. White With Gold Stripes Nails

white with gold stripes nails
Source: Beautybigbang.com

You can never go wrong if you can find excellent ways to play around with white and gold on your nails. For this look, you are going to need small acrylic nails, preferably the types are ready made with the white colour. Set these acrylic on all your nails after performing the disinfecting process.

Next, apply a glitter finish on the entire structure of your middle nail. The ring finger will get a unique glitter paint, with a symbolic triangle design. Do the same, but with a different triangle shape design for the index finger.

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
10-30 minutes Long tipped acrylics, golden glitter, nail glue, and triangle stencils.Setting the triangle stencils.

7. White Cutout with Golden Glitter Nails

white cutout with golden glitter nails
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Concluding our list would be this unit nail design, that involves different types of colours, including pink. The pink comes in to provide a unique balance between the golden and white paint. 

Start by setting some acrylics on all your nails. Then, apply a light pink paint coat on your index and pinky finger. However, the middle finger gets a light golden nail paint, and the ring finger gets a white coat, and stencil. Set the stencil such that it leaves a heart-shaped space in the middle of your nail structure.

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
1 hour.Long tipped acrylics, triangle stencils, nail glue, and light pink nail polish.Setting the stencils.
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