Glitter Tears Nail Trend – An In Depth Guide

For many people, the glitter nail trend is a no go, due to various reasons. One of the few reasons for this is that applying glitter requires skill, and sufficient time to get the job done right. Things even get further technical when you have to apply a unique design on the nails such as tears.

Some, what are some common glitter tears nail trends?

Well, the best glitter nail trends include efficient use of glitter products, and being well informed about nail care. You will find it easy to play around with glitter nail art after the first few tries, so try and be patient.

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Glitter Nails Trend – For Starters

In particular, this nail art comes from Hannah Rox, who has the video on her on her YouTube channel.

The nail art is simple to apply. You just have to use the traditional glitter gradient on a clear coat. Plus, while it’s easy to nail glitter a trend, not many people find it easy to apply on nails. 

In fact, for this particular design, you may have to put all the nail decorations on an individual basis. Doing so, will help boost the originality and richness of the overall.




Nail strengthener

To help boost the health and strength of

your nails. 

Probelle Nail Strengthener

Nail disinfectant

Use this to clean the

nail surface and remove debris.

Barbicide Manicure Nail Jar

Glitter Nail polish

Apply this on the top

section of your nail.

MIZHSE Reflective Nail Polish

Nail cutter set

To help cut and maintain the nail structure.

Nail Cutter Set

Nail glue

Use this to set up your nails.

Super Strong Nail Glue


  • 1. Start by applying your traditional base coat.
  • 2. Then, find a clear polish or top coat which does not fall under the quick dry polish category. The longer the polish stays wet, the more time you will have to apply the glitter and let it stick.
  • 3. Use something pointy such as a toothpick to pick the glitter pieces one by one. Then, place them individually on your nails, such that they have a denser presence of the top section of the nail.
  • 4. If the clear nail polish dries before you can complete the glitter placement process, consider applying another dab. Apply the clear coat on the specific positions where you need the glitter.
  • 5. Complete this process by applying a few layers of top coat on your nails. The best type to use would be a dense top coat to help smoothen the glitter chunks.

The Hack

If you want to achieve without the hassle associated with applying complex glitter polish, we have a few tips. The steps include:

  • 1. Apply a clear base coat. The goal of this base coat is to complete the final result of the nail acrylics.
  • 2. Paint some nail polish on the edge of your nails and then apply some nail glue on the top section of your nail. Do it after the base coat has dried completely, and be cautions to avoid causing damage to the coat’s finish.
  • 3. Then, proceed to dab the nails, and avoid swiping the product across the nail. The main reason for this is to avoid causing any compromise to the quality of the finish.
  • 4. Complete the process by applying a layer of top coat to help complement the appeal of the nail glitter polish. You also have the option of curing the nails under a light.

4 Tips For Your Glitter Nails 

Before using glitter nail trends the right way, you have to take a few key factors into perspective. With these factors in mind, you are sure of getting high quality results, especially as nail glitter tends to be delicate. These tips can include:

1. Practice First

Consider practicing using some basic nails first, such as acrylics. Doing so, will increase your competence in working with glitter nail art. However, be careful not to waste your nail paint and resources during the practice stage.

2. Ensure You Have Fully Functional Nail Care Kit

You need various crucial resources if you want to produce high quality nails. The resources mentioned above are just a few common suggestions. You can conduct further research on common products and solutions for applying nail glitter. 

3. Get Creative

The last thing you want is to apply the traditional nail glitter designs, which can seem unappealing. Try out new designs, and experiment with new things. The only caveat is for you to ensure everything is well organized. 

4. Check Out Some Sources on Nail Designs 

The internet is home to several nail care and products sources. If you want to take your creativity with nail designs a step further, consider these online sources. Among some of the best places to start would be with nail influencers on instagram. There, you will find several unique nail art designs that you can try out and also use to boost your creativity.

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