Paper Thin Nails After Acrylics | How To Fix Them

Have you been using acrylics for a while, only to notice that it causes significant damage on your nails. What could it be? Well, the answers to this question are several.

Specifically ,the paper-thin nails after acrylic is a common issue among our users. Here is an in-depth guide on its causes, prevention tips, and more. 

Let us get into it:

Why Acrylic Nails Can Cause Nail Thinning

Acrylic nails can cause thinning of the nails because they can put pressure on the nail bed, leading to changes in the nail’s shape and thickness. 

The application of acrylic nails involves using an adhesive that can damage the nail’s natural protective outer layer, allowing moisture to escape and weaken the nail. Additionally, the removal process can cause further damage to the nail, leading to thinning.

There are various common causes of paper-thin nails after acrylics:

  1. Poor nail preparation. Using acrylics requires various products and steps. These include acetone, nail buffers, and strengtheners. Failing to use these products can cause gradual damage to the nail, so you must be careful.
  2. Overfilling. Issues like overfilling can cause the nails to become weak because it gradually erodes the layers of the nail. Tools like nail drill bits can also lead to these paper-thin nails after acrylics.
  3. Failing to use a sufficient amount of acrylic. Each application of acrylics requires an informed approach for the best results. You must ensure you get the acrylic measurements right each time. Practice makes perfect!
  4. Lack of proper nutrition. Consuming a well-balanced diet is important for health and longevity of your nails. 
  5. Excessive water exposure. Setting your fingers or hands in excessive water exposes you to nail damage.

Ways of Preventing Paper-Thin Nails After Acrylics

These are some of the techniques you can use to prevent paper-thin nails after acrylics:

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Tip #1. Pick the Correct Nail Salon

Picking the right salon is crucial to the quality of your nails. Why is that? 

It’s because you gain access to qualified technicians with experience handling nails. Aside from helping with the acrylic application, they will also give you meaningful advice for its care.

So, be patient and research a suitable nail salon for your needs. You can use resources like online reviews or ask friends for advice. 

Be keen on the way the salon also offers nail care services because it sub-communicates the value level you will receive.

Tip #2. The Products You Use Are “CRUCIAL!”

The products you use for acrylic application are important. The nails are delicate, and exposing them to artificial products like nail glue can cause issues like paper-thin nails after a while. Here is a list of the products you may need if this is the case:

  • Nail strengthener. You need this to help improve the structure and ability of your nails to withstand acrylics.
  • Cuticle oil. It is an excellent and natural alternative when you don’t want to use the strengthener.
  • Cuticle cream. This is another version of nail care products that you can use to strengthen the base of the nail.

Tip #3. Use the Right Removal and Aftercare Procedures

There are various removal and aftercare procedures important for avoiding the paper-thin nails after acrylics issue. Here is what our research showed:

  1. Pre-removal. Preparing your nails before removal is crucial. You have to clean any debris, and gently push back the cuticles. You can also try soaking your fingers in water first before moving to the removal step.
  2. Removal. Once you have prepped your nails, set them in some acetone solution. Doing this helps remove break down the gel polish, which in turn makes it easy to remove. We recommend you avoid excessive force because it can cause damage to the nail structure.Moisturize the nails. Once you have completed the removal process, proceed to moisturize your nails. Ensure you use products like nail lotions for the best results. 
  3. Protect the nails. Regular nail product users should be keen on this step. Using a base coat, you will have to protect your nails from further damage. Doing this will improve your nail’s longevity against damage.

Tip #4. Take Well-Timed Breaks from Using Nail Care Products 

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Fortunately, the nails are part of the body, and they, like other body parts, can grow back with the right care. However, you must also maintain the right lifestyle habits to ensure the nails grow back well. 

Here are some tips for taking breaks when experiencing paper-thin nails:

  • Ensure you take at least one week’s break from using nail products. Doing this gives your nails sufficient time to heal and recover.
  • Opt for natural nail care products when taking this product. It helps give your fingers the best chance of recovering.
  • Be keen on the ingredients in your preferred nail care products after the break. It will have long-term benefits for our nail health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do You Fix Thin Nails After Acrylics?

There are various ways of fixing thin nails after acrylics. You can use nail strengtheners, improve your diet, or take well-timed breaks from using the product. The approach you use will determine the result you will achieve.

How Do I Get My Nails Back to Normal After Acrylics?

There are various ways of getting your nails back to normal after acrylics. One way you can do this is to use products like nail strengtheners and hardeners. Both products help improve the longevity and durability of nails against damage.

Why Have My Nails Become Paper Thin?

There are various reasons your nails become paper thin. These include a lack of proper nutrition, poor nail care techniques, and excessive use of harsh chemicals. You may have to take a break from these products to help restore your health.

How Long Does It Take for Nails to Recover After Acrylics?

It takes three to four weeks for the nails to recover after acrylics. The recovery time also depends on your preferences and ability to maintain good habits. It also relates to your ability to make good nail care decisions.

Can Thin Nails Become Thick Again?

Yes, its possible afor nails to become thick once again. You may have to take well-timed breaks and use the right nail care products for this goal. You also have to consider avoiding harsh chemicals like acetone at this point.

How Do You Strengthen Paper Thin Nails?

There are various ways of strengthening paper-thin nails. One technique you can use involves using nail creams for hardening the nails. You can also improve your diet and take well-timed breaks from using these products.

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