Black Mom Of Six Children Opens Nail Salon Again In Detroit

Despite the global epidemic, Ayanna Williams-Jones is a serial entrepreneur who is making changes in Detroit. The mother of six children is a nail shop owner, podcast host, and business consultant. 

Her next ebook, Detroit Madam, will be released soon under her own publishing house. “My youngsters are the explanation I do the whole lot that I do,” Williams-Jones told serial podcaster, Tracy Hazzard, throughout an interview. “It’s all for them to have generational wealth.”

detroit madam

There’s more to the story. So stay tuned.

Opening a Nail Salon in Detroit

Williams-Jones noticed the scarcity of Black-owned nail salons in Detroit. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I simply received uninterested in going to locations the place I felt like my greenback wasn’t appreciated and it wasn’t put again into the group,” Williams-Jones informed the Detroit Free Press. “I didn’t see plenty of us (Black individuals) being employed in these locations.”


She also adds, “I simply felt like lots of people would like to return to us however the professionalism typically isn’t there, so I wished to indicate that we are able to do it.”

Pedicure and Shoes 2 Go, which opened in August 2015, is a one-of-a-kind salon. It provides customers with the perfect combination of two words: pedicures and sneakers. Make investments Detroit, Motor Metropolis Match, Detroit Growth Fund, and Detroit Micro-enterprise Fund have all contributed to it. 

It’s a unique spa and shopping experience. Massages, waxing, facials, and manicures are the mainstays of the spa. According to the Michigan Chronicle, people from all across the country, including celebrities ranging from Religion Evans to Katy Perry, have enjoyed the pampering and shopping. 

How She Became An Entrepreneur?

Williams-Jones developed a hustler mindset because of her upbringing. Her mother and father had divorced. So, she had to go back and forth between Detroit and New York. 

That’s how she kept in contact with her family. When she was in Harlem with her father, she would often see him buying clothes to sell on the streets.

She quickly began hustling alongside her father. And understanding the importance of moving forward on the path to your goals. 

At a young age, Williams-Jones was able to walk the path of business. She completed a nail technician certification program before turning 18 years old. Her desire to work in the beauty industry was driven by the fact that she was the daughter of two cosmetologists.

Her dreams, however, did not end there. She started her own leisure company at the age of 18. And operated it for nearly ten years before shifting into actual property. 

Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Success

As an entrepreneur, Williams-Jones is no stranger to failures and hardships.

After fifteen years working in actual property, she took the leap into the corporate sector when the 2008 recession hit. Her dream of working in the beauty industry, on the other hand, did not go away. 

She came up with the idea for a day spa in 2011. After a few years, she was able to gather the energy she needed to accelerate her inventive and prophetic life. She went from a failing company to being one of Detroit’s burgeoning businesses. Thanks to the help she received from the community.

However, there was another change in 2020. The epidemic had an impact on numerous businesses, including Pedicure & Sneakers 2 Go. Williams-Jones was forced to close down parts of her business and turn down repeated service requests from loyal customers. 

Fortunately, her lease came to an end, and she was able to move into a beautiful new, conveniently placed home on Jefferson shortly after. 

Customers were thrilled to return to Pedicure & Sneakers 2 Go and see the new location. Marcyl Pesti has been working with Pedicure & Sneakers 2 Go for a number of years.

Pesti expressed her excitement at having a black-owned nail shop within her reach in an interview with the Detroit Free Press. 

“To see one other Black lady who got here from the hood and is ready to be a part of the skilled world and nonetheless be her — I find it irresistible,” Pesti mentioned. “Illustration issues.” Williams-Jones intends to expand her Pedicure & Sneakers 2 franchise. She’s collaborating with her business partner to meet this group’s needs.

So, this is the story of a black mom working her way to be a successful entrepreneur. What do you think of this report? Let us know in the comments!

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