Is Pink Lotion Good for Black Hair?-Answered Briefly!

To moisturize your black silky hair, you went through options. That is when you heard about the pink lotion that people have been using on their hair.

But most videos cover blondes to represent the lotion. So you’ve been wondering if that’s suitable for your black hair.

That’s why you’re searching- is pink lotion good for black hair?

Well, the pink lotion is not recommended to use in relaxed hair. Because relaxed hair is already damaged and going through changes. It’s also not recommended to use in color-treated hair. And for black hair, the lotion leaves a pinkish tint if it’s applied.

But to know specifically if you can use pink lotion based on your hair type, scroll down. 

Is Pink Lotion Good for Black Hair?-Why Not?

No, pink lotion is not good for black hair. First of all, it makes the hair sticky. Because of the ingredients used in it, it sort of weighs down hair. It’s also hard to dissolve in the hair.

For black hair, you’ll see a pink tint after application. Also, the product itself doesn’t help with detangling or stiffness much. Compared to other moisturizers, it has a low score in loosening up your hair. 

It also has nothing to do with hair growth. Because regular hair oiling treatment and hair care routine helps with the growth.

Pink lotion also has mineral oil in it. So it doesn’t do any good to the hair. But you may still want to apply it. In that case, it’s okay to use it if you don’t have relaxed or treated hair. Though the lotion says that it’s for all types of hair including relaxed and color-treated. But we don’t agree with that.

It’s because relaxed hair needs extra care and moisture. That somehow is not provided accurately by pink lotion. And due to its formula, it might cause further damage for treated or relaxed hair.

So let’s have a look at this table to see which hair types can use the pink lotion.

Hair type (black hair)Usage RecommendationPurpose
Wavy YesMoisturizing
Curly(3b-4d)Yes Weighing down 
Color-treated No————————
Relaxed HairNo————————

Based on these, use the pink lotion. If it’s not recommended, it’s better to avoid it for your hair type.

Which Ingredients in The Pink Lotion are Harmful to Black Hair?

So you know that pink hair is harmful to your black hair. And it doesn’t serve the purpose. So let’s tell you which ingredients in the pink lotion are harmful.

The motive is to make you aware of the ingredients. Because of this, you’ll learn about the ingredients. From now on, look for these ingredients in hair products and avoid them.

Because these ingredients are widely used in other hair products too. Apart from that, pink lotion might come with a formula in the future that doesn’t include the following ingredients. So have a look at them.

Lanolin Clogs Pores

Lanolin is an ingredient that comes from sheep. First of all, it’s not a good ingredient for vegans. Secondly, it is known to be a heavy ingredient that holds down the hair. So it can be good if you’re wanting to flatten your hair maybe.

People with tight curls might benefit from that. Because it will help in loosening up the curls. But other than that, it will make your hair look like it lost volume.

Too much of it will also clog your scalp pores. And the scalp won’t be able to breathe. So you see, it’s not so good as an ingredient. 

And the concern is it’s highly present in pink lotion. That makes the product bad for your hair.

Petrolatum Sodium Benzoate Sticks To Hair

Well, petrolatum sodium benzoate is another ingredient in pink lotion. It doesn’t evaporate as it floats on water. So it works with moisture retention. But it’s also a drawback, as petrolatum is too sticky and it sits on the scalp.

Petrolatum particles block pores. Furthermore, as it won’t float or mix with water, it’s hard to wash.

That means, there’s a high chance that it will stay on your scalp for a longer time. You’ll have hair loss because of that. So that’s another reason for pink lotion users to rethink if they want to reuse it or not.

When Can You Use Pink Lotion on Your Hair?

You’ve been warned about the drawbacks of pink lotion. And we’ve also discussed the ingredients that are harmful in pink lotion.

But let’s tell you what it does to your hair. Firstly, it actually sits on as a layer on your hair. But it doesn’t go deep to lock moisture. After that, its formula tries to create a smoothened layer on the hair. That is actually from the outer look and the effect lasts for one or two days.

After you wash your hair, it goes away. But while washing, you may see extra hair fall. Or you’ll see that the lotion isn’t coming off easily. Thus, it’s not recommended to use on the hair for most people. 

You might ask then when can I use pink lotion?

Well, there are a few cases when you might want to apply pink lotion. The factors have been discussed just below.

If You’ve Extremely Dry Looking Hair

You might have extremely dry hair not only from the inside but also from the outer side. Nor that it looks moisturized at all. So the dryness is from both inside and outside layers of the hair. And the strands are strawy.

In that case, you can apply the pink hair lotion. As it will improve the look of the hair for some time. So the ultra frizzy look will be diminished to some extent.

If You Don’t Mind Sort of Stickiness

We’ve already mentioned that pink lotion makes the hair sticky and weighed down. But it can work for you in a sense if you use it to style your hair.

For example, instead of a hair gel, you can use pink lotion. Its heavy formula and stickiness will keep the hair in place. So if you don’t mind the stickiness you can use it for your benefit. Like keeping the hair in place while doing a hairdo.

You might wonder if it’ll actually work or not. Yes, it will, because pink lotion has beeswax. That is super sticky and heavy.

