Save Your Hairs with These 10 Protective Styles

After a hectic day, your hair needs hydration to get its texture back. That’s why protecting your hair is mandatory. But ensuring your hair is protected all day long is important.

Luckily, we have some amazing protective hairstyles for you. You will definitely love them. Because they are super easy to make and look fancy. Some of these styles are even trending!

So, let’s not waste any time here and dive into the article.

Top 10 Hair Protective Styles For You

Protecting your hair basically means keeping the hair texture healthy. You do that by limiting the exposure to any type of damage. The damage can be caused by heat, sun, or over manipulation of your hair. 

These 10 protective styles are not only easy. But we have kept the above causes in mind while recommending these to you.

Hairstyle 1: Box Braids

Box braid is similar to normal braiding. To do this, just increase the parting of your hair into bigger sections. What will happen is it will save your braiding time. And it will keep the maintenance to a minimum.

As we can see it’s very easy and simple. Plus it protects the scalp from excessive tension or over hair manipulation. 

Box Braids

Hairstyle 2: Knotless Box Braids

A knotless box braid is a box braid with a different technique. For knotless braids, the extensions are fed in as you make a braid. 

This will protect your hairline and scalp. Especially the edges because these braids cause less tension on your hair.

Knotless Box Braids

Hairstyle 3: Fulani Braids With Beads

In Fulani braids, you just have to take it to the next level with beads. This braid takes up almost the entire length of your hair. 

Fulani braids will give you a stunning look. Furthermore, it will protect your hair by proving less tension on your scalp. 

Hairstyle 4: Ribbon-Laced Braid

In ribbon-laced braids, you have to make simple braids at first. Then put fabrics, beads, and jewelry into your hair. This will give you fantastic-looking hair. It is more suit for blackish hair. Due to less manipulation, it will not harm your hair.

Hairstyle 5: Wavy Bantu Knots 

These Bantu braids are a mixture of playful and chic looks. It is basically the chunky braid knots. You have to switch up the parting and it instantly refreshes the look. 

Most importantly you can try it on any type of hair. It will need less manipulation so it will not damage your hair. 

Hairstyle 6: Twisted Updo

The twisted updo is one of the popular hairstyles in today’s world. It’s very versatile and it keeps the twist hydrated with cream and oils. Basically, you have to use cream in your hair while making the twists.

Hairstyle 7: Juicy Twists

The juicy twist is one of the best natural protectants for your hair. It suits both short and long hair. But it’s easy to create with short hair. 

In a juicy twist hairstyle, you have to take two sections of hair and twist them together. You have to continue this till your full hair is covered. This hairstyle will surely protect your hair from breakage.


Juicy Twists

Hairstyle 8: Faux Fishtail Braid

All faux fishtail braids are created in the same way. You will look gorgeous with this style. You will level up in both the texture and length with your fishtail braid. 

Try to add some pomade while making a braid. It will add extra shine and look sleek. 

Hairstyle 9: Goddess Locs

For goddess loc, the end of your hair is unsealed. But to create this style silkier hair extensions are mandatory. 

Now, if you want natural hair rather than artificial-looking hair, this is the one for you. Most importantly you can customize shells, beads, and cuffs to make them unique.

Hairstyle 10: Long Braid Then Low Bun

This one might seem regular but it isn’t. You have to do a regular braid first for this one. Make sure the braid is not too tight.

Long Braid Then Low bun
Source: Hair Adviser

You also have to add the right amount of volume to the base. Then raise the bar on this go-to look. This is how your regular braid becomes fancy and gorgeous. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now, we aren’t finished yet! These FAQs will help you further in your hairstyles. 

Do Protective Styles Promote Hair Growth?

Yes to a certain point. Protective hairstyles tuck hair ends aside to discourage pulling, tugging, and manipulation. They are also intended to promote hair growth. Moreover, it saves time. Because the entire concept is to touch the hair as little as possible. Some experts believe that a protective style is a key to good hair health.

Is It True That Twists Can Cause Hair Breakage?

Yes, that’s why you should install the protective style loosely. This can happen with box braids, flat twists, cornrows, and other styles. Tight hairstyles lead to breakage and hair loss.

Should I Braid My Hair at Night?

Braiding your hair might help keep it nourished. Som yes, you can braid your hair at night. This way you are really locking in the moisture.

We hope now you know how to save your hair with these 10 protective styles. You can pick the one that suits your outfit. These hairstyles will not only protect your pretty hair but also give you an amazing look.

See you soon!

Katharyn Riedel

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