Is Tea Tree Oil Safe for Color Treated Hair? [Question Answered]

Using products that you don’t know will suit your newly colored hair is kinda frustrating. Because applying the product can backfire later on. And your beautiful colored hair can lose some of its beauty. 

So, is tea tree oil safe for color treated hair or not? 

Well, applying natural tea tree oil in a large amount can affect color treated hair. So, yes it isn’t 100% safe. However, there are tea tree oil and hair products that are made for colored hair. Those are considered pretty safe. Plus you can even use other essential oils on your hair. They’re good for colored hair too.

You’ll need detailed knowledge to apply tea tree oil to your dyed hair. And we’ve provided every bit of info on the issue. 

Therefore, to keep your hair color intact, continue reading with us! 

Can You Put Tea Tree Oil on Color Treated Hair?

Tea tree oil has many benefits. That’s why it’s common to want to apply it to your hair.

Now, you can easily decide whether to use the oil on your natural hair. But things get a bit tricky when you have color-treated hair. 

Because if you didn’t know- 

Tea tree oil can create an impact on color-treated hair. Just how sulfur water isn’t that good for your colored hair.

But why is putting tea tree oil on color-treated hair problematic?

Well, firstly, tea tree oil can be categorized as an astringent. And they’re known to remove the excess oil you have on your skin and hair. While removing the oil, astringents can fade out your hair color dye. 

So, yes you can put tea tree oil on colored hair. However, there’s a cost for applying the oil. Which is the hair color fading away. 

This is the only possible problem you’ll go through if you apply the right amount of it. Unless you’re allergic to the oil or pregnant. 

Because if you’re allergic to the oil, you’ll suffer from rash and burning on your scalp. For pregnant women, it’s not ideal to use tea tree oil. It can cause trouble with breastfeeding. 

If you are, these two are some valid reasons why you should avoid tea tree oil. 

How Much Tea Tree Oil Is Safe for Colored Hair?

Now, you know that tea tree oil can fade out the color you’ve applied to your hair. Thus, it isn’t fully safe to use on color-treated hair. 

However, the color will only start disappearing if you use the oil in an excessive amount.  For example, using it directly on your hair. Or applying the oil every day.

Therefore, you can still apply the oil but only a little amount of it. For example, mix 2-3 drops of the oil with your other hair products. This way you can keep your color-treated hair safe. 

Moreover, there are tea tree oil-based hair products that are suitable for colored hair. These products have special ingredients that protect the hair color from fading away. 

So, by using them-

You’ll see the tea tree doing its magic. Which is soothing your scalp. Furthermore, it’ll also leave a fresh smell on your hair. 

These color-safe tea tree hair products are-

Tea tree special color shampoo and conditioner. So, if you had a question like-

Is tea tree shampoo safe for colored hair? 

Well, now you have your answer. Which is yes, tea tree shampoo is safe for your color treated hair.

Now, to help you out-

We’ve mentioned a tea tree oil special color shampoo and conditioner. Because you might have a little problem getting them! 

So, here are our suggestions-

tea tree special color shampoo

Tea Tree Special Color Shampoo

tea tree special color conditioner

Tea Tree Special Color Conditioner

Also, these products are suitable for every hair type. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with your hair. Thus, grab the shampoo and conditioner to get the tea tree oil benefits! 

Benefits of Applying Tea Tree Oil to Colored Hair

Now, using tea tree oil or oil on your hair can solve all of your hair problems. However, you’ll only enjoy benefits if you’re using the right amount of the oil-

  • Removes dandruff 
  • Strengthens hair 
  • Improves hair growth 
  • Protects hair from damage 
  • Keeps scalp fresh and clean

So, these are positive sides of using tea tree oil on colored hair.

How to Apply Tea Tree Oil on Colored Hair? 

Now, we’re sure that using too much tea tree oil causes hair color to fade. So, how much should you use? 

Well, before anything, you should know- tea tree oil is pretty powerful. Therefore, using it directly to your scalp and hair isn’t the best decision. With color-treated hair, it’s a big no!

Then how to apply tea tree oil? 

Well, you should always use a few drops of tea tree oil with your other hair products. Now, which hair product should you mix the oil with?

To be honest, your choice depends on why you’re using the oil.  For example, you can lean towards tea tree oil for getting rid of dandruff. Or for healthy hair growth. 

Thus, depending on that we’ve discussed how you can apply it to your colored hair-

Mixing Tea Tree Oil with Shampoo for Removing Dandruff 

Firstly, grab your shampoo bottle. Now, here’s an important thing you have to make sure of.  And that’s- using a shampoo that’s safe for colored hair. 

Thus, prepare the right shampoo and then move on to the tea tree oil. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. Now, the number of drops depends on your shampoo amount. 

