Top 5 + Nail Technician Courses Worth Your Time

nail technician courses

You have finally taken that bold step to expand your skills in applying nail art. However, you have come across various struggles, and it’s time for you to invest in a worthy course. The issue is that there might be several courses out there, but not many of them offer the right value. So, what … Read more

Why Are Nails White at The End? Reasons+ Solutions!

why are nails white at the end

You just found out your nails to be white. You haven’t looked at them this way before. But now something feels off. Because they’re whiter than before.  And it’s drawing your attention. So you’re looking for why are nails white at the end?  Well, they are white because of dead keratin. Or the blood flow … Read more

Can You Paint Over Dip Nails? Yes or No?

can you paint over dip nails

You may have got wonderful dip nails. For the first week, they just mesmerized you. But with time you got bored with the same color and design of the dip nails. So you’re thinking of painting over it. But you have no idea if that’s even possible. So you’re asking, can you paint over dip … Read more