If You Want to Be Able to Stretch The Hair A Bit

As the pink lotion is heavy, it can help with stretching the hair. For example, you may have a curl pattern. And you want to stretch your hair.

So you can apply the lotion to your hair and stretch it by combing. Now leave the hair open and don’t tie it. Because tying it will let it shrink again. So before washing try to keep the hair untied. Comb once every two hours as well. 

The heavy formula will ensure that the hair is stretched at least a bit.

How to Use Pink Lotion Properly?- A Complete Guide!

You might be one of those who can actually make the pink lotion work. Just as we mentioned a bit earlier. In that case, you’re probably looking for how to use pink lotion?

Well, it’s not rocket science. You have to shake the lotion bottle very well. Because pink lotion contains deionized water. And if you don’t shake it well, the water and other ingredients might separate. So shaking it will mean that all of it is well combined.

Now pour the lotion into your palm. Do take a small amount. Because it’s already heavy and there’s no need for an excessive amount. 

Now apply the lotion to the hair. We suggest not to let the lotion touch your scalp. So that it can’t block pores. Applying it to your hair will give a less frizzy look.

Then wash the hair carefully the next day. All of the products may not come off with the first wash. In that case, you’ll have to wash the hair again a day later. And that’s it. 

What Can Be The Alternative to Using Pink Lotion?

So after all the discussion on pink lotion, you might want to avoid it. The next thing you’ll do is look for alternatives. Hence, we’ve presented the alternatives right here for you.

You may use all of them. Or you can choose any one of these. The choice is yours. So keep on exploring the alternatives.

Use Moisturizing Creams Instead

One thing you can use to give your hair enough moisture is moisturizing creams.  And your hair looks well before any occasion. But do you know how often to apply these to your hair?

Well, you need to put moisturizer three times a week on your hair. Especially if you’re washing your hair with shampoo, it’s a must to apply moisturizer. Moisturizer creams are at hype now. Because they can actually help with frizzy hair on your head.

It also tames flyaways. But you need to be careful while choosing the right moisturizer for your hair.

use moisturizing creams

Because some of the creams are heavy and sticky. So they’ll make the hair look greasy and oily. But don’t worry there’s a bunch of lightweight moisturizers.

So have a look at these-

tgin butter cream daily moisturizer for natural hair

tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer

tea tree hair and body moisturizer

Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer

So use these moisturizing creams to have moisturized hair.

Apply Argan Oil

Argan oil has deep moisturizing properties. You’ll see that many hair products contain argan oil. They’re all hydrating or moisturizing hair products. So you can use them. But it’s better to use direct argan oil rather than it mixed with other products.

Because that will give deep nourishment to your hair.  Your hair will love you for this sort of treatment. Now to use argan oil as a serum, take a few drops on your palm.

Then massage on your hand and apply lightly on your hair. But don’t apply on the roots or closer to the roots. Because you just want your hair to look shiny and glossy.

But if you want deep and full-on nourishment, the procedure is different.

Then you’ll have to apply argan oil from roots to the tips of your hair. The hair will be soft and shiny. You can apply it every other day on your hair. Then keep it overnight. After that, wash your hair the next morning.

Opt for Hair Masks

Another alternative option is hair masks. You’ll see a bunch of hair masks in shops. You can buy the suitable one for your hair. For example, if you have dry and frizzy hair, go for moisturizing masks.

If you have strawy hair, go for hydrating masks. Some of the masks even use natural ingredients. No matter if they’re chemical or natural, your hair will love them.

Most of the hair masks are wash-off masks. So you have to apply them for the mentioned time and then wash the hair. After that, you’ll see the difference in your hair. That will be shiny and glowy. And do continue using the hair masks to have healthy and shiny hair.

Go for Hair Serums

Hair serums are our personal favorite. Because they’re lightweight, non-greasy, and solve specific hair problems. So if you want to deal with dryness or damage, hair serums are your solution.

So grab the one that promises moisture to your hair. Start applying that instead of pink lotion. Your hair will love you back. Because you’re gonna see certain improvements in your hair.

It’s because serums are “formulas” made for specific hair concerns. So it’s more like a hair medicine to solve your problem.

And with this alternative, we’re done with today’s article. In the end, let’s come to a conclusion. That is pink lotion isn’t recommended to use on your black hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use pink lotion on natural hair?

Yes, you can use pink lotion on natural hair to make it look less dry. But remember that’s only for the outer layer of the hair. You should avoid using it closer to the roots.

Can I use pink lotion on extensions?

Well, most extensions are already smooth and shiny. So there’s no use in applying it to the extensions. But if the extension feels stiff, you can apply the lotion. So that it can stretch the extension a bit.

Can I use olive oil instead of pink lotion?

Yes you can. It’s even better if you apply olive oil instead of pink oil. Because olive oil provides deep moisture to your hair.


You made it to the end of the article. Here’s a clap for you. Because you know is pink lotion good for black hair and a lot more.

Now there’s one bonus tip for you. You can mix 1 banana and 1 tablespoon of honey together. Then use it as a DIY hair mask. It will nourish your hair.

Well, that’s all. You can let us know your thoughts on the topic below in the comment box.

Thank you!

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