5 Eye Catching Nail Art Designs for Summer 2023

If you want to stand out from the rest of your peers with the quality and colour of your nails, you have to try these eye catching nail art designs. However, the issue comes up in gaining insight into the specific strategy, and tools you need to apply these designs.

Fortunately, we have a quick rundown of some of the appealing designs you have to consider this year. 

Summer Stamping Nail Art Designs for 2023 – For Starters 

Before you can roll out your unique summer stamping nail art designs, you have to be well equipped. However, even finding the right nail care solutions is not easy, we have an in depth run down for this process.

We start out this guide with a few useful tips that you should consider. These tips are important if you want to protect your nail health and quality. The tips include:

  • 1. Start with a base coat or with an application of the traditional nail polish product.
  • 2. Apply the nail polish based on a specific nail stencil. Use a solid color nail product. Do this so you can produce a thicker nail polish result than the traditional base coat you had applied.
  • 3. Use a scraper with over 45 degrees, and remove any excessive nail polish. Use a removal technique that goes from the inside to the outside for the best results.
  • 4. Then, apply some gentle pressure on the stamper, and use a rolling motion to maintain the design. The image will move on to the stamp of your thickened nail polish.
  • 5. Then, repeat the steps mentioned above for all your nails for the best results.
  • 6. Once you are through with these steps for your nails for the best results.

List of Eyecatching Nail Designs

Now that you have the quick run down into a few key things to expect, move on to some excellent nail design suggestions:

1. Amazing Blue Pet Template 

amazing blue pet template

Who knew that dogs and cats could look so good on your nails? Try out this unique nail design that features various unique images. While getting this look seems complex, the steps involved are pretty simple.

You will want to start with a light blue nail paint coat. Let it sit and dry for the best curing results. Next place the cat stencils on your nails. 

2. Nature and Lime Green

nature and lime green

If you want to go relatively low key with things, you can go with the natural lime green nail art design. You will need a set of three colours, and flower stencils to complement the overall look. Start by applying the light green nail coat to your pinky, index and thumb fingers.

Then, proceed to apply a light green and yellow paint coat to your middle finger. For the ring finger apply, a light orange colour. Complement your middle finger with a unique butterfly stencil, and some dark green. For the ring finger, complement it with a flower stencil and with a dark green nail coat. 

3. Summer Rainbow Style Nail Design

summer rainbow style nail design

For this to work, you are going to have become creative in your use of nail paints. Stary by applying a white coat of nail paint to all your nails. Once it’s complete, start to complement each nail design with a unique rainbow nail coat.

Apply, the rainbow nail paint on either the top or lower section on each successive finger. Then, let it sit and cure for the best results. You can use a stencil to make the process simple. 

4. Solid with Pastels nail design

solid with pastels nail design

If you like to make things simple with your nail art designs, consider this unique combination of nail paints. The colours involved in this nail design are so appealing, that you don’t have to complement it with jewelery.

The key to success for this approach is to ensure you have applied different nail paint colours. 

To be specific, the pinky finger gets light grey, the middle finger gets light pink, the middle light green, the index light yellow, and the thumb light purple. 

Let it sit and cure for a few minutes to ensure the best results.

5. Summer Tie Dye Glam

summer tie dye glam

Finishing out this list would be this unique nail art design, that also involves different elements.  

You will need different nail coat colours to get this look right. Start with a base coat, and then get light pink, rainbow, light purple and glitter finish.

Two fingers have to get the light pink paint coat. One finger will get a unique mix of each nail coat, such that it looks like a multi-colored finish. Then, one finger will get a light pink base coat with some glitter.

. Then, let it sit and cure for the best results.

Katharyn Riedel

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