Long Or Short Nails- Which One is Perfect for You?

So it’s quite a hassle to pick one between long or short nails. And you already spend a lot of time deciding it. But still couldn’t reach a proper conclusion.

So you’ve been searching which one is perfect for you- long or short nails?

You may be concerned about hurting people physically. And worried about hygiene issues. So go for short nails. Also if you hate breaking nails, keep nails short. If you want to play musical instruments as well, maintain short nails. Keeping them is budget-friendly.  But if you like being stylish and attractive. Then long nails are the only choice.

So you know which one to go for. But before getting to a conclusion, hear us out. Maybe you’ll get some perspective.

Quick Head to Head Comparison- Long Vs Short Nails

We know how stressed you might be right now. Because you’re going through the dilemma between long or short nails. And trust me, it gave us a hard time choosing as well.

So we decided to give you a quick head to head comparison on which to choose. Depending on the given criteria we’ve shown which one would be better. So have a look.


Nail Size You Should Choose


Short nails


Short nails

Risk of Breaking

Long Nails

High Maintenance Cost

Long Nails

Avoiding Onychophogia

Short nails

Easy to Maintain

Short nails

Playing Musical Instruments

Short nails

Nail Styling

Long Nails

You got the basic idea about all the factors depending on nail size. Now it’s time to present the details to you. Let’s scroll by.

A Brief Overview on Long or Short Nails- Which One to Go for?

You might be eager for a detailed comparison of factors. So that it can help you choose which nail size you should go for. We plan to move on to the detailed perspective. But first, let’s tell you that short or long nails are solely your preference. 

But we can guide you to make you choose the right one for you.

Are Long Nails More Prone to Hurt People?

When we consider nails, there are lots of factors connected to them. And we decided to start the discussion with “how it can impact if you’re interacting with people”. It means, which nails you should choose if you don’t want to hurt people.

So obviously longer nails are more prone to hurt people. Whether you’re playing or snatching something, you need to be very careful. Because longer nails can be pretty dangerous. 

And you’ll end up injuring people. So big nails are not appreciated. Unless you want to use them as a weapon.

If you’re looking forward to getting intimate with someone, avoid long nails. And short nails won’t bother you when cuddling. But if your partner loves you with longer nails, that’s another story.

getting intimate
Source: healthline.com

But in general, short nails are safer. Because they ensure you won’t be hurting anyone accidentally.

Should I be Concerned About My Hygiene With Long Nails?

Here comes the most concerning factor. Hygiene is the basic consideration. Especially when it comes to the point of choosing nail length.

It seems to be a serious issue to us. Because with longer nails, it’s easy for dust to stick inside. And the dust and filth can hide under the nails for a long time. Even if you clean it, some corners of the nail are unwashable.

dirt under nails
Source: passnownow.com

The hard to reach corners of the nail usually contain bacteria. Not only these, but even cleaner nails also have bacteria. However, they’re not visible to the human eye.

So, yes, short nails do have some bacteria as well. Since washing nails doesn’t remove grime at all. But think of how much bacteria can be there. The longer the length of the nail, the more bacteria there is. So longer nails obviously mean more bacteria.

Thus, if you’re a hygiene freak, go for short nails.

Which Type of Nail is at Risk of Breaking?

You’ve heard a lot of break up stories. Maybe experience some of your own. But if you measure the amount of pain, nail breaking beats a break up.

Exactly, it hurts more than a break up with your high school boyfriend. And not that it looks horrible, it’s quite painful. When your nails are big, you can easily get hit by any object.

And when you get hit, there are chances that the nail will turn upside down. And if that happens, the nail will turn whitish. That can be the reason why your nails are white at the end. Along with it, the injured part of the nail will be white.

After a few hours, the nail will turn brown to black. And you’ll know that the nail is dead. These will be followed by constant pain in the nails. And soon enough, the whole nail will be uprooted.

It will take months for the nail to grow back. Because this time, it will grow from the root or end. When the new nail grows back, it might not match with the other nail shapes.

So you’ll have to go through the whole nail shaping process again.

But if you’ve short nails, there’s no chance of breaking them. But do not get too carried away with short nails. Because if you cut your nails much deeper, it might bleed. Because the muscles near the nail can easily get hurt.

So smaller nails will assure that nothing gets broken.

For Which Type of Nail is The Maintenance Cost Higher?       

The maintenance cost of nails is always high. Especially when it comes to long ones. Because they obviously need more products. And we all know how expensive nail products can be.

