Why Do Headbands Give Me A Headache? -Solutions Given!

Who doesn’t love wearing headbands? Well, a lot of people do and it’s quite trendy. Plus it gives you a look of fashion and an easy makeover.

But headbands are not always fun. Because they can be the reason for your headache.

But you may wonder- why do headbands give me a headache?

Well, it’s because tight headbands reduce the blood flow. It also stretches the hair from the scalp and creates stress on scalp tissue. Eventually, this leads to external compression headaches and more.

To know more about this, keep reading. We’ve also mentioned how to get rid of headaches after wearing a headband. Let’s find out how to do so!

Can Headbands Give You A Headache?

Yes, of course, headbands can give you a headache. Mostly, tight headbands are responsible for your headache. Because they can trigger certain types of pains. There are even some headbands that stretch the hair excessively. Those can also give you a headache.

Now you should learn why headbands give you a headache. That’s explained in the next segment.

Why Do Headbands Give Me A Headache?-Explained!

You might just wear the headband and wonder why it’s giving you a headache? Well, headbands can give you a headache for multiple reasons.

Thus, we’ve discussed them below. So read on.

So what happens is, you tie or use a headband that is too tight. Because you want to tame the frizzy hair all over your head. So you wear that for a longer period like the whole day. For the whole time, the headband stretches your head back. There’s some tension between the scalp and the hair roots.

Because the band is pulling the hair back from the roots. So it gets painful. If the band is too tight, you may experience pain right after wearing the band.

That’s one reason for having a headache. But do you know what sort of headaches headbands trigger? It’s alright if you don’t know yet. Because we’ll explain that to you.

So the headache we feel from headbands is called external compression headache. 

When you wear something tight over your forehead or scalp, you get a compression headache. Hats, goggles, headbands, and stuff like these can give you an external compression headache. . The phrase “external compression headache” is because they are caused by pressure from outside your body.

To be more specific, the headaches are a result of pressure on pain receptors. Or you can say that the pressure is in the pain fibers in the trigeminal nerve. That transmits sensation from the face to the brain, or on neurons at the back of the head.

The compression headache has some symptoms that you can check to be sure. So here are some of the symptoms-

  • A constant, non-pulsing ache
  • Not having additional symptoms like nausea or dizziness
  • A pain that subsides within an hour of the pressure source being removed

Now we know the symptoms of the external compression headache. But you can also look for signs if headbands can also trigger migraines. Because sometimes the compression headache can turn into migraine pain.

In that case, look for the following symptoms-

  • throbbing pain on one or both sides of your head 
  • light, sound, and touch sensitivity
  • vomiting and nausea
  • distorted vision

You may notice these symptoms. If you do then know that the compression headache turned into a migraine.

To be more sure, you can visit the doctor. He will suggest some tests and checkups based on your symptoms. So before you try self-diagnosing yourself, do consult with your doctor. 

How to Get Rid of The Headache?- 4 Easy to Follow Steps

The headache from headbands can be really annoying. If it somehow ended up triggering migraines, that’s even more pathetic. But don’t worry, here are some primary steps to get rid of the pain.

Just follow the steps and you’ll feel relieved. 

Take Away The Band That’s Causing The Problem

First, you’ll have to remove the band that’s causing the problem. But be careful while removing the band. And make sure to comb the hair properly after removing the band. Otherwise, your hair will remain tangled and turn into hair that looks like a rat’s nest.

Now after you’ve detangled your hair and removed the band, check out the next steps.

Take Medicine If The Migraine Has Been Triggered

We’ve already mentioned that the headache can trigger migraines. In that case, you have to take painkillers. But it would be better if you ask your doctor about the painkiller that’s suitable for you.

take medicine
Source: popsugar.com

If you already have medications available for migraines, do consume that. Then follow the next steps.

Loosen up The Hair for The Next Few Hours

The hair has been stretched a lot by the headband. So it’s time that you loosen up the hair. For that, do not tie the hair at all for the next 6-8 hours. In between these hours, do not wrap the hair with anything. Just leave the hair untied.

This will help in easing the pain.  Your scalp muscles will also get relaxed. 

Give Yourself A Head Massage

When you wear a tight headband, a lot of things happen. Due to the tightness, the regular blood flow is restricted. A lack of blood flow can cause headaches. So if you want to increase the blood flow, a head massage can do the work.

You can use your hands to give yourself a head massage. Or you can use a massaging tool to help with that.

We’ve been using a few head massagers lately. They work just fine. You can also check them out.

usaga head massager scalp scratcher

USAGA Head Massager Scalp Scratcher

latme electric scalp massager

LATME Electric Scalp Massager

Soon the headache will be gone if you use these. Next time if you want to avoid these sorts of headaches, just avoid tight headbands.

You’ll be just fine.

How to Wear A Headband Without Getting A Headache?

Well, wearing a headband and not getting a headache isn’t very common. But you can still try to follow our suggestions to see if you feel better wearing a headband.

So you need to choose headbands that are made of fiber. Preferably get either cotton or velvet hairbands. Avoid the spiky or plastic headbands that hurt the scalp. 

Before wearing the headband, you have to comb the hair properly.  Here, try to wear the headband 4-5 inches inside of your hairline. Then adjust it with your neckline.

Take out the hairband once every two hours. Then give yourself a head massage.

This way, you can wear a headband without getting a headache. Even if you do get one, we’ve mentioned the remedies before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I wear a tight headband for an hour?

No, it’s advisable that you wear off any sort of tight headband immediately. And if you keep on wearing it, the headache will only worsen.

Are headbands bad for your hair?

Yes, almost all headbands can be bad for your hair if that’s tight. Because that’ll put pressure on the hair. And you’ll also see hair breakage.

Can I use a loose crunchy to avoid headaches?

Yes, you can use a loose crunchy to avoid headaches. But it’s preferable if you tie the hair closer to the end and far from the scalp. So that there’s less stretching on the muscles.

Wrapping Up

You made it to the end of this article. And here we part our ways. But you’ve got to know-why do headbands give me a headache.

Hope you got your answer properly. If there’s any confusion, do comment below.

Till then bye!

Katharyn Riedel

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