Biotera Vs Biolage- Which Brand is Better?

There are a lot of products and brands in the hair care line. Two of them are biotera and biolage. Both of them are specified for color-treated hair.

Given the circumstances, it’s hard to choose one between them.

So, you’re also confused between, which one is better-biotera vs biolage?

If you’re thinking about color retention, biotera is the one you should get. However, for an easy application with a minimum product, go for biolage. Biolage also has a higher effect on damage repair. It’s made with natural extracts to ensure proper hair care.

The thing is you still might not be sure about which one to go for. That’s why we’ve to read the whole article.

Biotera Vs Biolage-Quick Review!

Well, both biotera and biolage are good hair care product ranges. Biotera is from naturelle and biolage is from matrix. Both of the brands are popular among haircare lovers.  They are professional product ranges especially focused on color-treated hair. 

Now that was just an introduction about the brand and products. But we gave an overall detailed overview of both the product ranges. 

Before that, have a quick outlook on the factors. 

Comparison factors BioteraBiolage 
Price Cheap Expensive 
Color retention HighMedium to High
Damage repair Medium to highHigh 
Long Term UsageNoYes
Sulfate-FreeYes No 

So you have the overall idea of the comparison in short. So comparing these two is more like comparing mizani and affirm relaxer. So you’ll just have to dive into the details to know more. 

Biotera Vs Biolage- In-depth Overview!

So you’ve had a look at the quick comparison. Now it’s time for you to briefly go over each comparison factor. Otherwise, it won’t be easy for you to make a choice. This will help you to care for your colored hair.

Let’s get started!


Well, the first factor of comparison is price. While both of them give a saloon-like feeling, they are not that pricey. But biotera has a lesser price. The price of 16 oz biotera shampoo is $14. But for a 13 oz biolage shampoo, you’ll have to pay $20. 

So you can see that biotera is cheaper than biolage.

Color Retention

Now both of the brands Naturelle and Biolage came up with the product lines. They are biotera and biolage. The main concern behind this product line was color-treated hair.

There’s no doubt that both products are good with colored hair. But biotera is the better one. Because it provides maximum color retention. The product range confirms that the hair will contain color for the longest period of time.

Whereas, biolage has moderate color retention. Being a trustworthy brand, it keeps up to the promises it makes.

But you may look for something to get the most color retention effect. Then biotera is the one.


Application for both of the products is the same. But for biotera, you have to use two types of conditioners after the shampoo.

Because without the conditioners, the shampoo doesn’t work that well. So the effectiveness depends on the whole package.

On the other hand, biolage shampoos are best on their own. You don’t need to have conditioners with it. 

But to get the most effectiveness out of the products, you’ll need hair care. For example, you’ll have to moisturize your hair frequently. 

Once you’ve got these at hand, make sure to use these as instructed. Trust us, your colored hair will thank you for it!

Damage Concern

Biolage products contain natural extracts. For that, they are able to give the hair, shiny, glowy, and healthy look. Apart from it, it strengthens and controls damage.

Even if you have damaged hair from the previous coloring, it can fix that. It will also restore the natural moisture of the hair.

Whereas, biotera isn’t made with natural extracts. But it still works on damaged hair from coloring. If you have extremely dry hair, it’ll be the best option for you.


Well, a sure concern is if the brand and products are cruelty-free or not. Well, some biotera products are cruelty-free and vegan.

But Matrix does test the products on animals. So you can say that biolage is not cruelty-free. But recently, Loreal USA claimed to be cruelty-free as they’re no longer testing their products on animals. As a part of it, biolage might have become cruelty-free as well.

Long Term Usage

Well, biotera expires mostly between, 6,8, or 12 months if that’s being used. But biolage expires in 12 months. The date of expiry mostly is written on the bottle. You’ll see numbers like 6 or 8 written on the bottle. 

Then understand that the shampoo or conditioner will expire in 6 or 8 months.

In terms of longevity, biolage wins the race. As the product line claims to be the effective one, that impacts on longevity as well. Because a little amount of product is enough mostly. So it lasts longer than biotera.

But biotera products somehow contain a bit more. That is a great deal considering the product and price ratio. 

Sulfate And Paraben-Free

Biotera is sulfate and paraben free. It means it won’t damage the hair or scalp. Also, it won’t lather foam like other sulfate shampoos.

But with it, you can be sure that no scalp irritation will be there. You won’t be seeing frizzy hair all over the head.

Whereas, biolage has some products that are sulfate paraben and silicone-free. But some of them are not. However, none actually irritate the scalp.

So if you want to go for a total sulfate-free option, biotera is the one for you.

Which  Product Is Best for Your Hair? – Biotera or Biolage

You may want to go for a cheaper option with the most color retention. Then biotera is for you. Also if you’re looking for a cruelty-free option, then biotera it is. 

But if you’re wanting to have the most effective one with an easy application then biolage is the one. If you want to recover the damage from coloring, biolage will help. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Between biotera and biolage which one provides the huge product range?

Well, biotera has a larger product range. It has shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. You can choose your favorites among them. But biolage comparatively has a smaller range of products.

Can I use biotera products for non-color-treated hair?

Yes, you can use biotera for non-color-treated hair. Biotera is mainly for color-treated hair. But the damage repair and moisture retain ones can be used on natural hair as well.

Will biolage make my hair oil?

Biolage contains the natural moisture of the hair. But that doesn’t mean that it makes the hair oily. But it’s best for dry hair.

Bottom Line

So you made it to the end. You got the idea of which one is better between biotera vs biolage. We’re glad to help you with it.

If you have any queries, comment down below.

Thank you.

Katharyn Riedel

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