Does American Crew Fiber Cause Hair Loss? Explained

Don’t we all love it when we see our thick lustrous hair in the mirror? 

As soon as we start losing hair, we look for ways to make our scalp look fuller. And to make this possible, we look into a variety of quality hair root fibers such as American crew fiber which tops the list. 

What makes it stand out among others is its fine quality and easy application technique. American Crew Fiber hair products have worked wonders for people’s hair. However, there have been some cases where people have complained about hair loss. 

If you are unsure and want to know all about American Crew Fiber then you are at the right place. So does American Crew Fiber cause hair loss? 

Let’s read on!

A Quick Glimpse On American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber is a hair wax designed to provide texture to your hair and make it look fuller with a hint of shine and matte finish. As men grow old, the majority fall prey to hair loss. 

Male pattern baldness is very common and we can’t help but conceal it. In this era of fast advertising, one can easily become a victim of many low-quality hair products that are not only pricey but also increase hair loss. 

American Crew Fiber has made its place in the chaos. Not only is it affordable but also easy to use. All you have to do is rub a little amount of the wax between your palms, work it on your hair with the help of your fingers, and BAM! You will notice how instantly your hair looks fuller and settled in place.

Irrespective of the results, it’s important to deep dive into the ingredients that help in evaluating the credibility of any product in the longer run. 

What Are The American Crew Fiber Ingredients?

American crew fibers’ ingredients give this product an edge over other hair products. It contains healthy products that nourish hair, make them look thicker alongside giving you total control of your hairstyle. 

American Crew Fiber consists of hair lanolin wax to moisturize your hair, castor oil for nourishing it, Cetyl Palmitate for a thicker look, Ceteareth to condition your hair, and beeswax to lock in moisture and settle it.

These ingredients are not haywire, they come with unique benefits that do all the magic.  

What Benefits Does It Claim To Offer?

While American Crew Hair Fiber gives you confidence with fuller hair, it also provides nourishment to keep it healthy and strong. Here are the benefits of some of the ingredients used in it:

1- Lanolin: 

This ingredient preserves moisture in your hair by preventing water loss. It has healing properties, is anti-inflammatory, and is combined with humectants to make your hair look more moisturized and manageable.

2- Cetyl Palmitate: 

It conditions the skin’s surface by making it look soft and smooth. It is used as a thickening agent and emulsifier to help with your hair texture.

3- Ceteareth20: 

This is used as a conditioner to smoothen your hair. It binds water molecules and oil particles to give stability to your hair.

4- Beeswax:

Beeswax is a natural element and a key ingredient in wax. It moisturizes your hair and repels dirt.

5- Castor oil: 

Castor oil repairs dry and damaged hair by lubricating hair strands and decreasing breakage.

Now let’s be honest. Wouldn’t you want this all-in-one fiber in your hair instead of going through the hustle of using multiple products? If yes then know all how long the product can be on your hair. 

How Long Does It Last?

American Crew hair fiber is long-lasting and doesn’t come off easy because of its thick texture. Once you apply it to your hair, it stays out till you shampoo your hair. 

This makes it tempting to use because other low-quality fibers are not that resistant.  A jar of American Crew Hair Fiber lasts up to 5 weeks if used regularly. Seems like fair compensation for the money spent, right?

But is it worth it, if it causes hair loss?

Does American Crew Fiber Cause Hair Loss?

The answer is no. 

While some fibers may contain harsh chemicals triggering hair loss, American Hair Crew Fiber does not contain such chemicals. The general idea of American Crew hair fiber is to make the scalp look fuller, instead of the other way around. 

The concept that this hair fiber causes hair loss originates from its texture which is greasy, and sticks to hands. When you run them through your hair, the hair sticks to your fingers and falls off.  

However, that is not the case if you apply it with caution and follow its application techniques correctly

Does American Crew Fiber Usually Cause Hair Loss?

American Crew Hair Fiber is an all-rounder hard greasy wax for keeping hair in place Popular for its hair products, it is highly unlikely for American Crew Fiber to have harmful chemicals in them. 

Most of the people who complain about hair loss following usage of American Crew Fiber are oblivious to either its application technique or male pattern baldness. When you apply the fiber wax on your palms, it sticks to your hands due to the greasy texture which helps in styling hair. 