Hence, here’s our suggestion-

Amount of Shampoo

Tea Tree Oil Amount

4 oz4 drops
8 oz8 drops
16 oz16 drops
32 oz32 drops

So, you have to add 1 drop per ounce of your shampoo. Once you’re done, shake the bottle for the oil to mix with the shampoo. 

Then apply the shampoo to your scalp and hair. Massage a little. Maybe for 2-3 minutes. Lastly, wash your hair with warm or cold water. 

This way you surely minimize the amount of dandruff. You can even keep your scalp moisturized and fresh. Plus you won’t damage the hair color you’ve got. 

By the way, how often can you put tree oil on your hair is another important question. Because you can’t use it daily as you have color-treated hair. That’ll only make it easier to fade out the color. 

Therefore, we suggest shampooing your hair 3 times a week. This way your hair color will stay on for a longer time! 

Now, if you want an easy and best option. We recommend using the tea tree special color hair shampoo and conditioner. By doing this, you don’t have to put in any extra effort!

Adding Tea Tree Oil to Coconut Oil for Healthy Hair

Who doesn’t want to have healthy hair?

After coloring your hair, there’s a big chance of it getting damaged. For example, hair breakage and split ends. Which results in hair standing up on your head

Thus, to keep it healthy and strong, tea tree oil can be a good option. 

Now, as you know you can’t use tea tree oil directly. You have to add another oil to it. Our suggestion is to use coconut oil. Because it’s safe for color treated hair. 

To make things easier for you, we provided some coconut oil options-

viva naturals organic extra virgin coconut oil

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

okay 100% pure coconut oil

Okay | 100% Pure Coconut Oil

So, grab your oil and get started! 

At first, get a small bowl. Now, add tea tree and coconut oil to it at a 1 to 10 ratio. Stir mixture with a spoon. And apply the mixed oil to your scalp and hair.

applying oils on scalp

This will surely help you keep your hair damage-free. Furthermore, you’ll see your hair growing at a healthy pace too.

Substitute to Tea Tree Oil for Colored Hair 

Now, you might want to go for another oil instead of tea tree. And that’s completely fine. 

There are few alternatives to tea tree oil. And these are all perfect for colored hair-

Coconut, Jojoba, Castor Oil

Your first option is regular moisturizing or carrier hair oil. And your options are coconut, castor, or jojoba oil. 

They work on your hair growth and keep your hair healthy. Just like tea tree oil. 

But you don’t have to follow extra instructions while applying them. Which definitely saves your time. Plus you can use it 5 days a week as well.

Lavender Oil 

Lavender oil is a pretty well-known essential oil. Because it’s a natural oil that helps with your hair growth. It also works on removing dandruff. 

Moreover, it keeps your hair shiny and smooth. So yeah it’s pretty useful for having healthy hair. 

However, make sure to not apply it directly to your hair. Use lavender oil by mixing it with other oils that moisturize your hair. The ratio of the lavender and carrier oil should be 1 to 10. Also, use the oil 3 times every week and you’re all good!

Also, you can use a lavender oil conditioner. They’re safe for colored hair as well. But still, remember to check whether the conditioner is sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free. 

Rosemary Oil

Now, rosemary oil has plenty of benefits. And it’s also another great alternative to tea tree oil. Plus it’s safe on your color treated hair. 

Rosemary oil also has similar benefits as tea tree oil. Which are dandruff protection, healthy hair growth, restoring damaged hair. If you’re using the oil, make sure to dilute it with other carrier oils in a 1 to 10 ratio.

You can also use hair products based on rosemary oil without hesitating. Because the oil ratio in those products is well balanced. However, just remember to not use it regularly. Instead, apply the products 3 times a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is tea tree oil good for hair growth?

Yup, tea tree oil is really good for healthy hair growth. But only if you use it at the right amount. Tea tree oil helps with restoring damaged hair follicles, reducing dandruff, and cleaning your scalp. Which results in healthy hair and new hair growth.

Can I use tea tree shampoo on color treated hair?

Yes, you can. There is special tea tree shampoo that is made for color treated hair. You can apply them to your hair to help and restore your hair to grow nicely.

How long can I leave tea tree oil in my colored hair?

Well, after applying tea tree oil mixed shampoo, let it sit for 2-3 minutes. And if you’re using the oil with a carrier oil, leave it on for 5 minutes. Then wash it off thoroughly.

Last Words 

Well, our piece ends here. We really tried to give our perspective on is tea tree oil safe for color treated hair. 

Also, you can use neem oil and shea butter shampoo on your colored hair. It’s known to be safe for color treated hair. 

Anyway, give your insights on this issue too! Last but not the least, good luck!! 

Katharyn Riedel

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