Why Olaplex Made My Hair Dry? Did It or Not?

Olaplex is one of the most hyped treatments in recent times. I’m sure there’s not a single hair enthusiast who hasn’t tried it out.

However, you may have noticed that Olaplex sucks out moisture from your hair.

Wondering why olaplex made my hair dry?

Well, it can be that the product expired and you didn’t see that before. Or you overdid the treatment. In that case, the hair can be dry. Even making mistakes while applying can cause dryness. There are other reasons that can be your cause as well.

To learn it all, stay with us until the end of our segment.

What is The Purpose of An Olaplex Treatment?

You see our constant hair styling, coloring, heating stresses out our hair. Sometimes we even burn hair while styling. For example, you might have noticed your hair smelling burnt when you straighten it.

To restore our hair back to its glory, Olaplex has been considered the best.

The main purpose of Olaplex is to create and strengthen bonds. But most people confuse it to be a hydrating treatment. Hence they expect it to moisturize and make the hair extremely shiny and soft.

But that’s generally not the purpose of olaplex. It’s more of damage repairing treatment. It mainly reaches the hair shaft and strengthens its bond. You can even call it a protein treatment.

Now that you know its use, let’s clear out if it’s drying out your hair.

Is Olaplex Actually Making Your Hair Dry?

To be specific, NO! Olaplex doesn’t make your hair dry if used correctly. As we’ve mentioned it’s a protein treatment, it binds hair. The process may make the hair a bit rough. But at the same time, Olaplex uses the formula that prevents hair dryness.

To be honest, if you mix the formulas right, it can even slightly moisturize the hair. Having said that, everyone has different types of hair. So, the result you’ll get from the treatment depends a lot on that.

For example, if you already have frizzy hair all over the head. Then you apply the treatment. So, you’ll notice the split ends are gone. Overall, the hair would be thick.

Someone, with normal hair, can use it just to repair coloring damage and so on.

But you may be unlucky enough that olaplex dried out your hair. In that case, check out the pointers and be sure of it.

Have You Been Using Another Hair Treatment at The Same Time?

The first thing you need to check is for another hair treatment. Try to remember if you’re using another treatment with Olaplex.

Because if you’re doing so, that can be the cause.

We’ve found a lot of people using Olaplex as a moisturizing treatment. Moreover, they’ve been applying another protein treatment. As a result, they end up with straw-like hair.

Even homemade protein treatment using eggs can be the cause. Because any extra ingredient that works as a bonding agent should be avoided. Otherwise, this increased amount of protein will make your hair dry.

Are You Exposing Your Hair to Chemicals & Styling More Often?

Remember what we told about Olaplex’s purpose? Yes, it repairs hair damage. So when we apply a treatment, we should avoid things that caused the damage.

After hair treatments, we jump into hairstyling and start using chemicals. That’s not preferred at all. The treatment has already been working on previous damages. So, you don’t want to mess it up more.

Even if you’re doing so, that might be the reason why Olaplex didn’t work for you.

It’s always advisable to wait for a few days to let the treatment show its wonders.

To be honest, most people don’t need hairstyling after the treatment. Because the hair stays put and in good shape for a long time.

But you may have only used just Olaplex. In that case, the issue might be there. But we have another factor to check. So, go through that as well.

Does Your Hair End Look Strengthened but Lifeless?

This is what you should look for next. But first, try to remember what hair problems you had before using Olaplex.

Now, see if the damage has repaired and the hair end looks strengthened. If you had split ends and hair breakage, that should be reduced. But at the same time, the hair might look a bit lifeless.

Because that’s what bonding ingredients do. If that’s your hair condition, it’s just olaplex repairing your hair. But the lifeless look is due to your hair’s overall dry texture.

So if any of the pointers are true, it’s not olaplex that’s making your hair dry. Instead, you have been using it wrong. Or you have been using it for the wrong purpose.

But if none of the pointers match with you, scroll down to know why it happened.

Why Olaplex Made My Hair Dry?- Reasons Revealed!

We’ve mentioned that it’s not olaplex’s nature to leave your hair dry. But you can still think that it made your hair dry. Then the following can be the reasons.

Product Got Expired

One reason can be that the product got expired. We all know expired hair products always do more damage than benefit.

You might have just bought the olaplex treatment. Then kept it unused for a while. After that, applied it to your hair without checking the expiry date. Now your hair condition became worse.

Or it was already expired while in the store and you just didn’t. Hence, this silly mistake caused damage to your hair.

Overdoing The Treatment

Now, this is a common mistake we hear about. For some people, the product does wonders. And they literally fall in love with it. So what they do is apply it every other day to keep their hair feeling smooth and silky.

But here’s the catch. Overdoing it will rather increase protein in hair. Eventually, the hair will become extremely dry. So it’s advisable to use the treatment once a week.

Frequent usage will cause trouble for the hair.

Not Maintaining Application Guidance

You may have failed to maintain the application guidance. That’s not something to curse yourself about.

Because the formula is widely used in hair salons by professionals. Though nowadays it’s being done at home more often. So you might mess up doing it for the first time.

And if you don’t follow the guidelines, your hair ends up suffering.

