The Ultimate Guide French Glitter Nail Designs 2023

French people are known for their rich and diverse cultures. It’s a feat that also goes to the way they apply nails, because they have a lot of unique nail designs worth trying. We take a look at some of the best french glitter nail designs worth the try in 2023.

To be specific, french glitter nails are easy to apply, as long as you have the right toolset and information. The designs are not set in stone, and you get creative with designs based on your personal inspiration.

Remember that the key to success with this look is to focus the application of glitter on a specific section of your nail. The most appropriate section would be the tip of your nails, and you can complement it with stickers or bright nail coats.

Without further adieu, here some excellent french nail designs: 

Glitter French Nail Design 1

glitter french nail design 1

Top of our list would be this laid back, but intricate nail glitter design. To pull off this look, you are going to need some clear acrylic nails. Start by cleaning your nails using some disinfectant, then set the acrylics on your nails.

Then, a clear base coat on all your nails. Next, apply the golden and glitter nail polish on the top half of your nails. Do it in such a way that the polish leaves a “fade out” effect on your nails for the best results.

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
1 hourShort tipped acrylics, glitter and a clear nail coat.Getting a consistent glitter finish.

Glitter French Nail Design-2

glitter french nail design-2

Next on this list would be this unique use of glitter polish, and heart stencils. You will also need some acrylic nails for this design. Clean your nails, then set the acrylics on your nails. Next, apply a light pink glitter finish to the top half section of your nails.

Complement the edges of the light pink polish, with some grey glitter polish. Next, set a heart shaped sticker on the low edge of the glitter nail polish. 

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
10-50 minutes Long tipped acrylics, pink glitter, heart shaped decals and a silver flitter.N/A

Glitter French Nail Designs-3

glitter french nail designs-3

If you are looking for a great way to look professional, and still look appealing, consider this glitter french nail design. As usual, you need acrylic nails if you want to pull off this look with excellent results.

Once you set the acrylic nails, apply a light purple and glitter paint coat on your nails. You may have to complement it with a clear coat to help bring the natural colour of your nail bed. 

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
40 to 50 minutes Long tipped acrylics, purple nail coat, clear nail coat and glitter.Setting the purple paint and silver on your acrylics.

Glitter French Nail Designs-4

glitter french nail designs-4

With a steady hand, you can pull off this look in just a few simple steps. Yes, that’s right! You don’t need acrylic nails for this look. Start by applying a clear nail polish coat to all your nails. Next, apply light golden nail paint on the top of your nails.

For the best results, let your nails sit under an LED light, which will help bring out the rich and natural colour of your nailbed. The good thing with this look is that it looks simple! So, you have all the freedom to experiment with various nail art accessories. 

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
10-20minutesClear nail polish coat, golden glitter and an LED light.Setting stencils on nail tips.

Glitter French Nail Designs-5

glitter french nail designs-5

We are back again with acrylic nails, and some white nail polish mixed with some light grey glitter. As usual, start by cleaning your nails, then setting the acrylic nails. Next, apply a light white coat nail paint on the tip of your nails.

Then, proceed to complement this look with some light grey glitter nail polish, which you apply on the edges of the white nail coat. Finally, complement this look with some clear nail polish for the best results.

You may have to go easy on the glitter with this nail design. Why? To help pull off the unique “fade out” effect on your nails, and to also show your affinity for detail with nail designs. 

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
10-20minutesClear nail polish coat, whiter nail coat golden glitter and an LED light.Setting stencils on nail tips.

Glitter French Nail Designs-6

glitter french nail designs-6

Are you going out on a date with a loved one? Or are you looking for the perfect way to make a good impression on your mates? Take a look at this ultra professional french glitter nail design. While it looks intricate, pulling off this look on your nail is a breeze.

Start with the acrylic nails, and then apply a light purple nail coat to all your nails. Then, apply a curved stencil on the top section of your nails, and set the light purple glitter paint over your nails. Next, let your fingers sit under an LED light for the best curing results. 

Be careful during the application process for this design, if you want it to look stunning! Avoid placing your hands in places with dust, debris or lots of moisture before the nail design cures completely.

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
1-2 hours Short tipped acrylic nails, a light pain nail coat, nail glue, LED light, and stencilsSetting the stencils on nail tips.

Glitter French Nail Designs-7

glitter french nail designs-7

Our list of the best french glitter nail designs would not be complete without this creative and inspired nail art design. It involves the use of a light white paint coat, some acrylic nails, and some glitter.

Start by setting the acrylics on all your nails. Next apply the light white and glitter nail polish on your ring finger. However, your remaining fingers will only get a white paint coat on the tip section. Let your fingers cure under an LED light for the best results. The final step in this process would be to complement your look with some jewelry for an all inclusive look!

Application Time Products NeededChallenges 
30 to 50 minutes. Short tipped acrylics, multicolored nail glitter and a clear coat.N/A
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