Straight Hair is Boring Hair: WRONG!

Everyone prefers that wavy texture in their hair. But ladies, we would like to say otherwise. Anyone who says, straight hair is boring hair: wrong! Yes, you’re seeing it right! 

Sure, it may not have the same level of variety as wavy or afro hairs. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. You can easily level up with your straight hair!

4 Haircuts That Will Compliment Your Straight Hair

With the correct haircut, you can rock with your straight hair. It’s time you ended this cycle of “boringness” and spice it up a little. 

To help you, we’ve made a list of hairstyles that’ll make anyone look sexy. 

Haircut 1: Layered Bangs

Layered bangs are quite easy to cut and maintain. It suits all types of faces; especially long and heart-shaped ones.  

Step-1: Create a Triangle 

Before doing anything, make sure your hair is dry. Now, start parting your hair. Then place the index finger in the middle. 

Touch the middle knuckle on the hairline. Now, the area touched by the tip is going to be your guide. 

Separate the hair and clip the rest of the hair. Now, create a triangle by making an upside-down V. 

The two points will be at the spot directly above the eyebrow’s arch.

Step-2: Cut the Hair

Wet the hair section now and cut at the length you desire. A good piece of advice is to cut the bangs at the chin area.

After that, comb it in parallel to the upside-down V. Cut some extra hair maintaining the same angle. This will thin out the hair.

If you want to blend the bangs more, bring hair from the middle part. Then repeat this step again. 

Step-4: Add a Finishing Touch

Dry the hair and cut vertically to give a flowery finish. When done, hold the extra hair and narrow the hair down maintaining the angle. 

Use a hair straightener or a round brush to add some waves. That’s it!

Haircut 2: Side-swept Bangs

When it comes to trendy hairstyles, side-swept bangs are one of them. Side-swept bangs are like layered bangs but a little different. 

Step-1: Prepare the Hair

As usual, determine the correct crown position. Then mark two spots that are directly above the eyebrow’s arch. Separate the hair accordingly and clip or tie the rest.

It’s time to choose the side where the bangs will fall. Experiment with the hair and check which side looks better.

Sway the hair to the opposite side of what you’ve selected. So, if you want bangs on the left side, sway the hair to right. 

side swept bangs
Source: Bebexo

Step-2: Cut the Bangs 

Bring the hair around your nose to start cutting. Take the scissors and cut them vertically.

cut the bangs
Source: Bebexo

If hairs aren’t staying on eyebrows, narrow them out. This way the bangs will stay on your eyebrows easily. 

Haircut 3: Pixie Cut 

If you like short hair, you can definitely try out a pixie cut. Plus pixie cut looks good on any face shape. It’s also super easy to maintain. 

pixie cut
Source: Pinterest

Step-1: Cut the Back Hair

Separate the back parts by running the comb through behind the ears. Tie or clip the front section now. 

When done, cut some hair vertically on the back center. Then cut a horizontal section of hair across the vertical section.

After finishing the back center area, gradually advance to either left or right side. Do the other side when done.

Step-2: Cut the Sides & Tops

Now, start cutting the sides the way you cut the back hair. Follow the same vertical and horizontal section as you cut the sides.

When the sides are done, cut the top hair and bangs respectively. Do it till it blends with the rest.

When done, dry out the hair completely. Cut some hair vertically to add a feathery finish.

Haircut 4: Angled Bob Cut 

As the name suggests, it’s angled diagonally. It’s short at the back and becomes longer at the front.

Angled Bob Cut
Source: Hair Adviser

Step-1: Separate the Hair Into 3 Sections

Run the comb ear to ear and separate the front and back section. After that, part the front section into 2 more sections. 

Use a hair tie or a clip to keep them separated.

Now, if your hair at the back is longer than shoulder-length you’ve to cut it. Use a hair tie and do a ponytail. Place it where you want to cut the hair.

Step-2: Cut the Back Hair

Now, cut the hair just beneath the hairtie. Use a good pair of shears. You can also use a trimmer to even it out.

Step-3: Cut the Side Hair

Now, it’s time to comb the side hair. When done, cut them using scissors or a razor.

Grab some more hair and keep repeating the process. This will add a layer and help it blend more.

Maintain the diagonal angle as you reach the front. When done, repeat the process on the other side. 

2 Tips To Follow While Cutting Hair

You can use some extra techniques to achieve the best haircut. They often prove to be super beneficial. 

Use a Hair Straightener

When cutting and styling, hairs can get messy. Use a hair straightener in that case. You can also add layers or add some waves to your hair.

Be Slow But Accurate

Haircuts can be lengthy. So, it’s better not to lose your patience. Be slow and thorough when cutting the hair. 

That was everything on straight hair is boring hair: wrong! If you liked these cuts, don’t hesitate to try them.

Finally, happy styling! 

Katharyn Riedel

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