Why Leg Hair Grows Too Fast?[Reasons+Solutions]

The beauty industry has set its standards pretty high. Among its beauty trends, one is smooth and hairless legs.

To cope with this trend, most of us remove our leg hair. But after doing so, the hair grows back really fast. And that’s quite frustrating. Because you’ve to go through with this whole removal process again.

That’s why you want to know why leg hair grows too fast?

Well, it’s because, during the shave, your skin surface peels off. It’s the place where follicles reside. So you’re able to see those follicles after one or two days. Or fast hair growth can be in your genes. There’s also another reason for it that we’ve discussed.

So read through our segment to know the reasons for fast leg hair growth. As a bonus, you’ll get solutions as well.

Is Your Leg Hair Actually Growing Too Fast?

Sometimes the leg hair grows normally, but we feel that the growth is unnatural. Thus we get stressed about the fast growth of leg hair.

Most of the time we hear complaints that after removal, leg hair grows too fast. And that’s what we’ll talk about today. So there are a few hair removal options available.

It depends on us which we choose. But depending on the method, hair regrowth time varies. Here, we’ve mentioned how long after hair removal, it grows back. So stay tuned.

Hair Removal Method

Time to Grow Back Hair


3-4 days

Hair removal creams

4-6 days


3-4 weeks


6 months

So you know how much time it’ll take for your hair to grow back. In the case of laser treatment, you won’t necessarily see your hair grow back. It’s actually hair follicles popping up after 6 months.

Why Does My Leg Hair Grow Too Fast?- 3 Reasons!

Often we feel like why does my leg hair grow too fast. 

Well, it’s not just you. We’ve all been there. Most of us still don’t know why leg hair is actually growing too fast.

To remove that confusion of yours, we’re here with reasons. All you have to do is scroll through it.

Skin Surface Peeling off

One reason for hair growth is the peeling of our skin. You may get a bit scared hearing this. But let us explain.

So let’s say that you choose to shave your legs to remove hair. What shaving does is, peels the outer layer of the skin.

You know that we have ingrown hair underneath the skin. So when you shave, the layer of skin comes off as the razor glides on top of the skin. While doing that, it avoided some of the follicles naturally.

So after a few hours, you’re able to see new hairs. But they were actually just hidden under that layer of skin. Now they’ve been exposed from their hiding place. 

Genetic Reasons

That’s actually the most common cause. We all have different genes and they define who we are. Our physical traits, diseases, and even hair growth pattern are influenced by genes.

Genes determine whether you’ll be a blonde or brunette. Though you can always change the color of your hair. Or you can even style them to look different.

For example, if you have curly hair, you can always straighten them. But be aware that excessive heat will result in a burnt smell in hair after straightening.

But that’s not true for genetically inherited details like your leg hair. Everyone has their own pattern of hair growing on different parts of the body.

Some have thicker hair while some have thinner. For some people, the hair can grow back faster than others. Because it’s merely in their genes. 

Hair Growth Cycle

We all have our own hair growth cycle. The cycle determines how long it will take the hair to grow back. Now different body parts have a different cycle for hair growth.

The hair growth cycle revives around 35-40 days for the leg. Between these times, new hair starts growing naturally. 

Does Shaving Make My Hair Grow Fast?- Myths Busted!

We’ve been hearing all our lives that shaving makes your hair grow fast. For more than half of our lives, we believed it.

But it’s not like everything we hear is true. You might also be believing some shaving myths. But after today, you no longer will believe the myths. 

Because we’re about to bust the two most common shaving myths.

Myth 1: Shaving Makes Hair Thick

There’s this misunderstanding that shaving will make our hair grow thicker. But that’s not true at all.

Then why does the hair look thick after shaving?

Well, shaving hair does not affect its thickness, color, or growth rate.

Shaving the hair on your face or body gives it a blunt edge. For a while, the tip will feel coarse or “stubbly” as it grows out. 

The hair may appear darker or thicker during this stage. But this isn’t the case.

Myth 2: Shaving Makes Hair Grow Too Fast

As we’ve already mentioned shaving doesn’t make your hair grow fast. So it’s another myth. 

