Why Is My Hair So Knotty All of a Sudden? [ Mystery Revealed]

You just can’t manage tangled hair. It’s super difficult and frustrating. And if your hair suddenly gets knotty it’s definitely more annoying. But you have to learn why this is happening so suddenly.

Therefore, calm down a bit and think- why is my hair so knotty all of a sudden

Well, tangled hair can take place because of hard water, harsh hair products, and heat styling. Moreover, not brushing your hair enough times can cause the problem too. Hormonal imbalance, poor diet, ponytail, and bleaching can be responsible as well.

Now, these are just some common reasons. But you have to know which reason is actually causing the problem for you. That’s why we’ve discussed each of them. So, you can identify which caused your hair to be knotty. 

Thus, it’s best to keep reading! 

Why is My Hair Knotty When Wet?

Can’t move your fingers or comb through your wet hair peacefully? 

Well, suddenly finding knots in your hair right after washing is definitely irritating. However, if you didn’t know, it’s actually somewhat a common problem. People with every hair type or texture can go through this problem. 

But if you’re going through this problem all of a sudden. Then there can be three main reasons-

You’re Washing Your Hair with Hard Water 

Now, the first reason is related to the water you’re using to wash your hair. And it should be pretty clear that soft water is the best for every kind of use. 

But as days go by, the city water is getting polluted. Thus, the water now smells odd. And this type of water is actually called hard or harsh water. 

Because chemical elements like iron, sulfur are found in this type of water. And these elements can be pretty dangerous. 

Iron and sulfur water can make your hair super dry. And therefore, the strands can get tangled with one another. This makes you have a head full of knotty hair.

You’re Using Harsh Shampoos

Another reason is applying harsh shampoos. By harsh, we mean shampoos that contain chemicals like sulfur. Plus shampoos with parabens can also be harsh to your hair. 

Because of this type of shampoo, your hair can become dry with each wash. And you already know what dry hair leads you to. Yup, you’ll soon have tangled hair after washing your hair.

Chlorine-Treated Swimming Pool  

Why is my hair so tangled after swimming?- looking for the answer to this question?

Well, swimming pool water can also cause tangles in your hair. Because most pools are chlorine-treated. And this type of water is really harsh to your hair. 

Thus, your hair will get dry and flat. Also, with time you’ll end up having red hair. Plus, this type of hair texture is prone to tangling.

How to Fix Tangled Hair While Wet

To fix the knots, you have to make sure you’re getting a water softener system. Installing it will stop your shower water from being harsh to your hair. 

Thus, get yourself a water softener shower head or shower filter. Here are some suggestions that you might like-

hotel spa 1152 showerhead

Hotel Spa 1152 AquaCare Head 5 Inch Face 6 Setting Showerhead

naples naturals kdfa1 shower filter

Naples Naturals KDFA1 Multi-Stage Universal Premium High-Output Shower Filter

These can be a great help to stop your hair from getting more damaged. 

Also, it’s best to change your shampoo and conditioner. To reduce the knots, buy yourself hair products that work to detangle hair.  And make sure to always condition the hair after shampooing.

Use a leave-in conditioner and keep it on for at least 2-3 minutes. Then gently wash it off. Remember to slide your fingers through your hair while applying and washing the conditioner. This way you’ll easily detangle your hair and get soft, silky hair afterward. 

For an immediate solution, you can use detangling sprays. We’ve mentioned some for you just in case you can’t find any-

oribe run-through detangling primer

Oribe Run-Through Detangling Primer

sun bum revitalizing spray detangler

Sun Bum Revitalizing Spray Detangler

Any of these detangling sprays will surely come in handy! Also, from now on, wear a swimming cap to prevent hair from matting afterward.

Why is My Hair Tangled after Bleaching and Color Treatment? 

Other than harsh water, your hair can have knots after bleaching and coloring. Because bleaching makes your hair lose a lot of moisture. Thus, you’ll soon have dry hair. 

And when your hair is in this condition- 

You’ll have raised hair cuticles that remain open for as long as your hair is dry. Thus, after bleaching or coloring the chances of tangled hair is super high. But what did you do wrong while bleaching or coloring?

hair tangled after bleaching and color treatment
Source: toppik.com

Applying Bleach or Color in a Wrong Way 

So, you might be thinking- why does my hair get tangled and fall out?

Well, maybe you have bleached and colored your hair in the wrong way. For example, you shouldn’t start applying bleach from the roots. Because this only makes your roots damaged. 

Unfortunately, roots determine the health of your hair. Thus, damaged roots mean damaged hair. Plus, you have to wash off the bleach within 30-45 minutes. If you exceed this time, you’ll end up frying your hair.  

Used Harsh Bleaching and Coloring Products

Another reason can be using harsh chemicals for bleaching and coloring. There are lots of products out there for bleaching and coloring your hair. 

It’s always best to buy the ones that have fewer chemicals or are organic. Because this way your hair won’t lose too much moisture. And sometimes some coloring products will leave your hair smooth and soft. 

So, it’s safe to say that using harsh products will cause annoying knots in your hair.

How to Fix Tangled Hair after Bleaching and Color-Treatment 

Now, if your hair isn’t constantly falling out, deep condition your hair afterward. We suggest going for leave-in conditioners. 

Then using a hair mask once a week can restore the moisture you have lost as well. Also, applying coconut oil to your hair can detangle even the worst knots. Thus, do give it a try 2 times a week. 

