How to Properly Store Nail Polish

So, have you ever been frustrated after using your nail polish only to find it sticky, or in any other unusable state?  Have you ever realized that one of the reasons for such issues could be poor storage issues? Well, it’s why this guide helps – it answers a simple question! What do you need … Read more

How to Make Polygel Nails Last Longer

How to Make Polygel Nails Last Longer

Have you ever struggled with how to make your polygel nails last longer? Well, welcome to this guide – because we identified most, if not all, you need to know about this issue! Should you be concerned if your polygels don’t last long (more than one or two weeks)? Yes, you should be! Fortunately, this … Read more

Why Do My Toes Itching After Pedicure | Easy Solutions

Toes Itching After Pedicure

While getting a pedicure is always a good time investment, it also often unsettles the fingers. You or your pedicurist often have to get through to different sections of the nails, which can lead to itching issues.  There are various reasons for toes itching after a pedicure. These include peeling at calloused heels, unnoticeable hangnails, … Read more