So let’s tell you what actually is the fact here. There are follicles under your skin that produce hair. When you shave, the razor glides over the skin’s surface, completely missing the hair follicles.

As a result, hair grows back from these follicles faster than ever. But it’s not due to shaving. It’s just your follicles and their ability to grow hair. It also differs from person to person.

That is also the reason why some have curly and some got straight body hair. 

How to Prevent Hair From Growing Too Fast?

Now you know why hair grows faster than usual and what are the myths. So it’s high time, we reveal the tips on prevention.

You can just follow these tips and see immediate changes in hair growth.

How to Stop Hair Growth on Legs after Shaving?

Almost 77% of women remove their leg hair by shaving. So let’s just start with it. These 9 extraordinary tips will change your life for good.

You’ll be thanking us for the next time you shave. Let’s move on then. 

Tip 1: Maintain Cold Water Temperature

You may be fond of a hot bath. And you often shave your legs after that. But that’s not preferred for a good shave.

What happens after a hot bath is, the skin puffs up due to contact with hot water. Hence, some of the hair is being coerced by the skin. And when you shave, you simply just miss those hairs.

On top of that, you can’t have a closer shave to the hairline.

So it would be better if you use cold water. We’re not asking you to take a cold bath. But just pour some cold water on the areas you’d like to shave. If you don’t want to use cold water then at least maintain the normal water temperature.

So your skin won’t be puffed and you’ll get a clean shave.

Tip 2: Shave During Night

Shaving during the night is what we recommend. You might be thinking what’s the deal with shaving at night?

Well, here’s the deal. In the morning, your legs are a bit swelled. Because during sleep, legs tend to swell naturally which puff up the skin just like hot water.

So you won’t get the perfect shave if you shave in the morning. But after a laid-back workday, it’s preferred to shave legs in the evening or night. 

But you may have been running or standing a lot during the day. In that case, your legs may be swollen. So skip shaving that night. 

Tip 3: Shave Against The Hair Growth

Well,  the most basic tip is to shave against hair growth. But how do you know in which direction hair is growing? Well, check which way the open end of the leg hair points. That’s exactly the direction they’re facing.

So you need to cut in the opposite direction. Mostly, leg hair grows in the downward direction. So you have to shave in an upwards. This way the hair will be removed completely. 

Tip 4: Rinse The Razor after Each Stroke

It’s something we women don’t do. But ladies, it’s important that you rinse the razor after each stroke.

It kind of gets hectic to rinse after each stroke. But trust me, it’s the best way. Because it will ensure that the blade is not clogged up. And it’s sharp enough to cut all the leg hair.

Tip 5: Try Using Fresh Blade

While shaving, try to use a fresh blade. It’s both safe and effective. When you use a blade for a long time, it gets uneven.

Because the blade comes in touch with dead skin cells, hair, and creams. So it gets dull and loses effectiveness pretty soon.

So before shaving, check if the blade is fresh and even. If not then change the blade. We recommend using the same blade 6 times at most. 

Tip 6: Use Shaving Cream

We’ve seen a lot of people shaving without applying anything on the leg. Or some even apply oil or soap to the leg and then try shaving.

But that’s totally wrong. Using oil makes the razor blade greasy. Even the hairs also get sticky. So the end result won’t be satisfactory. 

Also, shaving without any product is risky and hard.

Though soap is used by many people, it’s not the ideal method. It creates a slippery lather that doesn’t allow us to shave smoothly.

That’s why we suggest using only shaving cream. It gives a foamy and smooth surface for you to shave on. And you will love the end result of that. 

Tip 7: Apply Moisturizer Afterward

This is what ladies miss most of the time. That’s moisturizing the leg after shaving. Your skin just went through a harsh procedure, that can be compared to exfoliating. As it peeled the dead skin cells of the leg.

apply moisturizer
Source: freepik.com

Now your leg skin is sensitive, so it needs moisturizing. Use any sort of body lotion. Or apply body butter to your legs. Try to use a light moisturizing lotion throughout summer.

