Suitable Haircuts for Your Face Shape

style your hair according to your face shape.

Though you are beautiful in your own ways, try hairstyles that’ll suit your face shape. You’ve chosen the right article. We’ve got it all prepared for you.

So, let’s get started-

Identifying Face Shapes And Suitable Haircut For You 

First of all, let’s get introduced to the face shape and then identify your face shape. We usually don’t think much about our face shape. But you’ve to know more about it. 

It’s wise to identify what face shape you have. By now you might already think you have a face shape. Let’s examine if you’re appropriate and don’t worry if you don’t know. We got you covered-

Oval Face Shape

Oval face form is the most suitable face shape for a woman. So, we can easily get a perfect hairstyle when it comes to an oval face shape. Let’s know how we can identify an oval face shape-

  • Overall very proportionate
  • The jaws are not too pronounced. 
  • Cheek lines are longer 
  • Hairline is round

Haircuts For Oval Face Shape

According to studies, an oval is the optimal face shape for a woman. So, you already got the optimal face shape now you need to get a nice haircut.

We’d like to suggest an oval face shape with a blunt haircut. It’s better to keep it short and have a very edgy look. You can also go with long hair but better if it’s blunt. You can also try bangs and have fun.

Round Face Shape

The round face shape is simple but gorgeous. It’s just circular all the way. There are beautiful hairstyles for round face shapes.

  • Circular shape.
  • Cheekbones and jawlines are not very pronounced

Haircuts For Round Face Shape

Round is a very nice shape for a woman. We’d suggest you go with longer haircuts with more wispy layering at the ends. 

We’d suggest you not go with bob. Shorter haircuts might give you a look you don’t want to have. Wavy haircuts go best with round face shapes.

Oblong Face Shape

The oblong face shape is a mix between an oval and a square face shape. So, it might be a bit hard to notice.

  • The face is taller than it is broad.
  • Long, upright cheek line.
  • Chin is a bit more widened compared to other face shapes.

Haircuts For Oblong Face Shape

With an oblong face shape, you can add some beautiful volume to the centre. Go for haircuts that will make your cheekbones a bit wider. You can also go with shorter hair keeping your cheekbones wider.

Square Face Shape

The square face shape is a bit more figurative. It might not be a proper square. So, let’s know about the characteristics of the square face shape-

  • Strong and broad forehead.
  • The length and breadth are almost similar. Though it doesn’t really have to be perfect. It’s just a figurative shape.
  • The jaw is very pronounced and it’s angular

Haircuts For Square Face Shape

Let’s go over hairstyles for square face frames. Square faces do very well with bangs. Especially rounded-out bangs with slightly longer hairs will do very well.

Heart Face Shape

Heart face shape literally looks like a heart. Particularly for the rounded hairline.

  • The forehead is wider than the jaw.
  • Widened cheekbone
  • The jaw is pointy. Narrower compared to the other face shapes.

Haircuts For Heart Face Shape

A shorter haircut will be the best for heart face shape. You’ll want to add some volume to the chin area. Also, you can try a side-swept bang for your wider forehead. It’s better to keep it straight rather than add layering.

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape is more on the angular side. It’s a beautiful face shape. So, let’s know about it.

  • Sharp jawline which is usually very pointed.
  • The cheekbones are very pronounced. Very angular
  • The forehead will be a little bit on the smaller side widthwise. 

Haircuts For Diamond Face Shape

A shorter haircut will be amazing for this face shape. The hair comes down to the chin area. You should keep your cheekbones exposed. In that way, you’ll look gorgeous. We’d suggest a long haircut with straight hair and keeping your hair behind the ears. 

Hopefully, by now you’ve figured out your face shape. So, the hard part is done. Now it’s time for you to know nice haircuts according to your face shape.

Additional Tips

Now that you know all about the suitable haircuts for your face shape. Let’s take a glance at some important points-

How to Verify Which Hairstyle Amuses My Face Online?

Well, nowadays, everything is just a tap away. You might be questioning if there is any app that might help with your hairstyle. Yes, there are lots of them. You can check perfect 365, perfect hairstyle, hairstyle try on, etc. 

How Can I Be Sure Of Which Face Shape I Have?

If you’re not certain about your face shape, you can try some online face shape quizzes. Those quizzes will show you pictures of famous actresses or stars. You’ll have to guess the face shape. You’ll be an expert after some guesses you are right about. 

What Haircut Suits A Round Chubby Face?

There are numerous haircuts that flatter a round, chubby face. Smooth straight hair with a side parting, side fringes with feathery waves, and a bob cut are featured. Cuts and styles that help you provide the illusion of slimming down the roundness of your face and making it appear longer instead are required.

We really hope you’ve figured out your face shape and also a perfect haircut. No matter which hairstyle you choose, you’ll be beautiful. It’s always better to choose a hairstyle which you feel confident in.

Katharyn Riedel

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