Why Are My Fingernails Turning Orange? Mystery Solved!

why are my fingernails turning orange

It’s normal to tense up after seeing your fingernails turning orange. But you have to find out the reasons behind this issue. Otherwise, you’ll be too late to treat the fingernails. So, ask yourself a question – why are my fingernails turning orange?  For starters, orange fingernails can appear due to fungal infection. Eating too … Read more

Biotera Vs Biolage- Which Brand is Better?

biotera vs biolage

There are a lot of products and brands in the hair care line. Two of them are biotera and biolage. Both of them are specified for color-treated hair. Given the circumstances, it’s hard to choose one between them. So, you’re also confused between, which one is better-biotera vs biolage? If you’re thinking about color retention, … Read more

Is Men Wearing Nail Polish A Trend In 2021?

men wearing nail polish is the trend

Along with various beauty trends emerging for women, this one is solely for men. And that is wearing nail polish. Interesting fact: men back in 3200 BC used to wear nail polish before going to war in Babylon.  Ancient Egyptian men used to wear nail polish according to their class. Then somehow wearing nail polish … Read more