5 All Season Hairstyles That Never Go Out of Styles

Not everyone likes changing hairstyles frequently and you might be one of them. Even if you’re not, having a few go-to hairstyles for every season can be handy. 

Moreover, with each changing season, the effect on our hair also changes. So, we end up adjusting every time and struggle to come up with new fashionable hairstyles.

That is unless we have some weather-proof hairstyles in our sleeves! 

They’re hairstyles that are less exposed to humidity. The major change when seasons change is the humidity. So, we have to pick hairstyles that get less exposure. But they have to be trendy at the same time!

Sounds a bit hard? Wait to be shocked by how easy they are to pull off. Let’s go!

Hair Style According to Length & Type

Now, we know that not all styles can be done to all hair. Some are good for short hair, while some are for long and medium. Moreover, there are types of hair, curly, wavy, or straight, to consider as well.

hair length
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We have grouped the styles according to length first. And then each group has styles suitable for each hair type! Let’s dig in!

Long & Medium Hair Styling

These are the most trendy and low-exposure hairstyles for long and medium hair. One of the struggles with hair of these lengths is frizz! Plus curly hair tends to be very troublesome on rainy days. So here are our top picks for you-

Dutch Braid

First, we have the classic dutch braid! This hairstyle is perfect for medium-long straight hair. It takes away the flat look unique to straight hair and gives it some volume. A good choice for wavy hair.

To do the dutch braid, you need to do a french braid, but there’s a twist. In a french braid, we bring the strand over the braid. But for a dutch braid, we bring them under. It’s that simple! Finish with some shine spray to keep frizz at bay and humidity away!

Half Up Double Braids

Next up for medium-long hair, we have double braids with half the hair down. This is a match made in heaven with wavy hair. Will also look good on straight hair with some curls.

Half Up Double Braids
Source: livingly.com

To get this done, do a middle part on your hair. Better if you have fringes! Will looks absolutely stunning. Do two simple braids from the top of your head on each side. Tie them up at the ends. There you have it!

Braided High Ponytail

Last on the medium-long category, we have braided high ponytails very suitable for curly hair.

This tight braid keeps the hair safe from humidity and frizz. While also giving a sleek look usually not seen on curly hair.

To get this style done, first pull your hair into a nice and tight ponytail. Braid the ponytail tightly and tie at the end using elastics or bands. Use some setting spray or gel to set the baby hairs in front. Spray some shine spray and you’re done!

Short Hair Styling

Many think that you don’t have a lot of options if you have short hair. That’s wrong! You can be the judge of that with the styles below-

Half Up Milk Braid

This hairstyle will give you a youthful and enticing look. The milk braid in the front keeps the fringes away and protects them from moisture. It is a very suitable style for straight and wavy hair.

Half Up Milk Braid
Source: Twitter

This look will give you a loose tousled bob look with a headband over the top. Simply braid a dutch braid from behind an ear to the other. Secure the braid with some bobby pins at the end and spray some setting spray. Texturize the braid with spray and tousle it up a bit, along with the loose strands of hair.

Space Buns

This is a style that goes with all types of hair, straight, wavy, or curly. It’s a cute and trendy look for any occasion.

Space Buns
Source: Curl Centric

Part your hair in the middle and pull them into ponytails to make buns. Use elastics or pins, whichever you like to make the buns and set with spray. You’re all set!

Extra Tips

Hairstyles can be tricky if you don’t have the basics down. So, some questions that might be in your head are as follows. Don’t worry! The answers are also included-

What Can I Use to Embellish the Styles?

You can use pins, clips, or strings to embellish the styles. For example, you can use beaded pins on braids. Or, you could use beaded strings to tie with your bun.

What is the Best Way to Secure Straight Hair?

Bobby pins would be the short answer. However, it might be tough in case the hair is too soft and silky. In that case, use texturizing spray.

Is it Okay to Use Temporary Color All Season?

No, it’s not. Unless the color is absolutely waterproof, you should avoid it during summer and fall. Why summer? The sweat might dissolve it and make a mess.

Hey there! Hope you like these all-season hairstyles that never go out of style! Stay tuned for more content like this and stay up-to-date with trends. See ya!

Katharyn Riedel

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