Why Is My Hair Shorter in the Back? [Problem Fixed]

It’s common to get worried if your hair is uneven. Because it might make your appearance a bit odd. That’s why it’s best to quickly look for answers to solve the problem. 

So, give it a thought- why is my hair shorter in the back?

To be honest, it’s a common problem for people with dry and damaged hair. Then if you have curly hair, maybe the curl pattern isn’t the same. Sometimes, unusual scalp conditions can cause the problem too. Lastly, sleeping with unprotected hair and tying hair too tightly is also responsible. 

Now, this short preview might not be 100% clear to you. This is why we’ve broken down each reason and provided a solution. 

Therefore, don’t miss out on the important information!! 

Is the Back of Your Hair Supposed to Be Shorter than the Front?

Now, it’s not abnormal to have longer front hair. Because if you didn’t know, our hair grows at different rates. Some hair strands can grow faster than others. 

Therefore, if you have longer front hair and shorter back hair, don’t worry! It’s normal! 

Sometimes, people get the haircut- bobbed hair shorter at back. This can give your hair an uneven length. So, you’ll have shorter hair at the back and longer at the front.

However, some other factors can cause this uneven hair situation. And that’s when you should get a little bit worried. 

Why Is Your Hair Short at the Back? 

You might have had even hair length for a while. Suddenly, you’re noticing the hair in the back is shorter. 

Well, there are 5 factors responsible for this sudden change. To help you out, here’s the basic info about them- 

Reasons Solutions
Damaged hair Trim and moisturize your hair. Also, eat healthy. 
Different curl pattern Trim your hair.
Unusual scalp conditionsAsk help from a dermatologist.
Tight hairstylesTrim hair. 
Sleeping with tightly tied hair or hair downGive a straight cut. Before sleeping, loosely tie hair.

Now, that you have seen the preview, let’s get into the details-

Your Curl Patterns Are Different 

Now, people with curly hair often go through this problem. So, asking yourself-

why is my curly hair shorter in the back?

Well, that’s because of their curl patterns. Not every hair strand curls the same way. It can be that the front hair is less curly than the back. Hence, they see shorter back hair even when the hair isn’t damaged. 

Hair at the Back Is Damaged and Dry 

The reason behind the back hair being shorter is dry and damaged hair. Oftentimes, people don’t look after their back hair like their front hair. 

Sometimes, back hair doesn’t straighten or curl easily. Thus, you might use more heat on that part of the hair. This only makes the hairdryer and more damaged. 

Thus, you’ll see split ends and your hair will easily break at the back. Sometimes as the hair is dry, it won’t grow as fast as the front hair. The ultimate result is you’ll have short back hair. 

Sleeping with Hair Down or Tight Braids 

Still didn’t get your answer as to why is hair shorter back than front? 

Well, maybe you aren’t protecting your hair while sleeping. Because that way, your hair will create friction with your pillowcase and bed sheet. This will lead it to have knots in it. 

In the morning while brushing the hair, there’s a chance to break off your hair strands. Hence, the back of your hair can have a shorter length than the front. 

Also, tightly braiding your hair can also do the same. 

Doing a Tight Braid, Bun, or Ponytail Daily

Now, tight ponytail, braid, or even bun can be really cool hairstyles. They can give you an edgy look.

They also keep you fresh and cool during summer. Moreover, female athletes have to keep their hair up tightly. Otherwise, focusing on the game can be a great problem. 

By doing these hairstyles, you can damage your hair. Because tightly tying your hair can later weaken your hair follicles. This ends up you having uneven strands of hair

Now, the hair at the back gets thinned out the most by doing these hairstyles. Also, the back hair can get damaged and break while pulling off your ponytail. 

All of this makes your hair length seem uneven later on. Moreover, tight and high hairstyles can cause your head to hurt.

How Do You Fix Uneven Hair?

Now, even if there’s lots of reason why your hair is uneven, the solution is simple. Thus, no need to get worried and just follow our lead-

Trim Your Hair at an Even Length 

Now, the best way to resolve unevenness in hair is by trimming it. You can easily bring your front and back at a similar length this way. So, either do it at home or take help from someone at a salon. Just make sure to cut the hair at an even length. 

