Mussed Layers Are The Biggest Hair Trend In 2023

Layers have become the biggest trend in 2023. Yes, it’s reviving again. Even though you probably hated your overdone flicky and too choppy layers, it’s back in style. 

Mussed refers to being messy. Interestingly, most of us already have layered hair, as it’s a part of almost any hairstyle except for bob. 

For example, a grown-out fringe has layers too, as some strands end near your jaw or chin. On Instagram, cool girls layered hair do-over all over the app this year. 

So, are you too intrigued by this trend? Read along to know more.

Why Mussed Layers Are Trending?

Covid-19 played an interesting role in making our hair healthier and longer. Most of us grew longer hair than we expected in this lockdown. This goes without saying that we didn’t have the liberty to go to a hairstylist. 

So the easiest choice was to go for layered hair. At least that way people could style their hair easily, on their own. 

Last year, shag hair was ruling. Layered hair got more and more popular this year. Along with shag hair, Hollywood stars were seen styling their hair in a bold way. Fashion experts think people are getting out of their comfort zone. 

The biggest reason to go for a mussed layer is instant cheekbones. You can choose how to style it back, front, sides however you like. Go for a longer fringe that slides near your jaw. 

In that case, nail them around your face. You’ll get instant cheekbones. 

instant cheekbones
Source: Nestia

There are other factors too. Layered hair is really easy to style. You can blow dry your hair. But you may think that a hairdryer can cause damage to your hair. 

In that case, feel free to go for air dry. Either way, you’ll look just fine. Can’t find a comb to brush your hair? Style them with your fingers. 

Layered hair is easy to style. If you don’t have time to go to a hairstylist,  layered hair is your solution. 

A lot of people want to keep their long hair. Even with long hair, layered hair can’t go wrong. If your long hair looks flat, add layers to it. It won’t be boring anymore. It will also not lose length.

Layered hair reduces the weight of the hair. But layers add volume to your hair. It gives your hair a fuller effect with more movement and texture to your hair. 

If you have wavy hair, getting a layered haircut will put your hair in good shape. 

Layers can be versatile. If you wanna hide your layered hair, go for a ponytail. In that case, layered hair will be invisible. 

Which Celebrities Are Going for Mussed Layers?

Looking for celebrities who are following this hairstyle? Well, you’d be surprised to know how many celebs are up for this.

Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Jasmine Tookes has a layered haircut with long hair. 

Priyanka Chopra also went for a shaggy hairstyle and she’s rocking it! She likes minimalistic hairstyles. And with a shaggy hairstyle, that’s well achieved. 

Priyanka Chopra
Source: Instagram

Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland went for a mussed layer haircut as well. 

Rihanna is known for her bold fashion choice. Guess how she recently styled her hair? That’s right, Mussed layer hair. 

Trending Layered Hairstyles You Should Go for

Can’t decide how you want to style your hair? No worries! We’re here to help you with it. 

70’s rumpled texture and shag are ruling this summer. Other than those, Charlie’s Angels flips and swooshy curtain bangs are hyped too. Also, a modern spin on the mullet is trending too. 

You can get your layers chopped up but it can be hard to tame. Although you can style it both naturally and with heat. So, for a bold look, you can go for a shag layered hair. 

Is Shag hair too bold for your choice? Want that rock n roll look but don’t have the confidence? 

It’s okay. Lots of people don’t want to experiment with their hair. So let’s go for a pretty shag haircut. Adapt the volume, the attitude, and the breeziness of a shaggy layered hair. 

But keep the layers long. That’s the key to making your hair look more relaxed.

trending layered hairstyles
Source: Instagram

You can also try a longer fringe with long layered hair. It will also look good. For a daring look, make the fringe shorter. 

If you don’t like the choppiness of layered hair, you should go for invisible layered hair. It doesn’t look too obvious as the strands blend into each other in this haircut.

Loving your long hair? That’s alright. You can layer it up without losing any length. Tell your stylist to trim down the split ends and add more volume.

So have you made up your mind about layered hair? If you decide to go for layered hair, know that it takes time to grow back. Let us know in the comment section. Take care! 

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