However, if you’re wondering- 

Why is my hair so knotty after I dyed it?

Then, your best option is to go to a salon to recover from this condition. And if it’s impossible to detangle your hair due to the bad condition of it-

We suggest cutting it short or you can even shave your head. Because the new hair won’t be like your previous one. 

Lastly, if you want to dye or bleach your hair again. Then make sure to follow the right instructions. For better results, we urge you to go to a salon.

Why Is My Hair So Knotty after Heat Styling?

Heat styling is needed if you want to do new hairstyles. For example, straightened hair, perms, curls, etc. Sometimes blow-drying is important in protein treatment as well.

You might feel excited to get your hair a new look. But if you didn’t know, heat can seriously damage your hair. Hence, you’ll see knots occurring in your hair. 

Heat Styling Your Hair Daily

hair so knotty after heat styling
Source: frohub.com

Now, daily heat styling your hair quickly takes away the moisture you have in your hair. Therefore, your hair cuticles get damaged and dry. 

As a result, your hair completely turns dry, brittle, weak and prone to knots.  

Not Taking Care of Hair after Heat Styling 

It’s crucial to take care of your hair after heat styling it. For example, after applying Nexxus Emergencee or ApHogee protein treatment-

Moisturizing your hair with a conditioner is super necessary. Otherwise, your hair will become really dry and later turn knotty. 

How to Fix Tangled Hair after Heat Styling? 

First of all, you have to stop using hot tools for styling your hair daily. Because excessive use of these tools will lead you to no good. 

Instead, try to get permanent treatment to achieve your desired look. For example, keratin or protein treatment can make your hair frizz-free and beautiful. 

Then remember to apply oil, hair mask, conditioner to bring back the lost moisture. Because when the dryness is reduced, your hair will be free of tangles too.

Also, if you can’t afford a permanent treatment, use heat protective products. Then heat style your hair. Because the products will surely reduce the chances of your hair getting damaged and knotty. Thus, no more tangled hair after perm or curls, or even keratin treatment. 

Why Is My Hair So Knotty after Pregnancy?

A pregnant woman goes through different changes. Therefore, the hair texture can change as well. This leads to tangles and hair loss. 

Now, why does the hair texture change during pregnancy?

The Pretty Common “Hormonal Imbalance” Situation

The first reason is the imbalance of hormones before and after pregnancy. By hormones, we mean one specific one which is called estrogen. Because this hormone affects hair growth. 

Now, during pregnancy, the production of estrogen is quite high. This results in fast-growing, thicker, and fuller hair. 

However, after pregnancy, estrogen production drops drastically. This reduces hair growth and the hair starts shedding. 

That’s why after childbirth, most women go through a hard time brushing their hair. Because there will be lots of knots in the hair which contributes to hair loss. 

How to Fix Tangled Hair after Pregnancy 

You can’t really fix or stop this problem. Because it’s a common result of childbirth. And it’ll only last for about 4-6 months. 

But you can reduce your knots and hair loss. For that, you have to follow these instructions- 

  • Maintain a healthy diet and never miss a meal. 
  • Take your vitamin and mineral supplements. But make sure to follow the prescription your doctor assigned.
  • Meditate and exercise to keep your body and mind healthy. 

By the way, the exercises during pregnancy differ from regular exercises. Thus, make sure you do those to be stress-free! 

Why Is My Hair So Tangled after Sleeping?

Waking up with tangled hair is more common than you can imagine. And if you’re dealing with it recently. Then a few reasons are responsible for it.

Sleeping with Your Hair down

Now, your hair becomes incredibly tangled if you sleep without tying it. Because while you’re sleeping, your hair will create friction with your pillow. This later leads to tangled hair too. 

How to Fix Tangled Hair in the Morning?

To immediately combat it, apply oil to your hair 30 minutes before washing it off. Then use a wide-tooth comb and slowly detangle any knots present in your hair. 

Lastly, to never encounter this problem again, loosely tie your hair. For example, you can braid your hair or tie it into a bun. 

But make sure your hair is loosely tied. Otherwise, tightly tying your hair can lead to painful cowlicks and tangles. 

Can Hair be Tangled Because of Brushing Habit?

Lastly, tangled hair can be caused by your brushing habit. How? 

Well, we’ve discussed a few reasons why-

Not Brushing Your Hair Enough 

First of all, it’s essential to brush your hair to keep it tangle-free. This is a must for people with hair that’s past shoulder length. 

Because if you don’t brush your hair for more than 4-5 days, it’ll start matting underneath. Therefore, you’ll have a great struggle when you decide to brush your hair. 

How to Fix Tangled Hair after Brushing 

Now, to fix the tangles, we suggest applying oil to your hair. Then use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair. 

This will help to detangle stubborn knots easily. Plus, it’ll cause less pain too. 

Also, from now on, make sure to brush your hair at least 2-3 times a day. Moreover, brushing your hair before showering and sleeping is a must!! 

But remember to use a soft bristle brush for the work. Therefore, here are some suggestions- 

wet brush original detangler hair brush

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush

diane 100% soft boar bristle brush

Diane 100% Soft Boar Bristle Brush

Now, just keep your hair moisturized and brush regularly!! By doing so, you’ll hopefully never have tangled hair again!! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my hair get so tangled in a ponytail?

Well, tangles occur in hair if you put up a high and tight ponytail for a long time. For example, it can get really hard to comb through after keeping a high ponytail for 3-6 hours. