Hair Sticking Up on Top of Head [ Why+ What to Do]

Who doesn’t want to have nice, smooth, and tamed hair? 

But sometimes your hair standing up on top of your head can ruin your look. Thus, you’ve to know why it’s happening in order to fix it. And to get your desired hairstyle. 

So, why is your hair sticking up on top of head? 

Well, firstly, split ends and breakage are responsible for your hair to stand up. Then baby hair and new hair cause this problem as well. Your hair can stick up because of humidity and static also. Moreover, if your hair is too short, it’s bound to stick up. That’s not all, there are a few more reasons for this.

Now, getting proper knowledge on the issue is important. Otherwise, you might not get the help you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve covered every possible reason for along with their solutions. 

For your benefit, hopefully, you’ll check out our entire piece! 

Is Your Hair Really Sticking Up?

Now, before starting-

You need to know whether your hair is actually sticking up or not. 

Because sometimes hair can get messy due to windy weather or even hairdryers. Hair being messy and standing up on top of your hair is a bit different.


Well, you can brush your messy hair and get your normal hair look. However, taming some strands of hair when they’re standing up isn’t that easy. Because even if you brush it down, it’ll stick up again. 

Plus various other factors are responsible for that problem. So, you need to follow different methods to solve it. 

Moreover, you’ll mostly see short hair strands sticking up on top of your head. They’re called flyaways. However, in the case of messy hair, any part of your hair can stick up in any direction. 

So, that’s the difference. And you can easily identify which problem you have with the info we’ve mentioned here. 

Why Does the Hair on My Head Stand Up?

Now, both men and women can go through this annoying problem. A person’s hair can stick up on top of their head because of 9 common reasons. 

And we’ve explained the factors properly below. So, you can identify which reason caused your hair to stand up.

Split Ends and Breakage in Your Hair 

The first factor behind your hair sticking up is split ends and breakage.

hair sticking up

Now, split ends take place because of irregular haircuts. The end of your hair gets dry and breaks up. 

This isn’t all. If you don’t cut the split ends-

These ends can make your hair break upwards or higher up. This causes the broken hair strands to stick up on top of your head. 

Now, you can’t only blame split ends for hair breakage. It can occur because of various reasons. For example, let’s assume- 

You have styled your hair in a ponytail using a rubber band and clips. While taking out the rubber hand or clips, your hair strands can break and stick up. 

Also, brushing wet hair can cause your hair to break too. Moreover, this is also the reason for short frizzy hair on top of your head


Now, if your problem is this, you need to get a haircut first. 

Yup, you have to trim those split ends to avoid more damage. Then get a good quality shampoo and conditioner that works on damaged hair. 

trim hair

Also, if you didn’t know-

Using conditioner on your hair will surely help you prevent hair breakage in the future.

So, apply the conditioner to your hair gently. And make sure you don’t use it on your scalp. Because that’ll damage your hair more. Then wash away your hair properly. 

Now, dry your hair with the help of natural air. Why can’t you use a hairdryer? 

Well, it’ll make your hair dry and rough. That’s why it’s better to avoid using it. Lastly, once your hair is dry, grab yourself any shine serum. And apply 2-3 drops of it to your hair. Especially to the affected areas. 

There you have it! Smooth and tamed hair!

As you know, breakage also takes place because of wet hair too. That’s why we suggest you use a wide-tooth comb-

paul mitchell pro tools detangler comb

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Detangler Comb

revlon essentials 2 piece tangle free comb set

Revlon Essentials 2 Piece Tangle Free Comb Set

So, grab the comb and keep yourself away from hair damage! 

The “Baby Hair or New Hair” Situation

Yes, baby hairs can cause this issue too. Because they usually grow around the hairline of a person. 

By the way. If you didn’t know, baby hair is an indication of new hair growth. 

Now, why do they cause the hair sticking up problem?

baby hairs

Well, baby hair and your normal hair aren’t similar when it comes to hair texture. They’re much thinner, softer than your regular hair. 

For this reason, baby hair or new hair doesn’t lay flat on your head. Instead, they stick upwards. Therefore, it’s hard to work with them. 


