Does Henna Expire? [Get To Know All The Details!]

You bought yourself a pack of henna a couple of months ago. But you’re unsure about if it has gone bad. You’re wondering if it’s safe to use. 

So, does henna expire?

Henna doesn’t actually expire. But eventually, the henna starts to lose its intensity. Therefore, once applied the color might not be intense. It’s best to use it fresh or about 2-3 months old. However, in some cases, you might experience some skin irritation. Your hair might even feel a little rough.

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Does Henna Actually Expire Or Go Bad?

does henna expire
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Technically no! Henna is a natural herb thus they don’t exactly expire. However, over time the henna color starts to lose its intensity. At times, it might not even show up when applied. 

Nevertheless, there are no serious health hazards to this. 

However, the henna might be good if stored in a dark place. But using it is not recommended. As you might not get the color. The henna might also smell funny.

But in the case of cone henna, it’s wise to not use an old one. And it goes directly over your skin. Therefore, buy a new one and create your beautiful henna design.

You might be wondering now how long you can store it. Well, scroll down to find your answer. But before that, let’s have a look at the basic overview : 

Hair HennaTube Henna
Does It ExpireTechnically noTechnically no
How Long Can You Store It2 to 3 monthsMaximum 2 months
Are there any cons of using expired henna?Yes Yes 
Can you store henna for a longer period?Yes, keep it in a cool, dry, dark placeNot recommended  to store it
Alternative?Coffee, Carrot Juice, Or Henna Essential OilJagua

This was just a summary. We have all these explained in detail. So keep on reading.

How Long Can Henna Be Stored?

Your henna will stay its best for the first 2 to 3 months. This is because you’ll get the most optimum result then.

However, you can extend its shelf life if you store it in a cool dry place. If your henna is unopened and tightly packed you can store it for 3 years! Moreover, some will even last your 5 years!

But your opened one will last you about 2 months. But after that, the powder will slowly start to lose its potency. That is, the color after you apply it won’t be that vibrant. In that case, you should opt for a new one! 

However, for a henna cone, you should buy new ones. That is if the old one is exposed to air. But if it’s a brand new one, it should stay good for at least 2 months.

However, it’s best to buy it fresh and use it. The color will come out great. And you won’t have a finicky feeling about it being bad!

How Long Does Henna Last In Fridge?

how long does henna last in fridge
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If your henna is in a packet, you can store it in the freezer too. And if it’s opened you can also store it, here’s how.

Unopened Henna

If you have unopened henna, you can store it in the freezer if you’d like. But it’s not exactly a necessity. You can store it for more than 6 months in the freezer.

Basically, you only freeze henna when you’re storing it for a longer period. If you’re going to use it in the next couple of days, you can store it in a dark place. And it’ll be fine!

However, for cone henna, don’t store it in the freezer. Because it might damage the texture of it! Trust me you don’t want to create a watery mess applying defrosted henna!

Opened Henna

For an opened henna, you definitely need to store it in the freezer. This is because it is already exposed to the air. And thus if not stored properly, it might not be potent. This applies to both powder and paste formulas!

If you store your henna for 3-6 months, you can use a light sealed container. This will seal the smell of it in and keep it locked! But this only applies if you store it for a week or so. 

However, you can keep your henna in a tightly sealed container for longer than 2 weeks. You can put it in individual packs according to your need. This will help you to only take out as much as you’ll need. 

For defrosting, keep it out at room temperature. It’ll slowly melt and you’ll then be able to use your henna. But however, if you’re in a hurry, put it in a warm bowl of water. And when you see there aren’t any frozen clumps, take it out.  

But don’t ever microwave your henna. As it might cause harm to the texture. 

For an open henna cone, you can store it in a cool place. But make sure to close the lid with a needle. But don’t put it in the freezer!

How Do You Know When Henna Goes Bad Or Is Expired?

Henna, as I’ve mentioned before, is a natural dye. Therefore it doesn’t really expire. However, it does go bad after 2 or 3 years. 

You’ll notice a fresh henna powder has a nice leafy smell. But an outdated one might smell funky. It might look stale and clumpy. Therefore, it might be good to throw that away. 

Moreover, once exposed to air, the color will be less vibrant every time you apply it! Also, the powder might not mix well with water. That’s a sign, my friend, that your henna has gone bad!

