5 Tips for Improving the Longevity of Your Polish

tips for improving the longevity of your polish

Using nail polish can be an excellent way to improve the appeal of your nails. However, the challenge arises in using nail polish products the right way. It’s particularly difficult, when it comes to ensuring the nail polish provides optimal longevity. So, what are the best ways for you to improve the longevity of your … Read more

Why Do My Cuticles Grow So Fast?- Briefly Explained!

why do my cuticles grow so fast

You love your nails as much as any nail enthusiast. Styling and cleaning them gives you immense pleasure. But one day, you notice overgrown cuticles on your nails. These roughly shaped cuticles make your nails look bad. So now, you’re screaming why do my cuticles grow so fast? Well, the reason behind this can be … Read more

Why Do My Cuticles Itch? Reasons & Solutions!!

why do my cuticles itch

You’ve done a good manicure in the hopes to impress your friends. But after a while, you found out that your cuticles are itching. You thought of ignoring the itchiness as it’s a minor issue. But then it started to itch severely. To the point where it became unbearable. So you’re wondering, why do my … Read more