Now, baby hairs aren’t really bad. And you can style them if you want. Plus you can try out different methods to tame baby hairs.

styling baby hairs

Also, if you’re thinking about braiding your hair or making a ponytail-

Don’t hide your baby hairs. Comb them out instead to make them look stylish. Don’t forget to use the hair spray. 

However, if you don’t want to style them. Or they’re too hard to tame, you can get rid of them. You’ll have two main hair removal options. Both have their positive and negative sides-

Baby Hair Removal Process

Positive Side

Negative Side



Uneven hairline, more painful, time-consuming.


Quicker, even hairline


So, how to get the two processes done?

Well, to get them waxed out, just go to a good salon or parlor. But if you choose the laser hair removal process, you have to go to a dermatologist first!

Cowlicks Can Be a Reason


Now, cowlicks don’t have any relationship with cows. It indicates a small part of the hair. That doesn’t grow in the same direction or angle as the rest of your hair. 

They grow straight upward. That’s why if you have them your hair will stick up. 

Hair cowlicks probably take place because of genetics. And they’re found at the crown of the head. But they can also be seen-

Close to the front of your hairline at the center of your forehead. 

So, if your hair sticks straight up in front, this is your answer why! 


Taming cowlicks isn’t that hard. 

You just have to grab a static-free hair gel. And take a small amount of it into your fingers. 

Then run them over the place with your wet cowlicks. Rub the gel in all directions to cover as much root area as possible. Lastly, comb down your cowlicks. 

And voila! The cowlicks aren’t sticking up anymore. 

You Have Cut Your Hair Too Short

People cut their hair short to give themselves a classy or edgy look. However, sometimes cutting it too short can cause you trouble. 

Because hair that’s too short sticks up on your head easily. Hence, it’s quite hard to tame and style that type of hair.

So, how short is too short? 

Well, if your hair length is shorter than 1 inch, you’ll definitely have your hair standing up.

Another way to identify excessively short hair is to –

Take the front section of your hair. And place the section in front of your face. Now, if your hair goes past your nose, it won’t stick up on top of your head. 

Otherwise, your hair is too short.


Taming extra short hair is the hardest task ever. So, your only option is growing it out. 

Yup, if your hair length doesn’t go past your nose, keep styling them till they grow long. You can dye them in any color to create a creative look. 

But make sure to dye your hair properly. And don’t forget to take care of them afterward. This can help you make your hair situation a little better. 

Also, make sure you’re using the right oil for your color-treated hair. For example, if you’re going with tea tree oil, remember to go for the tea tree oil that’s safe for colored hair

For hair that’s a little longer, we have some solutions- 

After shampooing and deep conditioning your hair, let it dry naturally. Then apply your hair gel to lay the hair flat.

Also, if you want to push your hair back, you can either use gel or a hair spray. You can even just use both to style your hair. 

Now, if you don’t want to have gel or hair spray, there’s another solution. 

That’s by wearing a baseball cap. 

Just push your hair back and wear the cap. Then keep it on for at least 10-15 minutes and take it off. 

Here you are! You’ve pushed back and flattened out your hair. Both men and women can try these out! 

You Are Combing Against Your Hair Grain

Now, hair grain actually means the direction of your hair growth. And it’s common sense to always comb or brush your hair in that direction. 

Because if you go against the direction, your hair will push back itself. And stand up instead of laying down flat. 

This situation mostly occurs when you have short hair. 


To fix your hair, you have to wash your hair. Then let it dry naturally. Now, the first thing you have to stop doing this- combing against the hair grain. 

Instead, brush or comb in the direction of your hair growth. Now, you might want to style your hair. Thus, go through the options we mentioned in the previous section. 

Humidity Is the Culprit 

Now, more than 60% humidity in the air causes hair to stick up. How?

Well, strands of your hair contain lots of keratin longitudinal tubes. These are bundled together. 

These protein bundles in your hair can change the way they bind together. Because of the humidity in your surrounding air. Didn’t understand anything? 

