How to Get Weed Smell Out of Hair (Solutions & Preventions)

Does your hair smell a bit funky and like weed after a party? We know you might be regretting having a little too much fun. But hey, it’s okay to enjoy yourself a little. Now let’s find out what we can do about this weed smell!

So, how to get weed smell out of hair?

Well if you’re looking for a quick solution, go for the no-wash option. You can sprinkle some baking soda, dry shampoo, or lemon juice to cover up the smell. But if you have the time it’s best to wash your hair. Use vinegar or baking soda shampoo for the process. That’ll get most of the smell out in no time!

Now, there’s more from where these came from. So if this piqued your interest you’ll like what’s in the segment. Therefore, keep on reading to know more!

Why Your Hair Smells Like Weed?

Sometimes your hair can smell like weed. This is especially when you’ve been smoking or have been around people that do. Also if you have long hair you might notice it more often. Because long hair retains more smell!

At times your hair might smell of weed for days even if you didn’t smoke. Wondering why that might be? It might be due to a shampoo you might be using.

So, why does my hair smell like weed when I straighten it

This might be due to the weed smell getting stuck on your hair follicles.  Straightening the hair without removing the smell sets it in. And thus when you apply heat to your hair the smell burns into the hair. 

Thus you need to get the stench out first with shampoo or products. The same goes for curling your hair.

If you need products to help with the burning weed smell, we got you! We have a couple of different options below for you to try out. 

Moreover, your hair might smell like weed because of some of your hair products. Now, are you thinking does hemp shampoo smell like weed

Well, yes, they do! Hemp shampoo can smell a bit skunky and that’s maybe the reason your hair smells like this. 

If you’re not comfortable with the scent you can switch to a different one. Make sure it doesn’t contain hemp as an ingredient. And you’ll be all good. 

How Long Does Your Hair Smell Like Weed?

The strong smell of the weed will last on your hair for about 6-7 hours. After that, the smell will start to fade slowly.

However, a faint smell can get stuck on your hair follicles. You’re not going to notice the smell. But it can be detected if hair drug tests are run. This will last about 90 days. As your hair grows, the smell will pass the scalp. After that, it’s undetectable!

The smell will become subtle quickly if proper methods are used. Therefore, you can check out and try some of our methods below. This is guaranteed to get the smell out so that it’s not noticeable. 

How to Get Weed Smell Out of Hair Without Washing?

Now, if you’re short on time, this might just do the work for you! And the ingredients, you might just find them around your house. So let’s get to it!

Here’s a quick guide you can use to have a preview of the methods. Now, depending on the smell intensity and time you can choose one which best suits you!  

MethodSmell Intensity Of WeedTime Needed
Soaking Hair Under SunLow to Medium 30 to 45 minutes
Letting Your Hair DownLow to Medium 40 to 60 minutes
Using Odor Eliminator Medium to Strong 15 minutes
Using VodkaMedium to Strong 10 to 15 minutes
Using Lemon JuiceMedium to Strong 10 to 15 minutes
Using Dryer SheetMedium to Strong 10 to 15 minutes
Using Baking Soda Medium to Strong 10 to 15 minutes
Using White VinegarMedium to Strong 10 to 15 minutes
Using Dry ShampooMedium to Strong 10 to 15 minutes
Using Apple Cider Vinegar ShampooMedium to Strong 60 to 65 minutes
Using Baking Soda ShampooMedium to Strong 60 to 65 minutes
Using White Vinegar ShampooMedium to Strong 60 to 65 minutes

Now, we know what to do, let’s dive in! 

Soaking Hair under Sun

Just like airing your hair out diffuses the smell, soaking under the sun will too. But this works a little better than airing your hair out. 

That is, the UV rays in the sun can get into all the spaces and burn the smell. In about 30-45 minutes, the smell will be neutralized!

Letting Your Hair Down

Putting your hair down will allow air to free up the hair follicles. The smell will be slowly eliminated from your hair. The smell from the follicles will clear up a bit as well. Keep your hair down for at least 40-60 minutes. 

After that, you can brush your hair and style it as you normally do!

Spraying Odor Eliminator

You can use hairspray, hair perfume, etc. that might cancel out odor. Besides canceling the smell out it’ll deodorize your hair. 

You can choose one from this list down below! 

pacifica beauty indian coconut nectar perfumed hair & body mist

Pacifica Beauty Indian Coconut Nectar Perfumed Hair & Body Mist

aussie lustr shine enhancing hair spray

Aussie Lustr Shine Enhancing Hair Spray

These are very well recommended and smells wonderful!

Make sure that you spray all over your hair and from different angles. Do this until your hair is slightly moist. Then leave it be and it’ll evaporate within 5-10 minutes! 

Using Vodka

For this, you basically need to apply vodka directly to your hair. You can take about a teaspoon amount on your hand and rub it in. You can use more if you need. Moreover, for more precision, you can use a spray bottle filled with vodka!

Now, as the vodka will start to dry, the skunky smell will fade as well. 

Applying Lemon Juice

applying lemon juice
 Source: Femina

Lemon juice has acidic compounds that work great by canceling odors. However, only do this method at night. This is because the acidic element and the sun exposure can change your hair to a golden color

For this, you need to squeeze a small amount of juice onto your hand. You can use about a tablespoon of juice. But if you need more,you can add accordingly! Then put it on your hair thoroughly. Once the juice sets it, your hair will smell citrusy fresh. 

