Why Do Guys Paint Their Nails Black And Why Is It Trending?

In the past year or so, guys painting their nails black has been increasingly popular. If you want to know about the reasons, we’ve got plenty to tell you.

There are a lot of interesting theories regarding painting nails black. This trend has reached groups of diverse men. Does painting nails signify anything?

So the question remains –  why do guys paint their nails black?

There are a number of reasons why a guy can paint their nails black. Sometimes, to express their status or their opinion, a guy might paint his nails black. And at other times, they might do it for any social cause. Wearing black polish is also a very trending fashion statement at the moment. There are many other reasons, one of which is expressing sexuality.

These are some of the reasons why guys paint their nails black. However, if you want to know more about this trend of nail polish then read along. It’ll only take a moment.

So, why wait? Let’s get into it-

Can Guys Paint Their Fingernails Black?

Of course, they can. Nail polish has never been limited to a certain gender. In fact, the only reason that kept men from using nail polish was the established belief of a society. 

But in this decade, we’ve broken several stereotypical norms. One of them being the use of nail polish by men. This changes the perspectives of society and allows men to express themselves through this statement. Nowadays, people growing their pinky nails is also a statement.

guy with black nails
Source: LDNfashion

But why black nail polish? Does it imply anything? Let’s find out-

What Does Wearing Black Nail Polish Mean?

Turns out, black is not only for gothic fans after all. It has more meaning to it than any other color. Wearing black has been a fashion statement for women and men.

The color black might imply a lot of things. It’s the darkest color there is, so there’s a mystery to it. Black is known for hiding and masking things. It also complements all the other colors available.

Now, we know men prefer choosing and wearing basic and dark colors. This makes black the most common color for them to choose. Given the fact that most men have trouble identifying or differentiating shades of colors. 

For instance, if you’re a person who loves to wear basic colors, black would be the easiest option. That’s because this simple yet chic color complements anyone and everyone. And that’s why black has become a staple color for men. 

Not only that, this color helps a man to stand out and get attention. Which they think makes them attractive and appealing to women.

Also, there are a lot of other meanings for wearing black. For example, black is considered a masculine color. And might sometimes imply male authority or dominance. It’s also a great color to protect nails and keep them healthy. This is why a lot of men at an early age use the color black for everything. But again everyone has their own purpose of using or wearing a certain color.

Reasons Why Guys Paint Their Nails Black

Many of us have been wondering the reasons why painting the nails black has become so popular. What could be the reasons? Don’t worry! We’ll be addressing your concerns and make sure you catch up on all that you’ve missed. 

We’ve found out plenty of reasons why guys are painting their nails black. Let’s take a look at some of them-

Expressing Their Status

Like we mentioned before, for some reason, black indicates the status of a man in society. So you now know why a man might want to polish their nails black. Simply to express their current status and where they belong. 

For example- members of biker gangs and rock bands might wear black nail polish as a symbol of unity. 

Also, wearing black nail polish gives a subtle indication of the authoritative position a man holds. This makes a man stand out from a crowd and might catch the attention of women.

It’s Simply By Choice

It’s not unlikely that a man loves to paint nails. So it could be possible that he finds nail polish fascinating despite what society thinks. 

It might be that there is no reason for him to wear black nail polish at all. He simply wants to wear nail polish for fun! In that case, black nail polish is a common choice.

Participating In The Polished Man Movement

In case you haven’t heard, polished man is a movement for violence against children. This is an online movement where a person will paint any one of the fingernails. This is an act of support for abused children under the age of 18. 

This movement might’ve had a big impact on the nail polish trend. That’s because the #polishedman movement went viral. And many of the celebrities were seen participating in the movement. 

Inspired by the celebrities, a lot of people started catching on to this trend and polished their nails. Although this movement doesn’t restrict the nail polish to one color only. But a lot of the guys were already painting their nails black.

So, if you see a man wearing black nail polish, he might be involved in the movement.

Expressing Their Sexuality

Nail polish is not anything new in the LGBTQ community. It’s common for a homosexual or transgender man to paint his nails black. This is a way of expressing his sexuality and gender fluidity out to the world. In this community, wearing nail polish [not only in black] is a statement. 

For them wearing nail polish is one way to ask for freedom and acceptance in society. In recent years, black nail polish is now more than a statement. It’s an expression for people whose voices are not heard.

expressing their sexuality
Source: Beyond Polish

However, not everyone in the community is wearing black nail polish for the movement. They simply love nail art and want themselves to look appealing. It might be that their interest has led them to wear black nail polish.

Protecting Nails Using Nail Polish

If you didn’t know, nail polish can be useful for a number of things!. This might lead a man to wear nail polish. Nail polishes are not only used for beauty anymore. Some nail polishes are made with SPF. This protects the nails from any sun damage.

Not only that, but nail polishes can also help to heal your broken nail. If you’ve accidentally broken or cut your nails, then you can put on a coat of nail polish. That’ll help the nails to heal quicker. You can also cover up your internal toenail injuries with black nail polish.

Here are some suggestions on which black polishes can protect you:

sally hansen miracle gel nail polish 101 top coat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish 101 Top Coat

revlon nail enamel

Revlon Nail Enamel, Chip Resistant Nail Polish

Using any of these products helps to protect the nails and keep them healthy. So, a guy putting on a coat of black nail polish can also be for emergency purposes.

Redefining Masculinity

Just like any other social stigma, masculinity also has been a hot topic. Society sees masculinity a certain way. A lot of people stand against that.

redefining masculinity
Source: Beyond Polish

In order to express their stance against the toxic culture of masculinity, a lot of men wear nail polish of different colors. But black is the most common one.  

Fashion Accessory

Yes! Along with women, men are also conscious of their physical appeal. So, they have started to match their outfits with black nail polish. Some of the designers dress the male models with matching black nail polish. Wearing black nail polish has become a trend in the high fashion world.

These are some of the reasons that justify why guys paint their nails black.

Why Are Guys Painting Their Nails Black Nowadays?

Guys painting nails aren’t something new. But why is it trending now? Is this only a trend that will go away after a while? Or is this a permanent revolution?

Let’s see why certain individuals are promoting the use of black nail polish today:


Significance of Black Nail Polish


For protecting nails


Confidence boost/ statement


Nail hardening purpose

Musicians/ Actors



Fashion Statement

You see as mentioned above, painted black nails have various meanings. It depends from person to person why one would do so.

To be honest, painting nails black or any other color simply uplifts people’s confidence. And these professionals also encourage others to do so. 

Because men should be able to paint their nails without them being feminine. We should let people do what makes them happy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it weird for a guy to paint his nails black?

Absolutely not! Just like any woman, men should be able to wear nail polish if they want. If wearing nail polish boosts their confidence, they should wear nail polish. Wearing nail polish is a kind of self-expression and men have the right to do so.

Why do straight guys paint their nails?

There are many reasons why guys could paint their nails. Even if it’s for expressing their status, expressing their opinions, or simply for fun. Wearing nail polish has become quite the fashion statement in recent days.

Do guys wear clear nail polish?

Yes, guys wear clear nail polish. Because clear nail polish gives a healthy shine to the nails. And guys can wear clear nail polish if they want healthy nails.

Signing Off

We hope by now you know why guys wear black nail polish. This trend is very important for breaking the stigmas of any society. We hope we’ve answered your question: why do guys paint their nails black?

Let us know your take on this debatable issue in the comment section.

Till then, live and let live.

Katharyn Riedel

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