Not Keeping The Correct Ratio

Another thing you might have messed up is the ratio. No matter which olaplex treatment you’re using, a ratio needs to be followed. Some products need to be mixed with others in a certain amount.

Some even need to be diluted with water. So the ratio maintenance is important. Otherwise, if the product is mixed too much it’ll harm your hair.

If it’s too little, then the formula won’t work. Your hair will remain as it was before.

But whatever the mess up is with the treatment, we have solutions coming right up.

How to Fix My Hair after Olaplex Made it Dry?

No matter what the culprit was behind your dry hair, we’ve got solutions. You’ll be surprised to know how easy to apply the solutions are.

But first, have a look at this table. Because we’ve pointed out which method is preferred for what type of hair. Hope it’ll help you to choose the perfect solution.

Hair Condition Preferred Solution
Extremely dry & strawyHydrating hair treatment
Moderately dry & frizzyHair mask
A little bit dryMoisturizing cream

Depending on your problem, use the solution. For example, if your hair is extremely dry, go for hydrating hair treatment. But to know when to take a hair treatment, just scroll to the next segment.

Use A Detangler If It’s Tangled

Your hair might be tangled due to dryness. But no need to get stressed. Because you can have your detangler tools. And get rid of the tangle.

There are a few tools to detangle hair that’s frizzy. You’ll need a detangler spray and brush.

detangler spray
Source: elle.com

First, spray it on your hair. Spray moderately on the tangled parts. Then comb with the detangler brush. Pretty soon, your hair will be fine and detangled.

Now if your hair feels dry, apply any of the following solutions. To know which is the best suit for you, check out the table we’ve given upwards.

Add Moisturizing Hair Cream

You can apply a hair moisturizer to your hair. Moisturizing cream will help with the dryness. You can buy one of the olaplex moisture masks, which is actually a cream-like formula. Or you can choose any other moisturizing hair cream.

We know a bunch of good moisturizers. It helped us to fix our hair condition. You can check these in case you buy one.

tgin butter cream daily moisturizer for natural hair

tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair

alikay naturals - shea yogurt hair moisturizer

Alikay Naturals – Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer

After you purchase the cream, start applying it immediately. Take the cream on your hands. Apply on your hair as you would a conditioner. But no need to wash it off afterward.

Try A Hydrating Hair Treatment

In case your hair is extremely dry, we suggest taking a hair treatment. Just go to any nearby hair salon. Take a hydrating hair spa and treatment.

But don’t take both Olaplex and hydrating treatment the same day. We suggest waiting one day before you get the hydrating treatment. In between, Olaplex will complete its magic in your hair.

After you’re done with the treatment, your hair will be silky smooth. And you’ll forget what dry hair is.

Apply A Hair Mask

You can always rely on hair masks for moisturizing and adding shine. There’s a wide range of hair masks from different brands.

You can just buy any of the hydrating ones. Then apply by yourself. But if that’s too pricey for you, we’ve got an alternative.

That is a DIY hair mask. This mask is not only cheap but also easier to make. So let’s guide you here.

Take a medium-sized aloe vera. Peel it and put it on a blender. Then add 1 cup of water. Now add 8 drops of argan oil and two teaspoons of honey.

Blend all the ingredients together and pour in a bowl. Now apply this mask to your hair. And leave until the aloe hardens in your hair.

It might take 3-4 hours. Then just wash with a mild shampoo. And your hair will be silky and smooth.

What Factors to Look After if I Continue Using Olaplex?

If you still choose to continue Olaplex, that would be a good choice. But we wanted to make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

So here’s what you should do to avoid your hair from getting dry.

Consult with Hair Salon for Using Olaplex 3

You may already know that Olaplex has a variety of treatment versions. But people are mostly hyped with Olaplex 3. It’s a three-step process and needs a professional appliance.

So we suggest that you consult a hair salon. They’ll help you in applying the first step. And you can continue the next 2 steps at home. They’ll guide you on that.

Or you can choose to complete the whole treatment at the salon.

Go for Olaplex 1 If You’re Planning to Do it at Home

You may be on a budget. Or you don’t want to spend hours at the salon. So you decided to take the treatment at home.

That’s completely fine as well. In this case, apply the Olaplex one formula.

Source: pinterest.com

It has only one step and is easy to apply. Also, it’ll save you time. There are fewer chances of messing it up.

So that’s all about Olaplex hair treatment and why your hair got dry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to prepare the olaplex 1 formula for use?

Take 15ml olaplex 1 formula. Then add 30 ml water to it. Pour both of them in a non- spraying bottle and shake. Make sure the bottle is an applicator.

Can I deep condition after applying olaplex?

You can skip the conditioning. But if you want extra hydration deep condition with one of the hydrating masks. That’ll add extra moisture to the hair.

Can olaplex snap my hair?

Your hair can be in its worst condition. Like extremely dry, rough, snapping, and frizzy. In that case, get a haircut. And try to control the frizz first. Then apply olaplex to get the best results.


We’re done for today. Hope you got your answer as to why olaplex made my hair dry.

So it’s time we say goodbye. But if you need us to know anything on the matter, comment down.

We will try to get back to you.

Thank you!

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