Using Dryer Sheets

using dryer sheets
 Source: YouTube

This is perfect for you if you’re on the run. Just grab 2-3 sheets of paper and rub it through all your hair. To make it more precise, divide your hair into 6 sections. This will save your time and make it easier for applications. 

Applying White Vinegar

Now, you can use this directly. But only when you feel like the smell is too strong. Because this product itself is too strong and should be rinsed off after use. Therefore, only use this once every two months or so.

Take a teaspoon and apply it to your hair. You can also use a spray bottle for this application. You might notice a rather strong odor. Don’t worry because it’ll go away once the solution evaporates. 

Spraying Dry Shampoo

Curious about if you can use dry shampoo to cover weed smell?

Dry shampoo works really well in neutralizing odor. The product has a light smell that helps make your hair smell fresh. 

Moreover, it gives your hair more volume at the same time. So grab your dry shampoo and use it as you normally do. And there you go, you’re ready to go out the door!

How to Get Rid Of Weed Smell from Hair?

Now, cannabis has a stronger smell compared to cigarettes. Therefore, regular shampoo sometimes doesn’t work well getting the funky smell out. And that’s why we have some stronger shampoos for you to try out!

This is applicable to all hair types. Therefore if you have thick, thin, or braided hair don’t worry. 

Using Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

apple cider vinegar shampoo
Source: WELL Insiders

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol. Besides that, they are exceptionally good at removing obnoxious odors. Now, you can either buy it from a store or make yourself one at home. 

To make it yourself you’ll need apple cider vinegar, dark beer, and distilled water. Mix it in the ratio 1:6:32 and then apply it like you would a shampoo. Then rinse it off and voila, the smell will be neutralized. 

Using Baking Soda Shampoo

baking soda shampoo
 Source: BrightSide

Well, this is a technique that’s fairly easy to use. However, if you have dry hair, it’s best if you avoid it. This is because this mixture can be a little on the dryer side. And thus might irritate your skin. 

For this, mix 1-tablespoon baking soda with 1.5-cups warm water and apply it. And work your way in until all the hair is coated. You can leave it for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it off! 

Using White Vinegar Shampoo

This method is more powerful than the other two. Hence if the smell is really strong, you can use it. Otherwise, go for the apple cider or the baking soda one! 

Here you need to mix 1-cup white vinegar with 1-quart water. Then apply it as you normally would and wash it off.  After that, your hair will smell squeaky clean!

Moreover, this works exceptionally well for thick or braided hair. 

How to Protect Hair from Weed Smell?

By now, we know different techniques to get the stench out. So let’s now check out some ways we can prevent this from happening. 

Keep Hair In A Ponytail

keep hair in a ponytail
Source: Glamour

It’s best to keep your hair covered or tied up. You can use a scarf to cover your hair or a hat. Moreover, you can tie your hair into a ponytail or braids. In this way, the smoke won’t be able to get into your hair follicles. And your hair will be smell-free. 

Furthermore, you can scrunch up your hair into a bun without damaging it as well. This will also protect your hair from the skunky odor!

Keep The Windows Open 

It’s best to open up a window when you smoke. Because proper ventilation will diffuse out the smell of your room. And thus, you can protect your hair from the strong scent of weed! 

Moreover, it’s best if you don’t smoke indoors and in enclosed spaces. Find a spacious room or smoke outside. 

Burn Incense before Smoking

This is another sneaky technique to mask the smell. Incense has a uniquely strong and heavy smell. Therefore if you light one before you smoke, it’ll help to overpower the cannabis smell. 

Use Air Fresheners Or Scented Candles

air fresheners or scented candles
Source: Healthline

Just like incense, candles and air fresheners can help too. And if you don’t prefer the strong smell of incense, this is a great alternative. 

In that case, you can light a candle and it’ll help to mask out the smell. Moreover, you can also use air fresheners before and after you smoke. That’ll help the smoke from settling in your room. 

If you follow this technique, your hair won’t smell bad. And you can enjoy your time without worrying about your hair!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the best way to get weed smell out of hair?

Answer:  The best way is to use apple cider vinegar to wash your hair. And a non-wash solution is to use vodka or dryer sheets to remove the smell!

Question: Does it smell if you smoke in the shower?

Answer: Nope! And that is why this is a great sneaky way to get away with this. If you smoke in the shower the smell will diffuse with the steam. Moreover, the smell will pass through the bathroom fan. 

Question: How can I get the smoke smell out of my house?

Answer: To get the smell out you can place apple cider in each room. You can also use white vinegar or activated charcoal instead. Moreover, the coffee grounds will also help to absorb the smell. Also, you can mask the smoke with vanilla extract. 


Phew! That was a lot of techniques for you to try on. Well, now you know how to get weed smell out of hair. Try and find out the method that works for you the best. 

For your convenience, there’s a washing option and one without. Therefore if you’re in a hurry, you can basically grab any of the ingredients listed above and sprinkle it. This will soak up the smell and you’ll smell fresh all day!

That was all, have a nice day!

Katharyn Riedel

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