Find Out Which Nail Shape is the Strongest: Expert Tips and Advice!

So, you are here searching for an answer to a simple question, what is the strongest nail shape? The strongest nail shape is the varies, based on different opinions, your lifestyle, and various other factors. Generally, many people believer the square, and round shapes are the strongest nail shapes. However, there is more to consider. … Read more

DIY Nail Dehydrator: Quick & Easy Guide

How Do You Make a Nail Dehydrator at Home

Taking good care of your nails is important, especially if you use artificial products like acetone regularly. When exposed to some of these chemicals and harsh practices, the nails are prone to damage.  Its what resources like a DIY nail dehydtraor are important in your nail care regimen. That is because it simple to prepare, … Read more

Nail Hardener vs Nail Strengthener

nail hardener vs nail strengthener

Its good that you have realized the importance of taking good care of your nails. The list of products and solutions you can use for this process are immense. This guide takes a look at the nail hardener vs nail strengthener debate, which features various unique details. Best Nail Hardener and Strengthener on Amazon Before … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Nail Primer

Are you planning on doing your nails any time soon? Or, do you already use nail products and sometimes want an alternative solution? Well, this guide answers an important question you might have asked in the nail prep step. That is, “what can i use instead of nail primer?” There are various alternatives to nail … Read more

5 Nail Glue Alternatives you can Use

So, you probably landed here asking this question, “what are some practical nail glue alternatives?  There are various nail glue alternatives you can find. These include adhesive tape, nail glue strips, nail wraps, nail glue pens, and nail glue wraps. The type you use depends on your preferences and the results you expect.  This guide … Read more