Home Remedies to Cure and Stop Nail Biting + Product Recommendations!

Research has shown that 20 – 30% of people are prone to this issue. It means that an astounding 2 to 3 out of 10 people you know have had this condition – what is it? It’s nail-biting. 

However, even if we know it’s a bad habit, stopping it can be challenging. Fortunately, this guide identifies the what are best home remedies to cure and stop nail biting?

There are various remedies to cure and prevent nail biting. These include personal cognitive therapy, dissuasive devices, manicures, and using aloe vera or a fidget spinner. An essential aspect of this process also includes modifying your behavior accordingly.

Best Home Remedies to Cure and Stop Nail Biting 

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We identified the best home remedies to cure, top nail-biting, and some suitable products. Here is the guide:

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Fidget spinner.Use this to distract your mind when getting the urge.SCIONE Fidget Spinners
Nail manicure kitUse this to apply the fake nails.Manicure Set Nail Clippers Pedicure Kit
Nail cleaning toolUse this to clean your resources.Manicure Set Nail Clippers Pedicure Kit 
Fake nails An alternative solution for adressing nail biting.Kiss Everlasting French Nail Manicure
Stress ballAn alternative to a fidget spinner.Serenilite Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Ball
BagUse this to store your tools.LUXJA Nail Polish Carrying Case
Notebook and penUse this for the personal assessment (IMPORTANT!)TOODOO 4 Packs Lined Spiral Notebook 
Aloe vera gelApply this to the surface of your nails.Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Tips to Cure and Stop Nail Biting

Here are the tips:

Tip #1. Personal Techniques

In layman’s terms, this refers to using personally inspired techniques to evaluate underlying behavioral causes of the nail-biting issue

These personal techniques focus on understanding the cognitive aspects that lead to nail biting One benefit of using personal therapy is that it can involve various techniques. Some of the main ones we recommend include:

  1. Make a Running List of Your Nail Biting Triggers

If you want a fast way to evaluate your behavior, make a list of nail-biting triggers. We recommend you use a handwritten notebook (check above for a suggestion). Or the digital ones – such as the types you might find in smartphones. While this process seems like a hassle, it helps! 

  1. Consider Mental Techniques

Mental health techniques help improve your thought processes and emotional management. Techniques you can start with include meditation, yoga, and exercise.

Others include yoga, ayurveda, and hypnosis. It’s an excellent strategy for when you want to manage stress complications contributing to nail biting tendencies. If the issue affects your kids, consider resources like child or adolescent psychiatry. 

  1. Consider Personal Rewards

Personal rewards are also excellent for encouraging yourself to try out new habits and behaviors in life. 

Remember that using personal rewards requires a gradual approach for the best results. Give yourself rewards based on each milestone you achieve in this process. 

One way to use this approach is to set milestones, such as using time stamps to indicate your recovery progress. For instance, you can reward yourself for avoiding nail-biting behaviors each day or after your preferred time.

Tip #2. Using a Stress Ball Or Fidget Spinner 

We refer to dissuasive devices. They help you shift your focus from nail-biting, to something much more positive. 

So, what are these two tools exactly?

A stress ball refers to a small and squezable object, which usually has the same shape as a ball. People typically use it to relieve mental health issues like tension and stress. 

Plus, they often contain a soft material such as foam, gel, or silly putty. Stress ball brands are created to be squeezed and rolled around in the hand.

And, what is a fidget spinner?

It’s a small toy with a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat too used to relieve stress. It’s usually made using plastic or metal and works by spinning along an axis with minimal effort required.  

This toy is so popular because mental health specialists have used it for treatments. These include treatments for ADHD.

How to Use A Stress Ball or Fidget Spinner

  • Carry the fidget spinner or stress with you throughout the day. Reach for it whenever you get the urge to bite your nails.
  • Squeeze the stress ball, or spin the fidget as hard as you can for a few minutes. Doing this will divert your attention to other, more meaningful activities. 
  • When you no longer have urges, relax your grip, and set the ball down. Repeat this process for as long as you have the nail-biting urge.

Chewing gum is also an excellent alternative for keeping your mouth busy. It helps to reduce the anxiety that might be causing your nail biting. 

If you dont like gum, try other alternatives such as mint, or candy. Some other activities that can also help keep you busy include drawing, coloring, or using your phone. 

Tip #3. Use Technology and Nail Products to Your Advantage 

Did you know that you can also use technology as a home remedy for curing and stopping nail biting?

How possible is this?

There are various etch products on the market that you can use to stop nail biting. One example is the “Thumbbuddy to Love.”. It’s a product that uses a mixture of positive reinforcement and gentle vibration to help you break your nail biting habit. 

The other product you can use of the “No Bite Stop Nail Biting” device. It’s a tool you wear on your fingers and is usable for addressing nail-biting tendencies. 

The tool works by delivering an electric shock upon detecting any vibration. The vibration helps to stop the nail-biting issue. You will also come across various mobile applications that you can use to track your nail biting habit.

One good example is the “My Stop Nail Biting” app. It’s a tool that tracks your behavior, and lets you set goals and even rewards for achievements. The app also provides educational material on nail-biting and solutions for addressing such issues. 

Tip#4. Wearing Artificial Nails

Artificial nails can also be excellent for chronic nail biting behavior. That is because fake nails limit your access to your nail bed. 

Done correctly, fake nails also look good, which can decrease your motivation for nail biting. Remember that using fake nails regularly also requires the proper care process. We recommend you also go polishes that have anti bacterial properties. That is because it helps ensure your nails have optimal health. 

