How to Make Polygel Nails Last Longer

How to Make Polygel Nails Last Longer

Have you ever struggled with how to make your polygel nails last longer? Well, welcome to this guide – because we identified most, if not all, you need to know about this issue! Should you be concerned if your polygels don’t last long (more than one or two weeks)? Yes, you should be! Fortunately, this … Read more

Why Do My Toes Itching After Pedicure | Easy Solutions

Toes Itching After Pedicure

While getting a pedicure is always a good time investment, it also often unsettles the fingers. You or your pedicurist often have to get through to different sections of the nails, which can lead to itching issues.  There are various reasons for toes itching after a pedicure. These include peeling at calloused heels, unnoticeable hangnails, … Read more

Nail Hardener vs Nail Strengthener

nail hardener vs nail strengthener

Its good that you have realized the importance of taking good care of your nails. The list of products and solutions you can use for this process are immense. This guide takes a look at the nail hardener vs nail strengthener debate, which features various unique details. Best Nail Hardener and Strengthener on Amazon Before … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Nail Primer

Are you planning on doing your nails any time soon? Or, do you already use nail products and sometimes want an alternative solution? Well, this guide answers an important question you might have asked in the nail prep step. That is, “what can i use instead of nail primer?” There are various alternatives to nail … Read more

How to Thin Gel Polish + (Helpful Products & Steps!)

The process of thinning gel polish is important for various reasons. It helps maintain a healthy nail bed, and also ensures you have a manicure that offers longevity.  Issues like the thickness and gooiness of nail polish can lead to issues like difficulty in application. However, the thinning process ensures the gel becomes easier to … Read more

Paper Thin Nails After Acrylics | How To Fix Them

How do you fix thin nails after acrylics

Have you been using acrylics for a while, only to notice that it causes significant damage on your nails. What could it be? Well, the answers to this question are several. Specifically ,the paper-thin nails after acrylic is a common issue among our users. Here is an in-depth guide on its causes, prevention tips, and … Read more