Make Your Curls Happy Today with Us!

Are you tired of your curls never looking quite the same day today? 

Well, we have a few tips that will change all of that. With curly hair, you’ll have to put in some extra effort. Because not using the right product can damage your beautiful curls. 

That’s why you should try to make your curls happy today. Happy curls will surely make you happy as well.

How to Properly Look After Your Curls?

Curls are unique in that they exhibit properties of both straight and wavy hair. They look best when corkscrewing. But they can also be more easily styled into waves or spirals. 

For many people with curls, the priority is to make them less frizzy. Luckily, curls are most easily defined using products. The products provide both moisture and make the curls hold. But you need to know your curl pattern first before starting the method.

After knowing your curl pattern, you can start the methods. We’ve given 6 steps to achieve beautiful and healthy curls-

Step 1: Pick Curl-Friendly Hair Products 

Now, you know your curl type. Then you should understand and figure out the components and nutrients that will help your hair. 

Furthermore, you should understand which ones you should avoid using in your hair care products.

The products are determined by the elasticity, porosity, and fineness or coarseness of your hair! So, keep in mind this while buying a hair product.

Step 2: Give Your Hair A Final Wash

You’ll need to perform a final wash before beginning the take of your curls. Because it’s important to ensure that your hair is completely free of product buildup.

wash hair

Step 3: Detangle Your Hair

It’s best to detangle your hair before washing it to prevent breakage. Take the help of your fingertips instead of brush to smooth out your hair.

But you can detangle your hair while washing it again. This way your curls will be tangle-free before trying out the other steps. Or you can use both together.

Step 4: Co-Wash Your Hair With A Conditioner 

This method of cleaning the hair removes buildup. It also cleans without the need for lathering or harsh compounds found in most shampoos. Co-washing is the practice of washing and cleansing your hair while using a conditioner.

Using a co-washing method is better for your hair and scalp. It even makes your curls softer than ever. 

Step 5: Got for Deep Conditioning Treatment

A crucial step in your curly hair care treatment is deep conditioning. This may be comparable to a hair mask you already use. 

But a more nutrient-rich conditioning treatment penetrates deeper into the hair. As a result, it provides extra hydration to dry and damaged hair.

To do it at home, just choose a CG-friendly deep conditioner. Then add a good amount of it to your hair. Lastly, let it sit for about 25 minutes before shampooing. The conditioner should then be thoroughly rinsed away with water. 

Step 6: Style with Your Curls & Dry Your Hair

Apply a leave-in conditioner with your prayer hands now. This will define your curls and hold them for a longer time. Afterward, tightly scrunch your hair. After that, style your hair with a mousse, gel, or pomade, using the same steps. 

style with your curls

By the way, fill a spray bottle half full with water and the rest with a leave-in conditioner. You can use this to keep your curls moisturized while styling.

You can try plopping your hair once you style it. This won’t damage your curls at all. Just use a flat iron to give your hair more body, definition, and shine while also reducing frizz. 

Allow your curls to sit in a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel. Do it for fifteen minutes before removing them.

After that, air-dry your hair for optimum results. You may also use a diffuser on a blow dryer with a cold setting to dry your hair quickly and effectively.

Tips to Follow

Now, there are also some important tips you should follow while taking care of your curls. These are-

Can You Comb or Brush Your Curls?

Brushing or combing hair removes the natural curl pattern. A modified Denman brush is now commonly used to rub conditioner through curly hair in the shower. Don’t use drying alcohol. They dry out the hair.

How Often Should I Brush Curly Hair?

It’s best to detangle your hair 3 times. Before, during, and after washing your hair. You can use a wide-tooth comb or a damp brush if you wish. But using your fingers is the best way to do this. Because you won’t face any hair fall or breakage this way. 

These all will help you to make your curls happy today! Following these will keep your curls healthy and shiny for a long time. 

Good luck with your curls!

Katharyn Riedel

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