They Can Never Guess Your Age With These Short Hairstyles

Most mature women opt for short hairstyles. So it’s hard to pick some that don’t easily give away your year count. But if you pick the right one for you if you just pay attention to some aspects.

For example, go for haircuts that give you a fresh look and an optimistic outlook. A pixie cut for instance. This makes you look full of energy as well. 

A wispy hairstyle would do great for fine hair, to get rid of the lack of volume. Some bobs can bring out the natural features of the face to look youthful.

We’ve got the details of these styles just below, waiting for you-

4 Short Hairstyles to Get That Volume

We have 4 different hairstyles compiled here for you! They include the pixie and 3 different bobs. Don’t worry! They’re not the regular boring ones you see every day. To get a better idea, keep reading-

Pixie: Youthful & Fresh

First up, the pixie is the best choice for you if you have straight hair. Even better if you have high cheekbones! It’s the perfect partner for some rosy cheeks.


The Pixie goes well with any face shape, oval, round, or square. It can give you an energized look and make you feel youthful from the inside out. 

The short strands of hair on top of the hair tend to fluff up in this hairstyle. It can completely erase any flatness you had before with medium-long hair.

You can pair this up with highlights on top or some undercuts at the bottom. The highlights will look more trendy and on par with any hairstyle!

Wispy Bob: All About Volume

Next up, we have the wispy bob. You don’t need to worry about volume ever again with this hairstyle. The wispy tousled look on a bob is all the rave right now. 

Wispy Bob
Source: It’s Rosy

Pairing this hairstyle with some layers at the back will enhance the volume. It will also give your head a nice shape. Sideway bangs at the front would be superb.

This is a hairstyle that looks good on different colors of hair. However, lighter hues are a better choice for this. This is because the uneven colors and the shadows help with the volume as well. Some highlights would do justice to this bob, so you should definitely try that!

Side Bob: Contour And Highlight

If you’re one of those who possess a beautiful long face, this is the one for you. A side bob will highlight your facial features, such as your jawline or cheekbones. Your face won’t look too small because of the bangs in front since it’s long. That is, oval or the like.

You can either do a regular sideway bob or one with a side cut. The side cut one like shown in the picture above, is trendier. However, many are not comfortable with it. But do know that you can pull it off just fine! Give it a try once, you won’t regret it.

If you have curly hair, you shouldn’t pass up on this style. On the other hand, this might look flat on straight hair. Wavy hair is also well-suited to this style.

Layered Bob: More Dimensions

Last but certainly not least, we have the layered bobs. This will bring you definition and the finesse you’re looking for.

A layered bob has all the pros packed in one. It will give you volume, edge, contour, elegance, all in one. You can layer it as you like, angled layers are your best bet.

This hairstyle looks good with all hair colors, but dark hair slays the look. You might want to dye your roots dark if you have light hair color. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic hairstyle to go for.

Extra Tips

Are you still having a bit of a hiccup? We’ll help, check these QnA’s out-

Why should I go for a short hairstyle?

Maintenance of long hair is often troublesome, especially if you have a busy schedule. Moreover, hair tends to get thinner with age. A short hairstyle can turn that into strength than a flaw.

Should I try these haircuts at home?

You can try a regular pixie cut or wispy bob at home. They are pretty basic haircuts. However, we recommend seeking professional help for sideway or layered bobs.

What hair color should I go for if I have thin hair?

You should pick a hair color close to your skin tone. Paler skin color would demand silver hair in this case. And warmer skin color should be paired with brown or balayage.

You made it to the end! Now you decide if they can never guess your age with these short hairstyles or not. I’m sure we know the answer to that already!

Stay tuned for more content like this and to be up to date with trends and fashion. Parting ways here now, bye!

Katharyn Riedel

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