9 Summer Acrylic Nail Patterns that are Impressive

There is something appealing when you can apply patterns or designs the right way on your nails. When combined with an excellent layer of nail paint, your fingers are likely to make a good impression on your peers. 

However, the challenge comes up in choosing the right designs and templates you can use. Plus, application is not easy if you do not have a useful guide. Fortunately, we have this all inclusive guide of 19 summer acrylic patterns that are unique. 

While the ideas here are not set in stone, use them as stepping stones to becoming good with nail products. 

1. Sky Blue Holographic Nail Design

sky blue holographic nail design

Top on this list would be this nail art design, that reminds of you the ambiance the sky has to offer. While it requires a bit of effort to apply, it’s easy and you can do it DIY.

You will need a total of three nail polish paints for this process, and some nail extensions. Start by cleaning your nail first, then, apply some nail strengthener on it.

Then, apply some glue, and place the nail extensions. Next, apply a light blue paint coat on

2. Fluttering Butterflies Summer Acrylic Design

fluttering butterflies summer acrylic design

Next on this list would be another unique approach to the use of the colour blue. Stary by applying the acrylic nails. Then, get a colour nail paint, and apply on the top surface.

Next, get a nail sticker with a butterfly image on it. Place the butterfly decal such that it sits on the middle and ring finger for your right hand. For the left hand, place the butterfly sticker on the ring finger only.

3. Blues Monochrome Summer Nail Design

blues monochrome summer nail design

You can also play around with different shades of the color blue on your nails. For this to work, you need a total of three blue colors. These include dark, navy and light blue.

Start by applying the dark blue colour on your pinky, ring and middle finger. However, your index finger gets the navy blue color, while your thumb gets a light blue finish.

4. Summer Cherry Long Nail Design

summer cherry long nail design

If you want a creative way to play around with the colour pink on your nails, try out this summer cherry long nail design. You will have to use decals on your finger for this design to come out right.

First, get a light pink nail paint, and apply it on all your nails. Then, mix it with some white nail polish, and apply on the top section of your nails. Do this strategically, such that it brings out a unique fade finish. 

5. Coral Nail Art Design

coral nail art design

Here is where you get to play around with one of the most appealing colors: orange! Plus, you will need some nail glitter, and some jewelry to help complement the finish of the nail coat.

Start by applying the light orange nail coat on all your nails. Then, before the paint cures, sprinkle some glitter on your pink, index finger and thumb. Be careful to ensure the finish stays pristine.

Then, once the nail dries, apply some glue above the nail cuticle section. You will then place a small piece of jewelry on the glue and let it dry. 

6. Summer Leaf Style Nail Design

summer leaf style nail design

There is something appealing when you can pull off a nail art template design using the right technique. For this approach to nail design, you will need two colours, and a green leaf coloured stencil.

Start by applying a pink coat on your little, middle finger and thumb. Then, proceed to the ring, index finger and thumb – where you will apply the light white coat, and green leaf stencil.

Let it sit and cure under an LED light for the best results.

7. Watercolor Tipped Acrylics Nail Design

watercolor tipped acrylics nail design

You can still have your friends or people impressed with your ability to apply a unique coat of paint to your nails.

For this to work, start by applying a unique light purple coat of nail paint on all your nails. However, the edges of the nails will include a slightly darker coat of purple to give it a “fade-in” effect.

Then, complete this process by gluing some jewels on your middle and ring fingers for the best results.

8. Lilac Glitter Nail Design

lilac glitter nail design

Purple is among some of the most popular colours in the world, with many people associating it with royalty. If you want to try out this approach to nail paint, get a light purpose nail polish set.

Then, apply it on all your acrylic nails. However, the best part comes in when applying glitter to the nails, and you have to be careful. You have to sprinkle the glitter on the ring fingers on both of your hands. 

9. White with Purple Glitter Nail Design

white with purple glitter nail design

Who knew that white nail polish can look this good on your nails. For this particular design, you need unique coats of paint for the best results.

Start by applying clear acrylic nails to the structure of all your nails. Then, proceed to apply a white coat on your pinky, middle, index finger and thumb. Finally, apply a purple glitter finish to the ring finger, and let it cure naturally for the best results.

Katharyn Riedel

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