How to Properly Store Nail Polish

So, have you ever been frustrated after using your nail polish only to find it sticky, or in any other unusable state? 

Have you ever realized that one of the reasons for such issues could be poor storage issues? Well, it’s why this guide helps – it answers a simple question! What do you need to know about how to properly store nail polish?

The best way to properly store nail polish involves myriad techniques and practices. Some tips include storing the nail polish in a cool dry area, away from heat, or exposure to excessive cold. You also need to learn to store the polish correctly and use the right resources.

How to Properly Store Nail Polish – From a Glance

How to Properly Store Nail Polish
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Here are the main tips we recommend for your nail polish storage needs. While they are not written in stone, we hope they help give you a better perspective for the best results:

  1. Store your thick nail polish in a cool dry place.
  2. Ensure they sit upright in your preferred storage setting.
  3. “Work” the bottle first before storage. 

Tips for How to Store Nail Polish Properly 

best way to properly store nail polish
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Items Required 

These are product suggestions you can use to address your nail polish storage needs:

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Make up bagUse this to store your nail polishes.SAMZSKY Makeup Bag Set
Nail polishes bag.Another alternative to a make-up bag for storing nail tools.YARWO Nail Polish Organizer Fits Nail Lamp
AcetoneUse this to clean any acetone that accumulates on the lid, or brush.Pronto Acetone Nail Polish Remover
Cotton balls.Use this to dab into the acetone for cleaning the nail polishes bottles.Cliganic Super Jumbo Cotton Balls

There are various helpful tips for storing nail polishes properly, including

Tip #1. Store it In a Cool Place or in the Shade

First on your list of tips for organizing nail polishes is to keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. Why is that? 

It’s because high temperatures can activate and break down the chemical structure of the polish. The heat causes it to break down, and this has a negative impact on its consistency levels.

Common places for storing your nail polishes in a cool place include a cabinet, bathroom and cupboard drawer. We love the bathroom because it’s easier to manage such nail stamping products and polish.

When travelling with nail polish, try and keep your nail polish bottles in a well-closed bag or opaque container (check above for a suggestion!). 

You must also ensure you shake the polish bottle well before store and use it to help mix up the pigments. Doing this will ensure the nail polish settles back well, which is important for proper storage.

Any nail polish that has been open for a few days will require disposal. Nail polish also has a shelf life, and it becomes clumpy or thicken when in this state.

Tip #2. Store Your Nail Polish Collection in An Upright Position

A nail polish container or bag is an “IMPORTANT” resource for when you want a convenient storage solution. And you have to set it right after use – in an upright position in an environment with a consistent temperature.

So, why is this? They usually feature sections like dividers, making it easy to organise nail stamping tools or polishes.

Containers also help stop nail polish collection from rolling around and experiencing damage due to excessive shaking. 

Keeping the polish upright also makes it easy to access the labels, and determine the ones you want to use at any given moment. Ensure you also close the cap tightly. 

You can also use a make-up bag as an alternative and they are easy to store in places like the bathroom.

Tip #3. “WORK” The Bottle Properly 

There are various things involved in working a nail polish bottle before storage. While it seems straightforward, it’s good to try a few things for the best results.

That is because nail polishes contain various ingredients, and maintaining the right consistency requires precise storage measures. One of these measures involves “working the bottle” – so to speak! 

The steps involved in using a nail polish bottle are diverse. Doing things right, such as using a step-by-step approach will ensure you come back to fresh nail polish each time – aka working the bottle.

Some organization ideas and tips we recommend include

  1. Close the cap of the bottle once done and shake the polish vigorously. It will help mix all nail polish ingredients so they settle well for storage.
  2. Open the lid, and dab some cotton into an acetone solution. Use this to clean the lid area of the polish bottle, and all brush sections. Ensure you clean it as best as you can.
  3. Let it sit undisturbed for up to 10 seconds as the pure acetone dries. Then, close the lid, and store your container upright in a storage bag. Ensure the bottle is tightly sealed.
  4. You can also use xanthan gum to help create the desired consistency. Remember to also maintain a consistent temperature.
  5. Remember to check the bottle expiration date as often as possible. Replace any old nail stamping or art tools with new ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Better to Keep Nail Polishes in the Fridge?

No, it’s not better to keep nail polish in the refrigerator. There is no scientific evidence showing that this is a good practice, even if some people like doing it. Instead, store your nail polish in a well-closed bag, in your cupboard. Nail polish requires a consistent temperature.

How Do You Keep Nail Polishes From Drying Out?

There are various of keeping your nail from drying out. These include storing it properly, adding some acetone, and closing the polish top properly. You must also avoid leaving your nail polish open for excessive durations. Excessive heat can lead to solvent evaporation. Also keep it away from direct sunlight.

Should Nail Polish Be Stored Upside Down?

No, you should not store your nail polish upside down. That is because you risk nail polish clogging the top section, which can make it difficult to use. Instead, store it normally, with the base down, and in a closed make-up or nail stamping kit.

How Long Can You Keep Nail Polishes Once Opened?

The longest you should keep nail polish once open should be between two to four weeks. That is because nail polish also goes bad, and it’s always advisable to go for a fresh batch when possible. You can also add a drop of nail polish remover for improved consistency.

Why Do People Put Nail Polish in the Fridge?

People put nail polish in a freezer to help thicken or increase its longevity. However, these are not techniques that are recommended even if the fridge slows down evaporation. Instead, you should store the nail polish in cool and dry environments like a shelf or cabinet. Avoid storing nail polish in the freezer.

How Long Is the Shelf Life of Nail Polish?

The shelf life of nail polish depends on various factors like the product brand, chemicals, and care techniques. Expect nail polish to have longevity periods of between 3 to 6 months in your own home.

What Happens if You Wear Nail Polish every day?

There is nothing that will happen if you wear nail polish every day, and use the right nail care procedures. However, it’s always good to give your nails a break from using artificial products for the best results. If you still have to use nail polish, go for high end brands like opi for nail stamping.

How Do You Keep Nail Polish From Getting Thick?

There are various ways of keeping nail polish from getting thick. You can use products like acetone, or even ensure that you store it in a cold and dry place. Be careful when using nail thinner because it can lead to watery nail polish.

Does a Fridge Help Dry Nail Polish?

No, a freezer doesn’t help to dry nail polish. It can have a negative side effect on the quality of the product. So, it’s best to always avoid setting your nail polish in extremes of heat, or cold at all times. Get a makeup or cosmetics bag for storage. High temperatures active the chemical bonds in nail polish.

Storing your nail polish might seem like a straightforward thing to do – but you will also be surprised at the sheer number of mistakes you made in the past. The guide above should ensure you dont make these mistakes again.

Still struggling or have a question with nail polish storage – we  would love to hear from you!

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