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While getting a pedicure is always a good time investment, it also often unsettles the fingers. You or your pedicurist often have to get through to different sections of the nails, which can lead to itching issues. 

There are various reasons for toes itching after a pedicure. These include peeling at calloused heels, unnoticeable hangnails, excessive acetone use or even pushing the cuticles.

What Causes Your Feet To Itchy After A Pedicure?

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Sitting down for a pedicure might be a rewarding experience. However, after all the pampering, you might sometimes notice an unusual injury or feeling in your feet. It could be due to various reasons (other than just an infection!).

Here are the top reasons you could be experiencing toe itching after a pedicure issue:

  1. Allergies. It’s possible that your skin or body parts may have reacted with the products used in the pedicure. It could be the lotion, the acetone, or the tools.
  2. Ingrown toenails. Pedicures are notable for being rigorous foot care procedures. The pedicure might have compromised the structure of your nails. A common cause of sign of this issue can be the red itchy toe after pedicure issue.
  3. Bacteria and dirt. Dirt and bacteria can lead to infections on various sections of the toenail. The first sign is usually an itch. Many people in this category often experience folliculitis after pedicure issues.
  4. Dry skin. Dry skin can also occur because of the excessive use of some procedures and resources like acetone. It could also be itchy cuticles on toes.
  5. Excessive scrubbing. While scrubbing is important for nail care, it excessively damages the nail structure.
  6. Nail polish remover. Using products like nail polish remover regularly without breaks can lead to long-term nail damage.

The Science Behind The Itch

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The “Science behind the itching issue varies!”. It could be because you might have compromised the natural pH balance of your body. 

The traditional pedicure process involves various products, most of which contain chemicals. These chemicals can sometimes compromise the natural pH levels of the skin. 

Plus, removing calluses or blisters on the sole using excessive force can also lead to the toes itching after a pedicure issue. It’s one of the main reasons why do my toes itch after a gel pedicure.

The other factor to consider in the science of toe itching is fungal infections. These tend to occur when fungs penetrate the nail through sections like small cuts or cracks. 

The infections can advance, causing a thick layer of skin develops. When exposed to pressure, such as through pumice stones and acetone, this can also lead to itching complications. 

Did You Have an Allergic Reaction to The Pedicure?

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Even though issues like alkaline reactions will lead to itching, redness, and swelling, allergic reactions are also common. It can cause your feet to swell and even lead to issues like rashes. Usually, these alkaline solutions irritate the skin, and compromise its pH levels. 

Many cite this as the common cause of allergic reactions in legs after pedicure.

An allergic reaction is different from an alkaline reaction and is also common for the toes itching after pedicures complication.

However, there is no way of telling if an alkaline reaction is the main cause of the itching. Instead, we recommend you use various techniques to restore your toenails. 

It could be an infection or a small wound on your nail bed. Remember to also be keen on the common signs of infection after pedicure.

Tips for Avoiding Toes Itching After Pedicure

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Here are some tips you should consider for avoiding toe itching after a pedicure:

  1. Pick the right nail salon. Ensure you perform research on nail salons in your area. Ask for reviews, and be keen on the practices of the professionals there.
  2. Bring your own supplies. When possible, inform the pedicuring about the preference for using your supplies. Doing this will make avoiding infections easier due to shared resources.
  3. Ask for disposable tools. Again, ask for this alternative when using something other than shared resources. 
  4. Avoid excessive soaking. Oversoaking your feet in resources like acetone or footbaths for excessive periods is harmful.
  5. Dry your feet thoroughly. Ensure your feet, including the nail care products, are dry before wearing shoes.
  6. Avoid excessing rubbing. Doing this helps you avoid the likelihood of an allergic reaction to pedicure scrub issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Are My Toes Red and Itchy After a Pedicure?

There are various reasons why your toes are red and itchy after a pedicure. It could be to issues like infections, cuts, or excessive use of products like acetone. Be keen on any signs of physical damage to the structure of your nails.

How Do I Get My Toes to Stop Itching?

There are various ways to get your toes to stop itching. You can use antifungal sprays, creams, H1 blocker antihistamines, and anti-itch medication. The best technique depends on your preferences and the expected results.

How Do I Know if I Got an Infection From a Pedicure?

There are various ways to tell if you have an infection from a pedicure. It could be signs of swelling, itching, pain, or bacteria. Issues like yellowing toenails can also be significant infection signs.

Can You Get a Foot Infection From a Pedicure?

Yes, its possible to get an infection from a pedicure. It could be due to issues like lack of hygiene at the pedicure salon, which is a common issue. Be keen when choosing a suitable salon for the best results.

There are various reasons why your toes are itching after a pedicure. It could be due to allergic reactions, excessive product use, or lack of proper hygiene. Regardless of the cause, you must maintain your nails for the best health results.

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