If you do not wait for it to dry off a bit and work it fiercely through hair, any fiber let alone American Crew Fiber will cause hair to fall. You can effortlessly pull off a great look by dampening your hair before applying the American Crew fiber and running your fingers in a soft gentle motion from back to the front of your head. 

As a bonus, use a blow dryer to set your hair and you are good to go!

If your hair loss continues even after applying it carefully, you may be suffering from male pattern baldness. However, that is not something to worry about. According to research,  more than 50% of all men over the age of 50 suffer from male pattern baldness. 

Most men in their 20s and 30s may also suffer from baldness. Since the fiber is designed to conceal a receding hairline and bald spots, American Crew fiber will work just fine. 

Just make sure to use it in less quantity, avoid exposing your hair to heat, and be gentle with your hair. American Crew Fiber is an allergen-free product. You can get the finest results out of this product just by using it correctly

Situations When American Crew Fiber Cause Hair Loss

While American Crew hair fiber is suitable for almost all kinds of hair, some hair types require more attention than others. If you have dry hair, using a greasy wax may cause more harm than good as it will pull off or break your hair while working the fiber through. 

Remember to dampen your hair before applying it to avoid trouble. The dryness in fiber holds your hair in place while the moisturizing content makes the hardened hair soft after a while.

One other reason why you may be experiencing hair fall after its usage is that you don’t wash your hair regularly. Yes, that’s true. Washing off hair thoroughly after its use unclogs hair follicles and provides hydration. 

Therefore, clean up well and frequently. Let’s look at some situations that may aggravate your hair fall.

If You Are Already Suffering From Hair Loss

More often than not, hair fall is the result of male pattern baldness(androgenic alopecia). It is caused by genetics which is related to sex hormones. 

Androgens regulate hair growth while inherited baldness causes the hair growth cycle to weaken causing the hair follicle to shrink resulting in no hair growth in its place. Male pattern baldness often starts at teenage but is more common in adults. Click to read in detail about androgenic alopecia.

Moreover, excessive hair fall may also be the result of serious diseases like cancer or thyroid conditions. Hair fall is also caused by poor scalp conditions and fungal infection. Your first task is to identify the cause of your hair fall.

Once you do, you can start medication on your doctor’s recommendation. Minoxidil is a hair spray used to reduce hair loss whereas Finasteride is an oral medication used to treat excessive hair fall.

While using a medication, you can also go for superficial remedies like a hair wig and some root concealing hairstyles. Hair fibers such as American Crew Hair Fiber will come in handy when styling such hair as it will help the hair stay put, nourishing it alongside. Keep in mind to use it gently and in less quantity.

If Your Hair Already Prone To Breakage

Hair breakage is caused by weakness in the inner cuticle of the scalp. Hair breakage is usually temporary but it can become permanent due to numerous factors such as an unbalanced diet, stress, dryness, and heat. 

If you lack basic elements such as zinc and iron in your diet, hair does not get proper nutrients and starts breaking. Stress is also a contributing factor as tension makes follicles go dormant and your hair starts falling out.

Dryness is your hair’s enemy. Do not let your scalp dry! Keep oiling your hair and avoid over-washing it. Overheating your hair can also cause breakage. Heat directly affects the cuticle which in turn affects hair follicles.

To avoid breakage, use organic hair products for your hair. Use only those hair fibers that not only give you a fuller look but also nourish your hair. 

If you want to keep your hair healthy, remember to eat healthily, keep your hair moisturized and avoid taking stress. Happy you mean happy hair!

If Your Hair Is Allergic To Fatty Alcohols/Cetearyl Alcohol

Fatty alcohols such as Ceteraryl which are a major ingredient in the wax may cause irritation or a breakout for certain skin types. 

Cetearyl alcohol is made of two solid fatty alcohols which are cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. Now, these ingredients are known to easily penetrate an already inflamed skin. Studies do signify that Cetearyl alcohol contributes as an allergen amongst patients with stasis eczema. 

As it goes, the underlying issue is a disease that would need your attention. More so, the proportions matter. So what is important for you is to study the labels and test the product on a patch of skin first as a precautionary practice. 

Other Concerns Related To American Crew Fiber

After reading all that, there might be many other questions and concerns that might be boggling in your head. So let us address them.