Therefore it’s crucial that you keep henna in a cool, dry place. And if your powder looks clumpy get rid of it. Furthermore, it’s best to replace your henna every 3-4 months.

The Dangers Of Using Expired Henna

dangers of using expired henna
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Using expired henna is never recommended. But if you have already used it unknowingly, you need to do this as prevention. 

Expired henna might cause itchiness and redness in your scalp. And it also causes the same reaction on your hand, if you’ve applied it. At times your hair might even feel rough. 

Your Skin Might Be Irritated 

Sometimes, a little bit of chemical is added to henna to intensify the color. This chemical is called para-phenylenediamine and is a powerful allergen. Therefore the expired henna will cause some skin irritation.

What Can You Do To Cure It? 

Your skin at this time will need a lot of moisturization. First, clean the hair with cool water. This will also relax your skin and hair. Moreover,  apply medicated shampoos and unscented products. And this will treat the frizziness on your hair!  

Check if your redness or itchiness fades in the next two days. If not, go to a doctor and get it checked. 

Your Hair Might Feel Rough

Expired henna can dry out your hair. Naturally henna is a little on the drying side. But an expired one will frizz out your hair and roughen it up. Therefore for at least a week take good care of your hair. 

How To Soften Hair?

For the next week or so you need to apply coconut oil every other day. Moreover, shampoo and heavily condition your hair. You can also book yourself a hair spa at a salon. 

Moreover, you can make yourself a hair pack. It’ll be all-natural and thus will be soothing for your hair. However, if you’re too busy to do so, here are a few of our hair mask suggestions:

hydrating argan oil hair mask

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner

marc anthony grow long hair mask

Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask

Choose either one for yourself. Within a week you will start to notice smoothness in your hair.

Thinking about some alternatives? We have some great options down below. Check it out!

What Can I Use Instead Of Henna?

Well if you don’t want to use henna but still want the rich henna color. We have excellent news for you. And not only that, we have some amazing natural hair dyes. This is going to give you the henna dye look but without actually using it!

Some Natural Hair Dyes

In need of some alternatives to darken up your henna? Well, we’ve got some that’ll blow your mind. So let’s see what those are, shall we!

Make Your Natural Dye Using Coffee

make your natural dye using coffee
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To start off, you can use coffee. Yes, the regular coffee that you drink in the morning! Coffee is actually known to darken your hair. 

To apply this, you need to combine half a cup of coffee with a leave-in conditioner, apply it to clean damp hair, and leave it for an hour. And voila, your hair is darkened!

You Can Also Use Carrot Juice To Dye Your Hair

use carrot juice to dye your hair
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You can also use carrot juice. You’ll get a very nice, subtle orange tint. And just like the coffee mixture, add it with conditioner and apply! You can also mix it with coconut or olive oil. After application, wash it with apple cider vinegar. This will give you a  nice sheen. 

You Can Even Make Essential Oil With Henna Powder!

If you want all the benefits of henna but without actually applying it. Well, this henna essential oil is the perfect hack. 

For this take your henna and mix it into a smooth paste. Then make a small half of an inch ball with the paste and dry it. After that, add 500 ml coconut oil and add the dried balls. Then boil it until the oil changes color and remove it from the pan. 

After that, transfer it into a container to cool and then strain it. And voila it’s ready! You can store it in an airtight container for later use!

Well, this is it! Basically henna doesn’t actually expire. So it’s better if you use a fresh package. And you can use Ampro gel, which is good for getting a sleek look!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does henna powder do to your hair?

Henna is a natural hair dye. Using this on your hair promotes hair growth. Besides that, it also nourishes your hair. Moreover, the henna powder can be used to create an essential oil. This is very good for your hair. 

Does henna cover GREY hair?

Yes absolutely, henna can be used to cover grey hair. Henna is a natural dye and will leave a stain after you apply it. The intensity will last for about a month. After that, it’ll slowly start to fade away. You can reapply it to maintain its intensity. 

Can I shampoo my hair after applying henna?

Yes you can but it is not recommended. It’s best to not use any chemicals in your hair for 48 hours. This will help the color to settle in more intensely. You can wash your hair after 48 hours. And the shampoo won’t remove your color. 

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