The Biggest Nail Trends Of 2023

Covid 19 brought an immense change in the beauty world. And the change is inevitable in nail art.

Because of the pandemic, people got bored staying at home. Variation in nail art is the best out of boredom. There’s another reason too. 

The pandemic started causing panic. As a result, anxiety drove people to bite their nails. People wanted to stop biting nails and painting nails is a good way to stop it. 

We can see from bold metallic nail art to minimalistic french manicures. Also, a variety of simple and impressive designs have been all over our Instagram feed. 

Let’s know more about these trends in detail. So let’s read along- 

Nail Trends of 2023

Because of the lockdown, many of us started doing nail art at home with kits. We had time in our hands and it never hurts to express our artistic mindset. So, let’s get some ideas, shall we? 

Let’s see what nail art trends will be dominating this year- 

Springy Pastel Nails

Ashley Lane, a manicurist, offers a simple trick for these somewhat transparent pastel-toned tips. To achieve a more translucent appearance, simply add a few drops of topcoat to your preferred cream base.

springy pastel nails
Source: Pinterest

Statement Nails

Statement nails are back. But in a new unique way. Dinky phrases and words are written on nails, rather than a bold color, adorn nails. Manicures were used to encourage people to vote. People wrote their preferences in nails to voice their opinion in the US election last summer. 

But this year, they’ll be utilized to promote pleasure and agendas.

statement nails
Source: The list

Multi-Colored Nails

Own multiple colored nail polish? Paint your nails a different color on each nail in 2023. This trend is for individuals who want to make a big statement. You can paint your own nails? Go for this easy fashionable trend! 

So it’s by far the simplest method to bring attention to your nails. 

There are endless variations on this trend. Create a light-to-dark ombré look by keeping all of your paint in the same color family. Use a color wheel to select complementary colors. Or pick some new colors of 2023’s collections to paint your nails with.

multi-colored nails
Source: Who What Wear

Metallic Nails

One of the greatest trends to watch in 2023 is high-shine molten metals. Don’t limit yourself to just one color. Mix and match golds, silvers, and chrome. 

At the moment, chrome accents are huge. Chrome accents look especially good on a neutral or contrasting base. The quirky fad is already sweeping Hollywood. As nail queen, Kylie Jenner is routinely sporting the look. 

Metallic nails look great in almost any hue and look best with longer coffin-shaped nails.

Metallic Nails
Source: Pinterest

Green Nails 

For some reason, influencers really love the color green for their nails. Every shade of green on nails is trending because why not? It certainly has a calming vibe. There’s a  green color for every occasion and mood. 

Starting from quirky olive hues to classic chartreuse, mid-moss, and now, the impending brights.

Green Nails
Source: Fustany

Nude Coloured Nails 

Every season, the classic nude nail comes around. Because it’s easy to wear. It complements any type of skin, length, or shape. 

Wear your nude deeper and more saturated during the winter months. Save the brighter, peachier, and pinker tones for the spring and summer. It keeps your nails fashionable. 

Nude Coloured Nails
Source: Lady Life

Embellished Nails

This simple DIY manicure method resurfaced in 2019. And the popularity only grew when we were stuck at home in 2020. While salons remained closed, nail artists began purchasing custom press-on kits to deliver straight to their clients. 

By 2023, more individuals will be attempting it on their own. These are likely to be huge because of how simple they are to use. They provide salon-quality nail art at home. 

This would otherwise take hours and be expensive at a salon. They’re simple to customize in terms of shape, style, and color, and they last just as long.

Embellished Nails
Source: Pinterest

Remixed French Mani

The ‘90s are back with French Manicure. It’s been seen on celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently. But with little tweaks to make it appear more contemporary. 

Modernize your Frenchies with tapered squares or a long almond shape. Wear it with a fine white outline subtly. Opt for exaggerated tips by boosting the white accent. Or you can change up the color by substituting blue, gold, or coral for conventional white.

Remixed French Mani
Source: Pic-hose

So, that’s all about nail art trends of 2023. You can do these easily at home. You have your favorite color of nail polish and a bit of patience. You can also be adventurous and get a manicure kit and nail art supplies. Let your creativity set on your nails.

 Let us know what you try. Take care!

Katharyn Riedel

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