Sisterlocks Vs Nappylocs: Which Is the Best Hairstyle?

Most people find it quite difficult to determine which locks will suit them. Thus, you being confused between nappylocs and sisterlocks is understandable. However, you must know their difference to install one. 

So, what are the dissimilarities between sisterlocks vs nappylocs

Firstly, it’s super expensive to get sisterlocks installed. However, the installation process of nappylocs is cheap. Plus you can’t do sisterlocks by yourself like nappylocs. Because doing it yourself can damage your hair. Furthermore, nappylocs come in different sizes. While the size of locks for sisterlocks is fixed. Lastly, the maturing time for both types of locks is a bit similar. 

Now, there are more differences. These are just some vague facts. You’ll have to learn about the two. That’s why we’ve provided every essential info we could find. 

Therefore, do take off some time and read along with us! 

Nappylocs or Sisterlocks: Basic Differences Between The Two 

Let’s start with the easy stuff-

We’ve kept in mind that you might be new to this. Thus, we started with the basics. 

Sisterlocks and nappylocs are both great types of locks to get. But what are the difference- 

Factors SisterlocksNappylocs
Trademarked or notTrademarkedNot trademarked
Consultation before installation MustNot a must
Cost ExpensiveCheap 
AppearanceLooks like micro locks Varies from jumbo size to mini micro 
Installation processDifficultEasy 
Hair damaging riskNot always No
Settling in or maturing time2 weeks to few years Few weeks to few years 
Maintenance cost Pricey Cheap 

These are some basic dissimilarities between the two types of locks. Apart from one factor, they’re mostly different. Just how Nexxus Emergencee and ApHogee have more dissimilarities than similarities. 

Are There Any Similarities between Nappylocs and Sisterlocks?

One of the most important parts of the locks is their maturing time. Because that’s how you’ll know the locks have settled in perfectly. 

Now, for every type of lock, it takes an average of 2 weeks to 2 years. The time mostly depends on the texture of your hair. Also, another thing to remember-

Your locks will mature fast depending on how tight the starter style is as well. 

Nappylocs Vs Sisterlocks: Overall Comparison

Now, it’s time to get in deep. Sisterlocks and nappylocs have more info to them than you can imagine. 

And these will help you figure out which locks you want-

Which One Is Trademarked?

There are different types of locks to do for African American women and men. For example, dreadlocks, traditional locks, etc. Among them, two popular locks are sisterlocks and nappylocs.

Now, firstly, it’s important to know a bit about the history of the two sisterlocks. So, the hairstyle sisterlocks was created by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell in 1993. 

The reason behind sisterlocks was-

To create a chemical and extension-free hairstyling method for black women. Furthermore, her styling brand later became trademarked. 

On the other hand, nappylocs were invented as a mix of different locks. So, it’s not trademarked or original.

Which Requires Consultation for Its Use?

Now, you have found out that sisterlocks are trademarked. So, Thus, if you want to install sisterlocks, you have to look for a certified sisterlocks consultant. And book an appointment with that person. 

But for nappylocs-

It’s not a must to talk to a consultant about the installation process. However, if you feel like getting help, you can always look for a consultant. 

Which Looks Better?

Now, both locks look a bit different from each other. For example, sisterlocks are one type of interlock that looks like micro locks.

To be more specific-

These types of locks are tiny and made by following an interlocking method. There are various types of sisterlocks styles. 

But all the styles involve tiny locks. So, you can’t have large or jumbo-sized locks if you’re going for sisterlocks. 

Plus the locks look great on short hair. This style can be even done for people with a teeny weeny afro. 

In reverse, nappylocs are quite versatile. NL tool kit used to do this type of lock. The tool comes in different sizes-

nappylocs are quite versatile
Size of LocksSize of Locks (Inches) Amounts of Locks
Large ½ 100 
Medium ⅓ 200
Small ¼ 300-400
Micro ⅛ 450-500
Mini micro Less than ⅛ 500+

Also, nappylocs look good in every type of hair, whether it be long or short. 

Which Costs Less? 

While getting locks, the cost is a super important concern. Because you have to fix a budget for this change. 

So, for sisterlocks, you have to spend lots of money. Firstly, you’ll need to book an appointment with a consultant. This will cost you about $50 to $80.  

Then you’ll need to pay $25 per hour for the first year of re-tightenings. This will come to an average of $125. 

However, this is just an average calculation. The price can vary depending on your hair type, length, and thickness. For example, for low-density hair types, the price is much lower. 

