Why Is My Black Hair Turning Gold?- Your Problem Solved!

Your lusciously beautiful hair is losing its pigment. And it is almost turning gold. Are you wondering why this might be happening to you? Well, we’ve got you a guide to help you out. 

So, why is my black hair turning gold?

Your hair might be turning gold due to the pollution outside. It can also be due to high sun exposure. Moreover, harsh chemicals in water can also affect your hair color. Besides, your health might also be considered a factor. Furthermore, sometimes your hair might lose pigment due to melanin depletion.

Well, these are just some of the reasons why your hair might be turning gold. However, to know more about the solutions, scroll down below to find out!

Can My Hair Turn To Gold From Black? 

Yes, your hair actually can turn from black to gold. Now, don’t worry it can happen to any person. Most of the time, there’s nothing to freak out about. But just to be sure you can go see a professional and they can have a look at it.

However, if you feel any sort of discomfort go to the ER immediately! Especially if the root of that strand hurts or your skin is irritated.

At times your golden hair can even be considered lucky. The black hair turning golden can be considered lucky in some countries. This is because it represents the sun symbol! 

Your hair can turn gold in sections or strands. It also can start changing color from the crown or from the end. Thus you can simply embrace it. Or you can check out some of our solutions below to help you out!

What Causes My Black Hair To Turn Gold?

There can be a lot of contributing factors to your hair turning golden. Now in this section, we’re first going to discuss chunks of hair turning golden altogether. 

After that, we’re going to talk about a few strands turning gold at a time. But first, let’s have an overview of the causes:

All Of My Hair Turns GoldenA Few Strands Turning Golden
External EnvironmentGenetical Reasoning
Sun ExposureMelanin Depletion 
Harsh ChemicalsHormonal Imbalance
Mineral Deposits In Harsh Water

All Of My Hair Turns Golden

Now sometimes, all your hair from the top or bottom section can turn golden. This can be due to environmental factors, harsh chemicals, etc. But don’t worry, this can be cured to some extent. So, let’s check them out!

Reason 1 of 4: External Environment

Your hair might also change color due to the environment around you. That is if the area you live in is very dusty or polluted, your hair color might be affected.

Moreover, ionizing radiation can also cause the fading of color. This is because these negative ions attract dust. So, we have to protect our hair from the external environment.

external environment
Source: OrissaPOST


Now, normally we’d suggest getting rid of the problem. But here it would mean relocating, which might be out of the picture. So here are some quick solutions.

Well, you can start by covering your hair with a scarf whenever you’re out. Or you can also tie or scrunch up your hair to lessen the damage. 

Besides, you might need to do hair masks and hair treatments to maintain it. Hot oiling can help reduce this damage. Or you can even try aloe Vera masks in your hair. This will help with the harm caused due to the environment. 

The effect of these might subside over a period of 2 to 3 months. But given that your hair is constantly battling this environment, you need to start protecting it. 

Reason 2 of 4: Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can damage your hair color pretty badly. The radiation in the sun can be very harmful to your hair. 

Moreover, the sunlight might slightly burn your hair, which causes the fading in your hair mostly. That is, the UV rays decolorize the melanin pigment in your hair. And thus this disbalance turns your hair gold. 

And the sun rays might affect the most during noon. Therefore, you need to protect it the most from 12 to 3 p.m. Also, avoid staying in the sun for more than 2 hours. 


Now there are a few different things you can do to protect your hair. First, start by protecting your scalp. You can use sunblock for your scalp. Therefore when you go to the store, you might want to consider purchasing these. 

Along with using products you can also do hair masks to prevent this damage. You can use a restorative mask for the utmost benefit. 

Moreover, you can also cut back on shampoo. Start by shampooing 3 times a week. And then slowly reduce it to 2 times a week! This will help to retain the natural protectants in your hair And finally, you can also use a hat to cover your hair!

Reason 3 of 4: Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals such as chlorine in the water that change the color of your hair. It especially might happen at the end portion of your hair. 

Now if you’re a person who swims almost regularly, this might happen to you. This is because swimming water contains a chemical called chlorine. One of the properties of chlorine is to lighten anything and that also includes your hair.

In this case, your hair might get bleached at the end portion. Thus this might be the reason your hair turning golden brown or golden. 

hair turning golden brown
Source: Joico


Now to prevent this wear a silicone hair cap when swimming. This will neatly secure your hair from these harsh chemicals in your pool. 

Moreover, if you don’t have a cap with you, you can try this. So, before entering the swimming pool, you can wet your hair. This will reduce the amount of chlorine water that absorbs into your hair. Thus it causes less harm to your hair. 

Furthermore, you can also use different oils to help you with this. You can apply coconut, olive or Moroccan oil to your hair before you go swimming. This will help to keep the chemicals away!

Also if you’re concerned about olive oil fading your hair color, don’t worry. Because it’ll only lighten chemical dye colors. 

Besides these, you can also use protective hair sprays. This will pretty much keep any chemicals out of your hair, thus keeping it healthy.