Does American Crew Fiber Cause Acne?

This acne could appear around your hairline or forehead. It could happen when your skin is sensitive to certain ingredients such as fatty acids. There have been some reports that Cetearyl alcohol may clog pores or aggravate acne breakouts. 

However, note that some products such as the American Crew Fiber, come with well-proportioned ingredients that may not always cause such problems. To always be safe from such wraths. Wash your face once after usage, so that any product stuck to the skin can be washed away. 

Does American Crew Fiber Have Alcohol?

Just like most cosmetics and beauty products, American Crew Fiber also has some ingredients that are good food for the hair. However, the presence of alcohol varies from one product to the other in the American Crew range.

On the outlook, the American Crew Fiber in fact has no direct alcohol. It is made of lanolin, cetyl Palmitate, ceteareth, and beeswax. It’s important to note that ingredients such as cetyl palmitate and ceteareth are processed forms of alcohol. 

While other alcohols may be drying, these ones help retain moisture to hair and result in silky, shiny, and well-hydrated hair. 

Does American Crew Fiber Cause Dandruff?

There is no direct relativity of American Crew Fiber causing dandruff. You might get a build-up by not following a proper hair wash routine but other than that there is no need to worry. The ingredients in the product itself are highly moisturizing. 

If you still feel like there is dandruff in your hair that could be due to other existent reasons or products. You should consult a doctor or get a product specialized in dandruff prevention. One such product is the American Crew Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.  

Does American Crew Fiber Expire?

While the product doesn’t come with an expiration date, it does need to be used in a certain period of time. This won’t be much of a problem, as the product will last only for a few months if you use it regularly. 

Otherwise, it’s true that at a certain point the product will lose its effectiveness. It will be dryer and more rancid. To keep the shelf-life, don’t expose the product to air or high temperatures. 

What Does American Crew Fiber Smell Like?

We all do love a good fragranced product. American Crew Fibre is no exception in this case. The product comes with a mixed-smelling fragrance of citrus, vanilla, and gentle musk.

So if you are a fan of fruity scents and smells, you are going to love this one. 

Finally, Should You Use American Crew Fiber?

Don’t facts speak louder than anything? 

For American Crew Fiber one could say the same. Keeping the abundance of positive reviews and ratings, the product does scream off credibility and quality. 

The brand has been in the market for a while with a range of grooming products that come at the good value of money and incredible purchasing services. So there is none better when it comes to putting your trust in a product. 

If you are still routing back to the question of does American Crew Fiber causes hair loss, the article elaborately describes the situations and conditions in place for that. The product itself stands out in all manner from ingredients to the results. 

Where To Buy American Crew Fiber?

The best way to get your hands on the American Crew Fiber range is by simply ordering through their website: Otherwise, you can go to the salon locator option on their website and get the product from select hairdressers. 

As per retail stores, you can find the brand easily at Walmart, Ulta Beauty, Sally Beauty, Amazon, and other such famous stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding American Crew Fiber. 

Is American Crew Fiber Water Soluble?

The product is water-soluble and can be easily rinsed out with water. Some ingredients like lanolin might be stubborn but the overall product is largely water-soluble.

Is American Crew Fiber Water Based?

American Crew Fiber is a water-based product that has wax components. This means that it’s easy to wash out and leaves minimal residue.

Is American Crew Fiber A Pomade?

Pomade generally has a stronger hold and more shine. Whereas, American Crew Fibre is better for texture,

Can You Bring American Crew Fiber On A Plane?

This depends on the policies of the airline as to what can be hand-carried or put in luggage. Mostly, American Crew Fiber can be taken in luggage.

American Crew Fiber Or Defining Paste- Which One Is Better?

Defining Paste and Fiber are similar in texture but the latter is easier to use and apply through hair. It is ideal for hair that’s beyond 2” in length.

American Crew Fiber Or Forming Cream- Which One Is Better?

If you want a long-lasting strong hold then Fiber is your answer. If you want a better shine then you can go for a forming cream.

Use American Crew Fiber or Not?

American Crew Fiber, no doubt, stands out in terms of a good brand and product. The product’s presence in the market coupled with consistently good feedback should help us stop wondering whether American Crew Fiber causes hair loss.

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