Now, how to trim hair at home?

Well, if you’re willing to trim your hair short, use sharp pair of scissors. More specifically, get the scissors that are used in the salon. 

Then wet your hair a little so that it stays flat. Next, tie your hair into two ponytails. Make sure they’re tied with the rubber bands at a similar length. Then use your scissors and start cutting your hair. Trim a little if the length is still uneven. 

Now, if you want to try something new, we urge you to go for some great haircuts. These will make you look good too. For example, you can try out an angled bob cut or any other short bob hair cuts!

Moisture Your Damaged Hair

So, how to revive damaged back hair? 

Well, firstly, you have to trim the damaged part of the hair. Then you’ll have to moisturize the back hair. For that, apply moisturizing oil to your hair. You can use the same oil that you use to detangle the sudden knots in your hair

Next, cleanse and wash your hair with a good-quality shampoo. Then moisturize the hair with a conditioner and rinse it off. 

Lastly, maintain a balanced diet. Look after both back and front hair to prevent this situation in the future.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles 

As tight braids, ponytails can also cause this problem, you have to be careful. Hence, start loosely tying your hair before sleeping. Moreover,  if tying your hair up is a must when you go out, loosely tie with a scrunchie. This will keep your hair safe from pulling and breaking off.

Do You Have an Unusual Scalp Condition? 

Wondering- why isn’t the back of my hair growing?

Now, there are actually several scalp conditions that we aren’t familiar with. These can cause serious hair damage and uneven hair growth.

Sounds scary? 

Well, don’t worry! Because you might not have any scalp condition. However, to detect whether you have it or not, you need to go through the symptoms. 

So, here are two scalp conditions that cause uneven hair growth and length- 

Alopecia Areata

This causes random strands of hair to fall out. Hair loss can take place in small and quarter-sized patches. Also, the hair on your body can fall out too. 

Lastly, when the hair starts growing, the rate of growth will be really slow. This is why you’ll notice your hair length isn’t even.

Bamboo Hair

This causes your scalp to turn dry and itchy. Then random knots also appear in your dry hair. Moreover, hair will break off really easily. This causes you to have short hair at the back of your head.


Now, if you’ve detected you have any of the two scalp conditions, call in a doctor. Yup, that’s the best suggestion we can give you.

Also, we wanted to tell you-

For bamboo hair, you might not get any proper treatment. Because it’s caused due to mutation of genes. However, you can try out some ointments- 

Name of OintmentsUsed for
Keratolytics and emollientsMoisturizing the scalp. 
AntibioticsRecovering infections 
Antihistamines Solving itchy scalp problems

Then for alopecia areata-

Give some natural treatments a try if you aren’t up for medical treatments for alopecia. These include- 

  • Taking vitamin supplements (Zinc, biotin)
  • Applying essential oils 
  • Using coconut, jojoba, castor oil 
  • Maintain an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Taking herbal supplements
  • Getting a scalp massage

Now, you might wonder which type of essential oils you should use. So, to help you out, we’ve provided some of these essential oils-

pure rosemary essential oil

Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

pure tea tree essential oil

100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

So, take these to get your scalp condition back to normal! However, if the hair loss is constant and the hair growth is sparse, consult a dermatologist. 

Finally, you’ll be free of having long hair in the front and shorter in the back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you grow out uneven hair?

Yes, your hair can grow unevenly. It can be due to hormonal imbalance. But you can blame some scalp conditions like alopecia areata too. Then if your hair is damaged, the affected hair strands can grow out slower than the healthy ones.

Why isn’t the back of my hair growing? 

Well, this can happen due to several reasons. For example, you might have really damaged hair at the back. Because damaged hair doesn’t grow that much. Then unusual scalp conditions can stop your hair from growing too.

How do you fix uneven hair?

Then you’ll just need to take care of the hair so that it stays healthy.


Well, that’s it! We tried to provide everything on why is my hair shorter in the back

Also, you can have shorter hair at the back due to a poor diet. To recover, firstly trim your hair. Then start eating veggies and meat to help your hair grow healthily. 

Lastly, good luck taking care of your hair, and keep us updated! 

Katharyn Riedel

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