Tip #6. Rub Natural Nail Biting Remedies on Your Nails

So, what natural nail-biting remedies can you use on your nails? Well, they are mostly natural plants, which often have a bitter taste. They are excellent when applied to the nails because they are “TOTALLY HARMLESS!” Some common examples include

  • Aloe vera gel.
  • Garlic.
  • Bitter melon or bitter gourd.
  • Neem oil.

Tip #7. Keep your nails short.

One other excellent technique you can use to stop nail biting is to get a nice manicure. Specifically, you must ensure you keep your nails short. No nail biting can occur when you no longer long nails. 

Short nails are also much more hygiene, and less prone to damage than long ones. We recommend you give your nails a trim after every two days. 

Doing this decreases your likelihood of running into long nails, which can encourage biting habits. You can also consider scheduling regular visits to a professional nail salon if the problem persists.

Tip #8. Try an Anti-nail-biting Treatment for your Bare Nails

Have you ever encountered those awfully smelling nail varnishes that help people stop nail biting? Well, if not, it’s time to learn more about these.

Anti-nail biting nail treatments are special nail polishes that impart a terrible taste to your nails. It helps reduce your nail biting drive over time, because you associate it with an unpleasant feeling. 

However, you must be careful with these products. That is its antibacterial properties and chemicals can be harmful when consumed in large amounts. A good example would be when you use it on your little ones.

Tip #9. Create a New, Healthier Lifestyle Habit

One other suggestion to help you stop nail biting involves adopting new and healthy lifestyles. Why is this important? It helps keep your hands busy, and encourages discipline. 

Well, it’s because a new habit enables you to get your mind off tendencies like nail biting. Some of these habits you can try include yoga, physical exercise, mental affirmations and more. 

You can even find ways of making your life more interesting such as through activities like travelling or sports. 

Why is Nail Biting Bad?

how to heal bitten skin around nails

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While nail biting (also known as onychophagia) is a common, harmless habit, it can also lead to mental and physical health complications. 

Plus, it can also lead to skin infections and long-term complications to the nails. Aside from causing infections, nail biting has also been linked abnormal looking nails. Our research has also shown that nail biting shares almost the same causes as hair twirling.

Biting your dirty fingers or nails introduces dirt and bacteria from your nails to your mouth. These germs and dirt can lead to mouth complications, such as an increased risk for cavity complications. 

Additionally, it can also increase the rate of infections that occur around the nail. Some nail biters can sometimes be prone to issues like hepatitis and tetanus. 

The other reason nail biting is bad is that it indicates an underlying mental or behavioral problem. This occurs due to various reasons. 

One example is that nail biting often occurs in response to stress and anxiety. The other example is that nail biting can increase the occurrence of any other mental health issue the individual might have experienced.  

It can eventually lead to secondary nervous habits which are difficult to manage. Some researchers have even linked nail biting to issues like jaw problems.

Causes of Nail Biting 

nail biting treatment for adults

There are various causes of nail biting, including

Cause #1. Stress

Nail biting is often a coping mechanism to manage stress or any other emotional problem. It can be stress caused to multiple issues, including social, personal, or even physical. The individual might use nail-biting as a coping mechanism when experiencing high-stress levels. 

Cause #2. Anxiety

Nail biting is a common symptom of anxiety and can be a way to manage restlessness or nervousness. 

Anxiety is the sense of restlessness that occurs due to various circumstances of life, physiological and mental factors. Boredom and low self-esteem are some of the contributing factors to anxiety complications. 

People who experience anxiety are prone to various negative habits, and health problems. And nail-biting is an example. Those with extreme anxiety might even chew down to the nail beds, which can be painful.

Cause #3. Genetics

Some research suggests that nail biting may be inherited. One recent study showed that up to 37% of individuals who experienced this issue also had family members with the same issue. 

The study also showed that identical twins are also more likely to be nail-biters than non-identical ones.

Cause #5. Developmental Stage

 Nail biting is most common in children and usually decreases as the child matures. It’s a common complication among children and adolescents. 

Plus, it’s a common habit in both genders, with boys being on the higher side. Children use it as a coping mechanism for various issues. 

These include anxiety, boredom, and as a self-soothing resource. Some also learn the habit from their siblings. 

While nail biting can sometimes be a development issue, it’s good to address it before the child transitions into adulthood. Children who persist with the behavior even after correction might need professional mental help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Home Remedy Can I Use to Stop Biting My Nails?

There are various home remedies that you can use to stop biting your nails. These include natural products like aloe gel, personal assessments, trying anti-nail biting products, and developing new habits.

What Vitamin Are You Lacking When You Bite Your Nails?

Zinc is the nutrient that people mistake for a vitamin that nail biters lack. It is an essential resource for the development of the body, and strength. Research has shown that the rate of zinc in the body improves nail health significantly. So, ensure you also maintain a balanced diet.

How Can I Stop Nail Biting 9 Minutes?

You can use various techniques to stop your nail biting in 9 minutes. You can use personal assessments, anti-nail biting treatments, and try out new habits. The best self-soothing depends on your personal preferences. However, this won’t be sufficient to stop issues like nail fungus.

There you have it – it’s possible to cure nail biting DIY – and you can also “DO IT!” What is still stopping you from achieving this goal after reading this guide? Try these techniques and out let us know of your experience with handling nail biting issues.

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