Can You Paint Over Dip Nails? Yes or No?

You may have got wonderful dip nails. For the first week, they just mesmerized you. But with time you got bored with the same color and design of the dip nails.

So you’re thinking of painting over it. But you have no idea if that’s even possible.

So you’re asking, can you paint over dip nails?

Well, the answer is yes you can. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Depending on which polish you want to add, the procedure changes. So you’ll have to go through different steps for different polish types.

But don’t worry. Because we’ve mentioned everything in detail. You just have to bear with us till the end. 

Can You Paint Over Dip Nails?- Answered!

Well, before we answer the question you need to know something first. That is what’s dip nail is. So dip nail is between gel and acrylic nail. There’s a reason why we claim it that way.

The reason is, it’s flexible just like gel nails. And its durability is almost like acrylic nails. But mainly it’s a powder. It comes in different shades.

You just dip your nails in it. And your nail captures the color of the dip powder.

So, that’s enough information about what dip nail is. Now let’s move to can you paint over it.

So the answer is yes. You can paint over dip nails. But it’s not advisable until you’re looking for the benefits mentioned in the next section.

Are There Any Benefits to Paint Over Dip Nails?

People constantly ask if they can paint over their dip nails. The question might seem pointless to some. Because the nails are already painted with dip color. Then why would someone want to paint it again?

That’s what we used to wonder at first but not until we found out the benefits. Well, here they are –

Can Change Color of Dip nails

As we said it’s boring to have the same nails for a long time. And the same nail color might not always compliment your outlook.

Sometimes it becomes essential to change the nail color in order to match the outfit. In that case, you can paint whatever color you want on your nails.

The dip nail underneath won’t stop you from doing so. Now you’re free to wear whatever you like.

Can Create Designs on The Dip Nails

Let’s think of manicures. They stay only for a week or so. But dip nails remain for 3-4 weeks. Even then the design won’t go, your nail will just grow. So the natural nail will come out.

Keeping the same nail design for that long time can be monotonous. So by painting over dip nails, you can change the nail design.

While you paint your nails, you have a lot of options for designing. To be honest, isn’t it why we women grow our nails long?

So why not make the dip nails more attractive by creating designs on them.

Can Add Variation on Nail Polish Finish

Well, the dip nail finish is glossy or shiny. You might not always like it. Maybe you feel like having the same color but in a matte finish. In that case, you can apply a matte topcoat over the dip nails.

Or you might want to change the color as well as make it matte. Then use any regular matter nail polish over it. So you can have a different color that’s also matte. 

How to Paint Over Dip Nails?- Both Regular & Gel Polish!

All of your concerns come to this point. You know that it’s possible to paint over dip nails. But you don’t know-how. So depending on what polish you want to paint the procedure is different. But we mentioned both regular and gel polish application processes.

But before that, check out this table. Here we mentioned how much time is required for which paint.

Nail Polish Type

Application time


Easy to apply

Regular polish

20-25 minutes


Easy to medium

Gel polish

30-45 minutes


Medium to hard

So you’ve got the trailer on these nail polishes. Now let’s guide you on how to apply them.

For Regular Nail Polish

To apply regular nail polish, you’ll need to tone down the dip powder. For that, you have to follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Buff The Nails

First things first, buff the nails gently. Use a nail file for this. Start rubbing its rougher side on the nail edges and middle parts.

Now gently file the first layer of dip powder. This will lighten up the color of dip polish. And the shine will be gone.

Step 2: Clean The Nails

Now take a toothbrush with gentle bristles. Then rub the brush gently on the nails in a circular motion. And wipe off extra dip powder from the nails.

Then move to the next step.

Step 3: Apply Base Coat

Now that the nail is clear and the dip powder color has mostly faded. So you can step up to apply the coat.

For that, take a base coat. And apply over the dip nails. Apply 3-4 strokes of basecoat. Then let it dry for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Put on Nail Polish

It’s finally time to put on nail polish. This is always a fun task. Because you get to put any color you want. Or you can mix colors to create nail art.

Or just bring in all your nail art tools. And consider your nail as a canvas. Then decorate it as you like. 

Step 5: Apply Topcoat

No matter how you’ve decorated your nail, the topcoat is essential. You have to put a top coat over any nail decorations or design to seal it.

Otherwise, they’ll come off easily. That’s why properly apply the topcoat. And let it dry for 5-7 minutes. You’re finally done here.

For Gel Nail Polish

For gel polish, the procedure is slightly different. But the first few steps are the same. So don’t forget to check the whole process.

Step 1: Follow Regular Polish Guidance

The first step is to repeat steps 1-3 of regular nail polish application. That includes buffing, cleaning, and applying a base coat.

Do check the details in the upper section. Now, follow these for gel polish as well.