However, they are quite necessary for keeping your nails prim and proper. Here are a few manicure sets that’ll make your nails look flawless.

fixbody nail clipper set

FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set

beurer 10piece professional nail drill kit

Beurer, 10piece Professional Nail Drill Kit

But the longer the nails are, the expensive manicure will be. And as mentioned before, taking care of nails at home is pretty expensive too. Especially since longer nails require more product.

polishing nails
Source: aestheticsathome.wordpress.com

You may think that you’ll have long nails and won’t take care of them. Then let us tell you that you’ll face serious problems. Like your cuticles may be non-moisturized. And dryness can cause your cuticles to itch. So it’s innate that you take proper care of nails whether they are long or short.

Are Short Nails Preferred for Biting Issues(Onychophagia)?

Ever heard of Onychophagia? If not then let’s simplify it for you. Onychophagia is a nail-biting disorder.

It’s quite common for both adults and kids. Many people tend to bite the nail out of stress and tension. It works as an escape for that moment. But continuing to bite nails can cause some serious problems.

Like the bacteria from saliva can stick to the nails. And it can turn into an infection. As a result, your nail could rot. Or the opposite may also happen. As you’re biting nails, bacteria can reach your stomach easily.

So biting nails is only possible when you have long nails. Because short nails won’t give you the chance to bite. So if you’re a patient of Onychophagia, short nails are the only option for you.

Does Having Long Nails Slow Down Day to Day Activities?

Hands are the most used body part for humans. For any sort of daily activity, you’ll need to use your hands. As we are deciding on nail size, let’s consider the regular activities as well.

Long nails can bother the working process. For example, taking shower, cooking, washing dishes, and wearing accessories can be difficult.

Because there’s always this mental pressure as to what if my nail breaks. And longer nails can slow you down. Because you have to be careful while working. And it needs a lot of practice to get used to having bigger nails.

You might a busy person. And you don’t have time to practice instruments(guitar, piano) with long nails. So simply just cut the nails off. And carry on with small nails.

Can I Play Musical Instruments Better with Long Nails?

Let’s say that you have a guitar. And you love to jam whenever you can. But you’re not sure how nail length can impact. This depends on what type of musical instrument you’re trying to play.

For example, if you’re trying to play the guitar, go for short nails. Because the guitar strings will break your nails. With long nails, you also won’t have full control over the strings. And the whole process will be unnecessarily difficult. 

But you can play drums with long nails. Because there is no direct contact needed between nails and the instrument. So longer nails won’t hamper the drum playing. And you’ll be able to rock and roll.

And for piano, we prefer medium nails. Because too short or long can be uncomfortable. But medium-sized nails won’t hamper the instrument playing process. But your nails will surely look pretty.

Which One is Preferred for Nail Styling?

Who doesn’t want painted nails? And for us, it’s sort of a dream coming true. Long nails are easy to style and paint. You must have tried styling long nails. And you know exactly what we’re trying to say. 

And once you get addicted to long nails, there’s no coming back.

If you’re more of a fancy person, go for long nails. Because you’ll be able to decorate the nails just as you like. But short nails don’t give much flexibility to design or style. 

As there’s little space, only simple and common nail styling can be done. These simple designs are for decorating short nails. Thus, if you want nails like Kylie Jenner, go for long ones.

Final Decision: Which Should You Pick? 

So, our overall suggestion upon considering all factors is choosing short nails. But only choose long ones. Choose them if you want to style them in every possible way. Otherwise, we prefer short nails.

Because we know that you won’t want to scratch someone with big nails. Nor that you want to host a party for bacteria on your nail. But when we talk to fashion enthusiasts, all this logic seems to fade. 

As there’s no way you can experiment between styles and designs. You can do this if you don’t have long nails. So from that perspective, long nails are the only option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which nails are more attractive long or short?

For most people, long nails are attractive. Both males and females are attracted to long nails. Because long nails make your fingers look tall. Which is attractive to many.

Is typing hard with long nails?

Well, it depends on practice. If you’re comfortable typing with long nails, that’s fine. But most people find it difficult to type with longer nails. Because the pressure points can not be measured perfectly due to long nails.

What is the perfect length for a nail?

The perfect length is 1-2 millimeters. Do not get confused with the measurement. This measurement is only for the outer end of the nail.


You’ve made it to the bottom line. And you have surely decided which to choose long or short nails. 

We care to give an applause to you. And out of gratitude, here’s a piece of bonus information. You can’t get over with long nail obsession. 

At the same time, you’re concerned about hygiene. Then go for fake nails. So, sterilized fake nails will ensure that proper hygiene is maintained.

Do let us know which type of nail you prefer by commenting.

Thank you & good luck.

Katharyn Riedel

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