About Us

About NailRock

From a stroke of a hairbrush to those hour-long manicures, styling is not an easy nut to crack. Atop that, it’s an inevitable part of one’s personality. 

Hence, we’ve created a corner on the internet where we’ll talk about everything about beauty and styles. Call it the how-to’s, the tips and tricks, the remedies, and the styling trends that go around- we’ve got it all! It’s words that come from beauty enthusiasts for fellow beauty enthusiasts like you

And that’s what NailRock is all about. Welcome abroad!

Few Words About Team NailRock

At a quick glance, all you might see is just a bunch of content talking about style and beauty. But trust us, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Behind the foreground of NailRock, there’s an entire crowd of people with different responsibilities.  

  1. SEO Research and Analysis Team
  2. Wordcrafters(writer, editor, and data analyst)
  3. Front-end Development and Publishing 
  4. Social Media Marketing

If you feel like you can join any of our panels, shoot us an email at contact@nailrock.com or reach us out via our contact page. 

What Drives Our Content Qualities?

Although we’re a reader-supported entity(read our earnings disclosure here), we really hate pushing our readers to just ‘buy’ the products that we will benefit from. We rather take a solution-driven approach in our content. And if we find a particular product to be worthy enough, we blend it up into the solutions we craft in our content. 

That said, we typically publish 4 kinds of content- 

  • Beauty tips and tricks. 
  • Tips around styling and beauty tips.
  • DIY Troubleshooting guides
  • Products and brand comparison/reviews.

For further ideas, have a look at our content categories of hair care, nail care, etc.  

Want To Learn More?

It’s great if you want to learn more about the insider facts about team NailRock, and maybe find a palace for yourself too! 
Ping us at our contact page. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.