During winter, we prefer using body butter. Because that can give deep hydration and moisture. Some body-butters are just light, smooth, and perfect for legs. So mentioned them below.

tree hut 24 hour intense hydrating shea body butter

Tree Hut 24 Hour Intense Hydrating Shea Body Butter Moroccan Rose

petal fresh pure smoothing coconut body butter

Petal Fresh Pure Smoothing Coconut Body Butter

You can go for these and apply in a little amount. Apply it similarly to how you apply moisturizing cream to frizzy hair on your head

If needed, reapply the body butter on your leg. And if you’re going out, don’t forget to put sunscreen over the body butter.

Tip 8: Use A DIY Leg Mask

To bring some extra smoothness apply a leg mask. You can make one at home. And the procedure is simple enough.

For that, you’ll need-

  • 3 tablespoon Aloe vera gel
  • 2 tablespoon honey
  • 2 tablespoon rose water
  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

Now blend all of the ingredients together. And apply it to your legs. Keep this mask for 20 minutes and wash with normal water.

Your legs will be all smooth and shiny.

Tip 9: Exfoliate after A Day of Shaving

Exfoliating is needed after a day of shaving. It’s because, after 24 hours of shaving, the leg isn’t as sensitive.

Also now some hair heads might start popping up. They’ll look just like blackheads. We all know that exfoliating your face help to remove blackheads.

So exfoliating legs will remove the wanted hair growth. For that, you can use a store-bought exfoliator.

Or make your own scrub. For that, use 1 tablespoon coarse coffee grounds. And mix it with 1 tablespoon honey. And then apply and scrub your legs. After 5 minutes, wipe it off.

Your legs will be clean and hair-free. 

So maintain these tips and have a happy shaving!

How to Reduce Hair Growth on Legs after Waxing

If you’re into waxing and hair growth is the problem, we’ve got the solution.

The solution to this is exfoliating and moisturizing. And it’s not just for after the waxing. You need to keep your leg exfoliated and moisturize before waxing as well.

What exfoliating will do is remove all dead skin cells. So that your skin isn’t flaky. If it is, the wax won’t stay evenly on the skin. And some spots won’t even get in touch with the wax.

So your leg hair will remain there. 

On the other hand, moisturizing will ensure that the skin is smooth. So hair won’t break when pulling off the wax.

Thus, all the hair will come off easily. 

Alternatives of Shaving to Ensure Leg Hair Doesn’t Grow Too Fast 

You might want to give shaving a break. And you want to try out other shaving alternatives. So here’s what’s on the list for you.

Hair Removal Cream

You can go for hair removal creams. They’re easy to apply. After that, you have to wait for 5-6 minutes. Then wipe the cream off.

And all the hair comes off. It’s painless and quick. And comparatively, hair grows back slower than shaving.


Waxing is one of the popular alternatives to shaving. Though it involves a lot of pain, it pulls hair from roots.

Source: popsugar.com

Thus it is more long-lasting. Once done, you reduce the stress of removing hair for at least 20 days. 


Laser treatment is comparatively pricey. But on the brighter side, it’s permanent. So you can skip hair-removing hassle for the rest of your life.

Though you’ll need to check up on the treatment every 6 months. It’ll ensure that the follicles are not popping up. 

Now you know how to reduce leg hair growth. This will ensure that you have smooth legs for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my leg have tiny blackheads?

Well, these are not blackheads. These are just hair follicles that are popping up. After a few days, they’ll turn into grown hair.

Does waxing leave your skin irritated?

Yes, waxing can leave your skin irritated. But to prevent these, you need to moisturize regularly. Then the skin texture will be smooth. And the peeling would be less painful. Hence, the skin would be less irritated.

Can laser hair removal burn the leg skin?

Yes it can but only when done by a non-professional. So before the laser treatment make sure that the salon is certified in laser treatment.

Signing off

We’re done with today’s article. By now you know why leg hair grows too fast. Even you’re knowledgeable on how to solve this problem.

Let us know how the treatments worked for you by commenting.


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