Step 2: Apply Gel Polish Coat

Now apply gel polish over the base coat. While applying gel polish, we need several coats. So go for the first coat of gel polish. And gently coat the dip nail. Then move on.

Step 3: Cure And Repeat

It’s time to cure it under the UV lamp. So place your fingers there for 30 seconds. And repeat with the second coat.

And then go for curing. Coat as many times it’s needed. Mostly, 3-4 coats are enough. Then finish it with curing.

Step 4: Apply Topcoat

Finally, apply a topcoat over it. It will seal the gel polish. While doing so, add 3 strokes of the polish.

That should cover your whole nail. If not then go for another stroke of topcoat. And let it dry normally. 

Voila, you’re done!

How to Remove Paint from Dip Nails?

You’re done nail painting and passed the boredom. Now you want to go back to your good old dip nails.

But you’ve already done so much to put paint over the dip. So you’re worried if you’ll be able to remove the paint again. Even if you’re successful in doing so, will the dip nails be pretty as before?

Well, to lessen all your concerns, we’re here. We’re presenting you with two easy steps. By following these, you’ll get rid of paint over dip nails. Also, your dip nails will be well protected.

Step 1: Use A Non-acetone Remover

To remove the nail paint, use a non-acetone remover. They are less effective to remove nail polish. They are also delicate on the skin.

non acetone remover

That’s why it doesn’t get remove the dip nail, just the nail paint only. So put some of it on a cotton pad. Then gently rub the paint. And after a while, it will come off.

But the dip nail might seem out of gloss. In that case, follow the next step.

Step 2: Apply Sealant

Now to keep the shine of dip nails, apply a sealant. It will make sure that the dip nails are shiny and smooth.

If you don’t know what a sealant is, we’ll explain it to you. It’s just like a top coat that seals the dip nail inside it.

You can apply the sealant just like clear nail polish. And your dip nails are protected. 

How to Remove Dip Powder from Nails?- 2 Steps

Now you might just want to get rid of your dip nails after removing the paint. It might seem too much of a hassle to keep faded dip nails. As they’re not like regular nail polish, it’s obvious to have queries regarding it.

Don’t worry, we’ve got 2 simple steps on dip powder removal. Just hop in. 

Step 1: File The Nail

The first step is to file the nail. It’s quite similar to removing gel polish. You have to file the outer layer of the nail.  Which is the dip powder. While you file, most of the powder will come off.

file nails

And the upper part of the nail will be dusty. So you need to shake that dust off your nails. And then move to the next step.

Step 2: Clean with An Acetone Remover

Now take an acetone remover. As we’ve already mentioned acetone removes dip powder. So that’s obviously the next step in removing it.

So take a cotton pad. Now pour some acetone remover on it. Then rub your nails with it. Don’t forget to rub the nail corners and cuticles. This will remove all the remaining residue from your nails.

Finally, the dip powder is gone. Your nail is now looking normal and just fine. 

What Can Be The Alternative to Painting over Dip Nails?

You may have a second thought on getting dip nails. Hence you want to look for some alternatives to it.

Or maybe you already have dip nails and may paint over it for the time being. But from next on you would like to go for an alternative.

So whatever your reason is to search for an alternative, we’re here with options.

Acrylic Nails

Who doesn’t love acrylic nails right? And to be honest they’re easy to apply. All you have to do is, put some nail glue over your actual nail.

Pick up any of your favorite acrylic nails and glue them over. Make sure it’s aligned with your dip nail. So that your acrylics don’t come off. Now, wait for 5-7 minutes for the glue to dry.

Do you know that some glues are harmful to your dip nails? That’s why we always go for the best glues. You can also check them out.

5 pcs kds nail tip glue

5 pcs KDS Nail Tip Glue

nailene ultra quick nail glue

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

After buying these, you can easily attach your acrylics. So, you can go for them easily. 

Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are the quickest to put on. They’re cheaper than acrylics. Moreover, they’re also easy to apply as well.

You can just buy some nail stickers and put them over your nail polish. Or you can put them on bare fingers.

It has glue attached to it. So you won’t need additional glue. Just set it over the nail and stick it to your nail. And you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which one is preferred for manicure or dip nails?

Well, dip nails are an alternative to a manicure. But generally, dip nails stay longer than manicures. If you don’t like visiting parlors now and then, go for dip nails.

Are dip nails unhygienic?

Some people believe dip nails to be unhygienic. As a lot of people dip their nails on the same dip paowder containers, it’s a bit unhygienic. Because people can have different bacterias residing on their nails.

Can I change the color of dip nails?

yes you can. For that, you have to remove the existing dip powder. And then reapply another color. Or you can simply paint another nail polish over it.

Parting Words

It’s almost the end of this article. Thanks for your patience till the end. So now you know can you paint over dip nails or not.

While doing so, you may have some queries. Don’t hesitate and just comment below.


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