Reason 4 of 4: Mineral Deposit Due To Hard Water

Hard water contains minerals that might not be very good for your hair. Minerals like calcium, zinc, and sulfur affect your hair. This is another reason why your black hair turned brassy

black hair turned brassy
Source: Belegenza


Firstly, you can try and install a water softener shower head. The water after you install the softener will become cleaner. And therefore this will be healthier for your hair. You can also use a clarifying shampoo to reduce the damage. 

Besides these, you can also try to do a citrus and vinegar rinse. These have vitamin B and C in them and thus it is really good for your hair.

For the vinegar rinse, you need to mix apple cider vinegar, dark beer, and water. You’ll have to add it in the ratio 1:6:32. Then you can apply it. Similarly, for the citrus rinse, mix you can add one part lemon juice to two parts water.

Now for both these mixtures, you need to apply it to your hair thoroughly, Then wait for 10 mins and rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

A Few Strands of My Hair Turning Golden

Now, not always will chunks of hair change colors at once. Sometimes it can also be a couple of strands at once. So let’s check out the reason for this.  

Reason 1 of 3: You Might’ve Inherited It

Now, you might have this condition due to your genes. Your parents or any blood relative might have gold hairs, and it was passed down to you. This is because you have a recessive gene of gold hair.


Well, the solution for this can be for you to embrace it. But if you want, you can even color it. Plus there is a natural and chemical option for you to color your hair. 

You can use regular dye to color your hair. Or you can use the non-chemical one. Henna is a good alternative that doesn’t expire. Thus you can use this to get a dark brown hue!

Moreover, you can also use bhringraj leaves and curry leaves as well. These mixed with oil can help color your hair darker!

You can also use color-correcting purple shampoo to eliminate this gold color. This might not remove the color that much, but will surely even your hair out!

Reason 2 of 3: Change In Melanin Pigment Proportion

Sometimes a depletion in melanin pigment proportion can cause a change in color. Now, this might happen naturally to anyone over the age of 50. And then there’s no going back.

But if you’re someone younger than 50, you might find the solution helpful!

Lack of nutrients can reduce the production of melanin. This happens because due to nutrition deficiency the melanocyte cells die. Therefore, to replenish these cells you need to have a more balanced diet.


higher copper and iron diet
Source: BBC Good Food

For this, you can have a higher copper and iron diet. Add leafy greens, nuts seeds, liver to your daily diet for healthy hair growth.

Moreover, there are supplements you can take to increase the melanin level in your body. Or you can also take it to maintain the level. This way, your hair will remain black!

Along with iron and copper, your diet should also include vitamin B12 and catalase-rich food. Therefore, you need to add leafy greens and vegetables to your diet. 

Otherwise, you can opt for B-12 supplements. To make it a little easier for you, here are a few recommendations:

sugarbearhair vitamins

SugarBearHair Vitamins

hair gummy vitamins

Hair Gummy Vitamins

Try these out and you’ll not be disappointed!

Meat, fish, eggs, and milk, etc are also high in vitamins. Moreover, you can eat broccoli, cucumber, peaches, apples, etc. to get your daily dose of catalase-rich food!

Reason 3 of 3: Hormonal Imbalance

Your hormones can play a big role when it comes to melanin production. Thus any change in your hormonal level will also reduce and increase melanin production accordingly. 

You might have this condition if you feel tired, restless, and sleepy all the time. Also, if you notice any change in your body in any way. 

Hormonal levels can be affected by stress levels, puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, etc.

hormonal imbalance
Source: Dailyhunt


For this, you might want to get it checked by a physician. According to their diagnosis, this might give you the right treatment for your condition.

Hormonal imbalances are normal for everyone. Therefore, if you notice a change in your body, you should go get it checked by a professional!

Lastly, if you’re unable to pinpoint what your problem might be, it’s better to have it checked. A professional will be able to help you out in the best way possible. Moreover, with an accurate diagnosis, your problem might be solved faster!

Extra tips: For people with special abilities, it is important to have supervision around.  So, in case you need help, you’ll have somebody around. 

Well, this is basically how you can cure your problem. You basically have to figure out what might’ve triggered your problem. And then you can treat it accordingly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What causes golden brown hair?

A pigment known as brown eumelanin without any other pigment can cause this. This is because this produces a yellowish blond shade that makes your hair look blonde. This works mostly on medium to thick hair strands on brown-haired people.  

Does your hair change every 7 years?

Yes, your hair most likely changes over the period of 4 to 7 years. And thus every 7 years you technically have brand new hair on your head, this is because the old hair has cycled out with the new hair. 

Does UV light make your hair grow?

UV light does make your hair grow. This is because UV light increases hair growth through cell division. Thus it encourages hair growth. Moreover, it also kills bacteria, improving hair health. 


That basically was the end of this segment. Hope you learned more about your ‘why is my black hair turning gold’ problem. 

For more inquiries, you can reach out to us down below.

Besides, you don’t actually have to follow these solutions religiously. If you want, you can just flaunt your natural hair the way that is. Plus a little spark of golden on your hair might look very unique and nice on you. So, just embrace it!

Well, this is it. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead, until next time, goodbye!

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