Now, as we’ve mentioned, nappylocs are done by a specific tool. It’s called the NL tool kit. It costs only about $10 to $24. 

Also, as you can’t get it done by experts, so you don’t have to pay extra money. However, if you choose salons for the job, the cost will be similar to sisterlocks. 

Which Is Easier to Install?

Now, sisterlocks are quite hard to install. Because they’re super tiny like micro locks. 

So, if you do it yourself, it’ll take lots of time (3-5 hours) and effort. Plus you might even seriously damage your hair. Either way, you’ll end up with nothing but tangled hair. 

That’s why experts suggest getting the locks installed by professionals. 

Now, for nappylocs, the installation process isn’t that hard. The locks are installed with the help of the NL tool kit. 

These types of locks are also called DIY locks. Because you can do it easily at home. Also, if you want to get it done by a professional, we’ve got some bad news. 

Among all the locks, it’s super difficult to find a nappyloc consultant or professional. Hence, doing it yourself is the fastest option.

Which One Is More Damaging for the Hair?

Now, you may know that installing locks involves pulling your hair. Therefore, your hair follicles can get damaged

However, the damage actually depends on you. More specifically- how you’re getting the locks installed. 

For example, if you do sisterlocks yourself and you’re not an expert. Then there’s a 90% chance that you’ll damage your hair. Doing the locks yourself can cause hair breakage. 

But if you get it done by a professional, your hair will be totally damage-free. Because the locks are made from the ends to your roots. 

Hence, there’s little to no pulling at the root of your hair. Therefore, your hair follicles will be safe and sound. 

Then with nappylocs, the possibility of hair damage is quite low. Yup, even though you’re doing the locks yourself. Because the installation process for this type of lock is pretty easy. 

Which Is More on the High Maintenance Side?

Now, your journey with locks doesn’t just end right after getting them. You have to take care of them. Otherwise, they’ll start unraveling.

Plus sometimes not looking after them can cause hair damage. And this might lead you to have broken hair standing on top of your hair.

Now, while taking care of your locks, your first concern might be how much it will cost. So, we’re here to answer that. 

For sisterlocks, you have to re-tighten them soon after getting it installed. More specifically, you’ll need to tighten the locks every 6-10 weeks. 

To re-tighten the locks, you’ll have to go to the same consultant. You’ll need to pay about $150 to $200. 

You’ll also have to use specific hair products while you have the locks. The products will be suggested by your consultant. 

Then for nappylocs, you don’t have to pay that much. Because you’ll be doing yourself. 

But if you want to get touch-ups by salons, you’ll have to pay $25 per hour. 

Sisterlocks or Nappylocs: Which One Is Better for You? 

So, which type of lock is better? 

Well, it depends on you as it’s your hair. But we can help you out a bit- 

nappylocs hairstyle

Firstly, if you can’t spend too much money on the locks. Then nappylocs is the one you should get. Because it’s easy to install and comes in different sizes. 

Furthermore, the cost of re-tightening is less expensive too. Now, to give you a helping hand, we’ve mentioned some common NL tools- 

minkissy 12pcs interlocking tool

Minkissy 12Pcs Interlocking Tool

easyloc hair tool

EasyLoc Hair Tool

Just use these to get happy nappylocs!! However, for more sizes, you can directly buy the tool kit from websites dedicated to nappylocs.

However, if you want to get tiny locks and can afford to get sisterlocks. Then it’s best to try out this hairstyle. Plus sisterlocks will give you a natural look. 

Nonetheless, it’s totally your call! So, be wise and pick the right one! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are sisterlocks and microlocks similar? 

Nope, they aren’t the same. The locking process of micro locks is similar to traditional locks. While sisterlocks are installed using an interlocking method. Furthermore, the cost for micro locks is much cheaper than sisterlocks.

Can I undo my sisterlocks? 

Yes, you can even though sisterlock is a permanent hairstyle. However, it takes lots of time and effort to undo the locks. Experts state the locks are easiest to undo within the 6 months development period.

Can nappylocs damage hair? 

Well, there’s a low chance of it happening. Because you don’t have to pull the hair at your roots that strongly. Thus, the hair follicles don’t get damaged. As a result, your hair stays safe.

Take Away 

That’s about it! We’re done providing info on sisterlocks vs nappylocs. Hopefully, you have made up your mind. 

By the way, if you’re an expert yourself, you can do the sisterlocks yourself. You can use the same tool as nappylocs to do it. Or you can even get the official sisterlocks tool.

Anyway, don’t forget to let us know how it goes. Good luck with installing locks!!

Katharyn Riedel

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