Well, let’s get to more details-

So, these bundles are basically attached to each other by two kinds of bonds. But our main focus is the hydrogen bond. Because that breaks down due to water or moisture. 

And we know humidity is actually the moisture level in the air. Therefore, these hydrogen bonds break down. Which causes your hair to swell up and turn frizzy when it dries afterward.

Frizzy hair usually refers to your short hair standing up on its own. This definitely causes an uncomfortable “hair situation”. 


You can’t fix frizzy hair if it’s caused by the weather/ your surrounding environment. 

So yeah you can try using the gel and hairspray to tame your hair. You can even try straightening them. 

However, they won’t be tamed for long. Therefore, you just have to deal with the hair.

You can put your hair up in a ponytail. Or try braiding the hair to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

The Well Known Static Electricity Issue

static electricity on hair

Static electricity is a pretty common reason for making your hair stand up. This process occurs due to one object rubbing against another. 

Now, because of the friction, electrons transfer from one object to the other. The one that loses the electrons, starts getting a positive charge. While the other gets negatively charged. 

That’s the mechanism behind static electricity. Now, let’s see how it affects our hair. 

Well, let’s say, you wore a hat. The material of your hat will most certainly rub against your hair. Then the electrons will swap. 

If the air around is dry, you’ll see the strands of your hair standing up. Because moisture in the air prevents electric charges from building up. Therefore, static electricity will only cause your hair to stick up during winter. 

Moreover, static electricity is the reason why your hair stands up after waking up as well. Because of the friction that occurs between your bedding or pillow material and your hair. 

That’s why you have the classic case of “bed head”!


Well, there are some common solutions for this situation. 

Firstly, try running a dryer sheet over your hair. Rub your hair gently with the sheet. This will get rid of the static. 

By the way-

You can even run the sheet over your bedding, pillow material, and hairbrush. This way you can wake up without having a bedhead! 

For another easy and instant fix, apply gel, pomade, or leave-in conditioner to your hair. You can even lubricate your static hair with a face moisturizer. This way you’ll be able to reduce static. And keep your hair breakage free. 

Lastly, putting some water on the hair strands can fix the problem too. Just put water on the fingertips and run them through your hair. This basically balances the positive-negative charge. 

But if static hair is your regular problem, it’s best to use anti-static products. These can help you manage your hair easily. 

So, here are some of our anti-static hair product recommendations-

garnier hair care fructis style

Garnier Hair Care Fructis Style Frizz Guard Anti-Frizz Dry Spray

cricket static free fast flo long vent hair brush

Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Long Vent Hair Brush 

Now, grab these products to have static-free hair every day! 

Be Aware of Thunderstorm or Lightning

Yes, your hair can stand during a thunderstorm. You’ll mostly see it sticking up when there’s lightning going on. 

More specifically-

Your hair will stand up on top of your head when you’re about to get hit by lightning. Or you’re close to one.


It’s also probably not the reason why your hair is sticking up right now. And there aren’t any solutions for this. So, take this as a precaution instead. 

And always stay home or in a sheltered place when a thunderstorm occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to hide hair breakage on top of head?

Well, firstly, you can try switching your part. Then holding it down with pomade and gel can help you too. But if it’s hard to hold down, braid, or create a messy bun look.

How to stop hair sticking up at crown?

To be honest, it’s quite easy. Find the center of your cowlick. Apply gel or pomade in that area. You can use the products on both wet and dry hair. Next, comb your hair around the middle part in a spiral pattern. That’s it. You can spray your hair if you think that’s needed.

How to prevent bedhead?

For starters, use a dryer sheet on the material of your bedding and pillow. You can even change your pillowcases to satin and silk. Then wrapping your hair with a bandana or towel is helpful too. Lastly, use a humidifier to stop waking up with a bedhead.

Take Away

Well, that’s basically it on hair sticking up on top of head. Hopefully, you have got your answers. 

By the way, your hair can stand up when you straighten it. To tame your hair, you can use a leave-in conditioner, pomade, and hair gel. 

Now, tell us your opinions on the issue. Good luck taming your hair!!

Katharyn Riedel

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