Why Leg Hair Grows Too Fast?[Reasons+Solutions]

leg hair grows too fast

The beauty industry has set its standards pretty high. Among its beauty trends, one is smooth and hairless legs. To cope with this trend, most of us remove our leg hair. But after doing so, the hair grows back really fast. And that’s quite frustrating. Because you’ve to go through with this whole removal process … Read more

Can You Paint Over Dip Nails? Yes or No?

can you paint over dip nails

You may have got wonderful dip nails. For the first week, they just mesmerized you. But with time you got bored with the same color and design of the dip nails. So you’re thinking of painting over it. But you have no idea if that’s even possible. So you’re asking, can you paint over dip … Read more

How To Clean Wooden Hairbrush 101

how to clean wooden hair brush

Yes, wooden hair brushes are harder to clean than any other brush. However, cleaning hairbrushes is important. Especially if you want your hair to be in good health. There are some simple ways to clean a wooden brush. Knowing the steps for cleaning the brush will make it easier for everyday cleaning. So, how to … Read more