Why Is There Short Frizzy Hair on Top of Head?- Questions Answered

Hair is the most disloyal companion. At least we believe it to be true. Because if you make the slightest mistake, it starts giving you a hard time.

Such as one silly mistake can make your top hair becomes frizzy.

It’s natural to get frustrated because they’re just unmanageable. On top of that, you have no clue why they keep popping up.

So why do you have short frizzy hair on top of head?

First, it can be due to breakage that made the broken hair frizzy. Or it’s the hair product that you’ve been using. It can also be the hair styling tools that’s been causing the problem. Maybe you’re not taking proper care of your hair.

These reasons are somewhat vague. But the details are just below. And there we explained every aspect to the fullest. So enjoy!

Why Do I Have Frizzy Hair on Top of My Head? – Reasons

You’ve been suffering from short frizzy hair, haven’t you? 

You know what, we’ve all been there at some point. To be honest, I never heard of someone who doesn’t have frizzy hair. Now coming to the point, why do we have hairs that are both short and frizzy?

Well, it can happen naturally with anyone. But still, there are a couple of other reasons. So why don’t you check them out? 

Hair Breakage Can Be The Reason

Hair breakage is a curse to us women. Almost 50% of women suffer from hair breakage.

This can cause many problems. But here we’re to talk about the reason for short frizzy hair. As we’ve been talking about hair breakage, let’s emphasize that.

The hair breaks at different points. Sometimes it breaks in half or shorter. Then the remaining hair after breakage becomes frizzy. 

Mostly, when your hair gets too dry, it tends to break. As it loses moisture, only the root, and 1-2 inches further of the hair get the remaining moisture. 

And the rest of the hair becomes dry and then it breaks.

If the scalp and hair still remain dry, the remaining hair also turns frizzy. And mostly this hair resides on top of the head. 

So it can be one of the reasons.

Using Alcohol-Based Products Can Make Hair Frizzy

Apart from hair breakage, alcohol-based products can be the culprit. 

We mostly use a lot of hair products. They include shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, serums, and whatnot. But do you know that many of them contain alcohol?

Though not all alcohol is bad for hair, some of them surely are. For example, short-chain/dry alcohol drains out the hair of moisture and scalp oil. Scalp normally distributes oil to all the hairs. But bad alcohols “short-chain” ones dry out the hair.

They don’t actually come in contact with hair directly. But through hair products, we apply them to our hair. The evaporation of alcohol sucks up the oil from the hair. 

Thus the hair becomes dry. And then it turns dead and frizzy. 

Sulfate Containing Products Damaging The Hair

Sulfate is mainly known as the cleaning agent in the beauty industry. That’s mainly the label to hide the sulfate under an acceptable identity.

But the truth is sulfate in hair products is dangerous for hair. The kind of sulfate used in shampoos is sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate.

They mainly clean your hair and scalp. But with it, they also clean all the moisture and natural oil of the scalp.

So the scalp becomes dry leading to frizzy hair on top of your head.

Washing Hair with Hot Water Causing Hair Damage

When you make a habit of showering with hot water, your hair gets damaged. Because scalding hot water is bad for your hair. This causes the hair to lack moisture and protein.

Without these two, the hair looks dull and dead. As a result, it becomes frizzy. 

During the shower, the water touches the scalp first. Thus, the top hairs are mostly damaged and frizzy. 

Touching Wet Hair Frequently Messes Up Styling

Before we start styling, wetting the hair is a must. After that, we apply hairstyling creams. Next, we blow-dry the hair and curl it. Or style it as we like.

So the common mistake we make here is touching the hair with hands. When your hair is wet, it’s easier to shape it in a certain way.

So touching it frequently will mess up the styling. Hence you’ll have frizzy hair that’ll haunt you for rest of the day.

Scrunching Hair in Towel Making it Rough

What most of us do is scrunch wet hair in a towel. But that’s not a healthy habit because wet hair is fragile. So when you scrunch, it breaks down.

While doing so, it also dries the hair cuticle. Hence, the hair lifts up and becomes frizzy.

So when you remove the towel, you see frizzy hair. Even when it dries up completely, it will be the same. 

