Long Or Short Nails- Which One is Perfect for You?

long or short nails

So it’s quite a hassle to pick one between long or short nails. And you already spend a lot of time deciding it. But still couldn’t reach a proper conclusion. So you’ve been searching which one is perfect for you- long or short nails? You may be concerned about hurting people physically. And worried about … Read more

How To Fix Short Nail Beds

short nail beds

Short nail beds are a common issue that affects millions worldwide. As you’ve landed on this page, we’re sure that you’re with the same problem. Thus, what is the way to make it better and stronger if you’ve got short nail beds? Firstly, this can happen from injuries, biting or just genetically. It will have … Read more

Broken Nail Under Acrylic: The 3-Phase Guide

broken nail under acrylic

If you have struggled with a nail injury, you will know the pain, discomfort, and reduced mobility it can bring to your life. That said, broken nails don’t have to cause a compromise to your daily routine. So, what should you do when having a broken nail under acrylic? The first step is to remove … Read more