Try Out This Sizzling Palm Tree Nail Art Designs

Spring season is just around the corner, and so is summer. If you are looking for an excellent way to display your fingers, find out about some unique nail art designs. The challenge is that applying these designs is not easy, and some require guidance.

So, we have this sizzling palm tree nail art design for you to try out.

To be specific, it’s a unique nail polish coat, which you can complement with some unique palm tree designs. Plus, they are also easy to apply DIY, and you can shift in between the designs with ease.

Palm Tree Nail Design Tutorial

Applying this nail design is a straightforward process. While there are many variations to this approach to nail art, we have outlined unique types for you. You need a few simple tools to help you get the right results.

Things You Will Need




Gel Nail Polish

The gel nail polish is the product you apply instead of the nail polish.

Joytii Gel Nail Polish


Use the product to strengthen the nails, and avoid any further damage due to the nail chemicals.


LED Light

Use this product to cure your nails, and get the right finish.

Minger LED Lights

Nail Polish stencil

These are important for applying designs such as the Aztec or even palm trees.

What’s Up Nail Stencil

Nail Disinfectant

You will use this product to clean the surface of your nails.

William Marvy Disinfectant

Grey Nail Polish

You can use this to complete the finish of the gel nail polish.

Essie Nail Colour Polish


  • 1. Start by cleaning out your nails using some nail disinfectant. You do this to help remove any dirt, fungi or bacteria that might be sitting underneath. Let your nails sit for a few minutes and the disinfectant.
  • 2. Then, apply some biotin to help improve the strength of your nails. Let your nails dry.
  • 3. Then, next apply the gel nails on your nails. The next step is to apply some glue to your nails. Next, place some unique designs to the nail. Let them dry for a few minutes as well.
  • 4. Next, let your nails dry under an LED light for a few minutes.

TIP! Remember to practice caution each time you plan on using acrylic nail products. Any issues relating to hygiene or poor nail health should be of concern. Ensure you clean your nails, and that you never leave the acrylics on your nail for more than two weeks.

1. Palm Tree Nail Design 

palm tree design

Isn’t this palm tree nail design simply breathtaking? Well, wait until you finally pull it off DIY on the structure of your nails. You will need some acrylic nail polish and a clear nail coat. Plus, you will also need a razor, and artistic stencils you will use to complement the design.

You will start by applying the dark grey nail pain on your index finger and thumb. However, for your middle, ring and index finger, things will be a tad bit unique! For these three finger nails, place a stencil on the lower end close to the cuticle. Then, apply paint over your fingernail, such that it never gets to the covered section.

Remove the cover, and then apply the black stencils over your three fingernails. The final step is to complement the design with some clear nail polish.

2. Dark Green and Patterned Nail Design 

palm tree design

If you are tired of playing around with the traditional and redundant nail art designs, then this particular one is for you. How is it unique? Well, aside from looking appealing and a cut above the rest, this nail design is also easy to apply.

You will need a base coat, some light grey nail polish, and black nail polish. You will start by painting all the fingers on your right finger with a unique dark green nail coat. However, for the ring finger, you will apply the unique light grey nail polish.

Then, complement this design by sprinkling some black nail polish on the surface. The key to this design is to set it after the initial nail polish coat dries.

3. Bold Yet Subtle Palm Tree Nail Art Design 

bold yet subtle palm tree nail art design

Boldly, yet subtle and appealing at the same time! What an exceptional set of colours, acrylics and pink nail polish. Plus, the unique design on the ring finger does well to bring a sense of harmony to the rich colours involved in this design.

You will need a clear base coat for all your nails except the ring finger. Once the base coat dries, apply the light pink nail polish and let it cure. Then, proceed to apply the white nail paint on your ring finger. Complement the design with some stripped colours, and a dark black stencil of palm trees.

Katharyn Riedel

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