If you want to soak up the extra moisture try a microfiber towel. That’ll minimize the frizz. You can pick any of these-

ceephouge microfiber hair towel

Ceephouge Microfiber Hair Towel

xxopen microfiber hair towel

XXOPEN Microfiber Hair Towel

Grab yours now so you can dry your hair with a towel in peace.

Damaging Hair Particles by Overheating

We often try to follow celebrity lifestyles and hairstyles. Unfortunately, we can’t recover from the damage we made by styling our hair like theirs.

Styling your hair means applying lots of direct heat to it. Which damages your hair particles and the moisture layer. That is also known as the protective layer of the hair.

Overheating damages the hair. And as we know, damaged hair is always frizzy.

For example, you straighten your hair and the hair smells bad after that. It’s because the heat burned the hair. So your hair breaks down and becomes frizzy. 

Brushing The Hair Frequently Before Drying or Later

We’ve always heard, brushing your hair is good. It increases blood circulation, but there’s always a limitation. 

You might comb your hair fully twice a day. And that’ll detangle the locks. While doing so, skipping blow-drying is not acceptable.

Because when blow-drying, if you comb tip to bottom, the hair stays put. But when naturally combing it will stretch the strands and break them.

Then again broken hair will cause frizz. So it’s another reason why your hair’s been frizzy lately.

Humidity Stressing Out Hair

You might never think of humidity as a reason for frizzy hair. But still, it’s just as common as the others.

So, at times the temperature becomes hot and humid. Then the scalp tries to cool it down. As a response, it produces oil in bulk amounts. That results in oily and greasy hair.

Then you start shampooing frequently to keep the hair clean. And the hair near the scalp becomes dry and frizzy. 

Now you’ve found out why your hair has become a frizzy mess. Why don’t we try to fix it now?

How to Tame Short Frizzy Hair?- Make it Stay in One Place!

We’ve told you the causes behind your short frizzy hair. But we happened to know how to tame them as well. So, buckle up to see the solutions. 

Quick Fix to The Problem

We’ve divided the solutions depending on the time they require. So first comes the quick solutions. 

But you can go with any solution that you want. But before that, check the table out. In the table below, the solutions have been compared. So that you have a quick preview.

Quick Solutions

 Time Needed


Dryer Sheets

1-2 minutes



1 minute


Bobby pins

3-5 minutes

High to medium

Hair gel and thin brush

5-8 minutes



3-5 minutes



2-3 minutes


Wet hair styling

5-10 minutes  ( depending on hair thickness and length)


So now you’ll have ease in choosing the right solution.

Use Dryer Sheets

It’s the easiest solution of all. Just take a dryer sheet and rub over your short hairs. They’ll then just lay down properly.

And you’re good to go. 

Cover with Headband

Another easy fix is a headband. You can never be old enough to not wear headbands. And who doesn’t love wearing headbands as a fashion statement anyway?

So you just got another excuse to wear one. Take any headband of your choice. And set it on the place where hair is mostly frizzy. 

It’ll definitely cover the area. Moreover, it’ll also help hold down frizzy hair.

Put on Bobby Pins

I won’t start with the uses of bobby pins. Because you already know they’re lifesavers when it comes to taming hair.

So just hold down your frizzy hair and place 2 bobby pins on each side. They will hold the hair in place for 3 hours straight. If something goes south, you can always fix the bobby pins immediately.

While adding bobby pins to your front hair, you can also make the back hair attractive. So make a french bun or something to make it look natural yet elegant.

Use Hair Gel And Thin Brush

Now time for some styling and setting up short frizzy hair at the same time. So take some styling gel in your hand.

And rub over the hair. Now take your thinnest brush and run it over the scalp hairs. All the short hair will line up with the longer strands. And they’ll follow the brush’s direction.

Now, you can make a stretched ponytail with your hair. Or maybe make a tight bun with your hair. That’ll complement your style. And no one will understand that you have frizzy hair.

But here’s a tip. When applying hair gel, use light ones and apply in small amounts. If you use heavy gels, and comb right after, the hairbrush will grow lint.

To avoid that add the gel in small potions. And clean the brush afterward. 

Apply Pomade

Pomade is one of the best solutions. Just take some in your hands. Then rub both your hands together. Now apply on your hair like a hair gel.

Make sure you buy the non-sticky ones. So that it becomes more manageable. And you can just apply it through your hands. And you won’t have to follow up with combing. 

