Foods That Can Increase Your Hair Growth

“We are what we eat”- isn’t it what we grew up hearing? Well apparently, it is accurate. Our daily food intake contributes a lot to our hair growth. Eating well nourishes hair growth. 

But do you know which foods help with hair growth? 

These are the foods you’re already familiar with but probably don’t know. Salon hair treatment might give your hair a temporary glow. But eating these foods will improve your hair condition in the long run. 

So, let’s read along to know more about food components that nourish your hair’s health- 

Components In Food That Help Hair Growth 

Protein helps your hair grow longer and thicker. Lack of protein can make the hair look dull and weaken hair. Lack of vitamin D and fat make hair look thin too. 

L-lysine helps with hair growth. It’s an amino acid. Niacin promotes the health of hair follicles. Vitamin A preserves hair follicles’ folic acid. And encourages new hair development. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to protect hair and maintain collagen levels. Hair loss can occur even in moderate cases of iron deficiency anemia. 

Zinc deficiency can also cause dry hair and, in some cases, hair loss.

Food That Can Increase Your Hair Growth 

So, you know the food components that help grow your hair. But do you know what kind of foods contain these components?  

You should know what food that’ll nourish your hair. Let’s see what food intake is important for faster hair growth- 


Chicken or other high-protein meals are necessary for hair growth and health. Protein serves as the foundation of our hair cells. A lack of protein has been related to hair loss. 

Keratin products are used in salons and we frequently spend a lot of money on them. But whatever protein treatment you get in parlour, you can have it by having animal protein. Chicken is renowned for producing keratin.

Keratin is necessary for hair development. It’s a fantastic source of protein for your hair. 

Tired of chicken and prefer other meats? Turkey, lamb, or rabbit can serve to keep your keratin levels in check.

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Include salmon in your diet to strengthen your hair follicles. It’ll speed up hair development. Your dull and lifeless hair will be transformed into silky smooth hair. 

Iron, omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin 12 are the components in Salmon. It helps with the health of your hair. If salmon isn’t your thing, go for other fishes like sardine and mackerel. You can also consume nuts like walnuts and flaxseeds. 

This will provide you with omega-3 fatty acids. But do not miss this because salmon is good for your scalp. Also, another reason to eat salmon is it’s rich in vitamin B6. 

Salmon also contains fewer calories than you’d expect. 


Oysters contain zinc, an important element for hair development. If included in the diet, it will promote rapid hair growth. This mineral is essential for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

Hair loss can be caused by a zinc deficiency. Alopecia (bald patches) is frequently caused by a lack of zinc in the body. Hair loss caused by zinc deficiency can be improved by taking a zinc supplement.

Taking too much zinc, on the other hand, may cause hair loss. Because foods deliver zinc at a tiny but healthy level. Obtaining zinc through meals like oysters may be preferable to taking supplements.

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Almond is one of those miraculous nuts that can lock in glossy locks. No other chemical-based hair-care product can do it. They’re high in vitamin E. Vitamin E strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth.  

Almonds offer 37 percent of your daily vitamin E needs in only one ounce (28 grams). In addition, they contain a range of B vitamins, vital fatty acids and zinc. Lack of any of these nutrients can cause hair loss.

It also reduces oxidative stress and enhances hair growth.

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It won’t be a surprise to you if you’re someone who has tried a hair spa treatment. It’s loaded with protein, amino acids, and biotin.

Amino acids serve as the basis for a beautiful mane. Proteins are essential for hair development. 

Additionally, eggs contain vitamin B12, which is required for hair development to begin. The reason for your hair fall is probably due to the lack of protein in your diet. 

Biotin forms keratin and keratin is a hair protein. This is why biotin pills are frequently sold as hair development supplements. People with a biotin deficiency might also benefit from ingesting extra biotin, according to research. 

Eggs are also high in hair-nourishing elements like zinc and selenium.

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Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene is abundant in sweet potatoes. This ingredient is formed into vitamin A by your body naturally. And beta-carotene is linked to healthy hair.

A medium sweet potato has enough beta-carotene. It’ll provide you with your daily vitamin A requirement. 

Vitamin A increases the production of sebum, which helps to maintain hair health Furthermore, vitamin A may help to speed up hair development and stimulate the creation of thicker hair. All while avoiding the regress of other hair follicles.

Sweet Potatoes
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So, are you going to include these foods in your diet? Well, you should. There are other foods too  and they are rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Try them according to your affordability and availability in your area. 

Let us know if it worked for you. Till then, take care!

Katharyn Riedel

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