Aura Shampoo Vs Aveda: Which Is the Better Shampoo?

aura shampoo vs aveda

Your shampoo is a crucial part of your hair care routine. Thus, it’s natural to be confused between shampoo brands like Aura and Aveda. However, to get healthy hair, you need to clear up the confusion.  So, what exactly are the dissimilarities between aura shampoo vs aveda?  Well, the first difference is regarding the cost. … Read more

How Often to Trim Relaxed Hair?-Answer Revealed!

how often to trim relaxed hair

You’ve gone through a lot of procedures to relax your hair. Finally, you’ve successfully done so. But still, there are issues left due to this new hair pattern.  For example, you don’t know when is the right time to trim your hair. And you’ve been stressed over the trimming going wrong. And you’re asking how … Read more

Why Olaplex Made My Hair Dry? Did It or Not?

olaplex made my hair dry

Olaplex is one of the most hyped treatments in recent times. I’m sure there’s not a single hair enthusiast who hasn’t tried it out. However, you may have noticed that Olaplex sucks out moisture from your hair. Wondering why olaplex made my hair dry? Well, it can be that the product expired and you didn’t … Read more