In this case, we may know which pomade you should buy. Check these ones.

carol's daughter mimosa hair honey shine pomade

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade

cremo premium barber grade hair styling shine pomade

Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Shine Pomade

After you apply the pomade, your hair should do just fine.

Set Hair with Hairspray

Using a hair spray is no big deal. We’ve used it a thousand times already. And we believe you’ve also used sprays on your hair.

However, style your hair as you wish. And make sure the short frizzy hairs are in place. You can secure them with mini clips. Then spray the setting spray on your hair. 

And your hair will be set for almost a day. And the spray will come off when you wash your hair.

Style while The Hair Is Wet

Styling hair while wet has its benefits. The hair is fragile at that time. So it’s easy to tame the arrogant frizzy here. For example, blow-dry and curl right after wetting your hair. But make sure your hair’s dry when you curl it.

But immediately after soaking up the water, your hair is still moist. So shaping the frizzy hair will be much easy.

Long Term Fix to The Problem

Now it’s time to reveal the long-term solutions. These are mainly preventions. Try to follow these to have less frizzy here.

And a proper following of these techniques may reduce your frizzy hair to 2 percent only. So check them out. 

Use Conditioner

Just as shampoo takes moisture away, the conditioner gives it back. So try to use moisture more frequently than shampoo.

Or use the in reverse motion.

First, wash your hair with a conditioner. Now conditioners are mainly heavy. So mix the conditioner with water to lighten it up. Take equal amounts of water and conditioner.

Then apply it to your entire hair. And wait for 3-5 minutes. Now wash it as you wash shampoo.

Now you can use the shampoo as normal or skip it.

Apply Argan Oil

Argan oil is known for its moisturizing properties. It moisturizes to an extent that the hair looks 3 times extra shiny. And you’ll feel like holding your hair as they’re so soft.

Apply Argan Oil
Source: ecowatch.com

So take 6-8 drops of argan oil and massage on the scalp. It will help to reduce dryness and frizzy hair. 

Take A Hair Spa

From time to time, try to take a hair spa. Now we’re not in support to spend your bucks on an expensive spa. But you can at least give your hair spa-like treatment at home.

You can purchase hair spa products. And help yourself. Or you can completely rely on natural products.

Take A Hair Spa
Source: skinkraft.com

If you choose the next option then we have a hair spa recipe. Blend 1 banana with 1 cup of yogurt and 1 whole egg. Then apply this hair mask for 2 hours. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Now boil 1 teaspoon of black tea with 2 cups of water. Then cool this down. And apply it as a moisturizer. Now as a serum, you can take half teaspoons aloe vera gel.

And rub that in your hands. Then apply it to your hair just the way you apply a serum.

And your hair spa is done. You can repeat it once or twice a month.

Stop Using Silicone Serums

A trend of using hair serums has been going on. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But you need to make sure which serums you’re using on here.

Because some of the serums have silicon on them. And that can break down hair cells and cause breakage.

So try to avoid silicone serums. 

Control The Hair Damage

There’s a lot you can do to make your hair happy. Whenever you heat it, make sure you moisturize the hair afterward.

Apply hair oil one hour before taking shower. And then shampoo it normally.

If you’re in a hurry, apply some aloe vera gel before the shower. That’ll also moisturize your hair. 

So you’ve finally gotten the hang of handling short frizzy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I apply honey to moisturize my hair?

Yes, you can apply honey. But it has more of a sticky consistency. So it’s better if you pair it with something else. Like, make an aloe and honey mask. Take 1 teaspoon honey. And mix it with 2 teaspoon aloe vera gel. Then apply and wash normally.

How often should I wash my hair with shampoo?

Over-washing can dry out the scalp and hair. That’s why it’s not recommended to use shampoo more than thrice a week.

Can I use coconut oil to tame frizzy hair?

Yes, you can use coconut oil to tame frizzy hair. As it’s sort of sticky, just take 2-3 drops on your palm. And apply it to the frizzy hair.


We’re at the end here. But you’ve been mastered on short frizzy hair on top of your head. Now you can put this to work.

In between, if you need any guidance, just comment below. We appreciate you getting in touch.

Thank You!

Katharyn Riedel

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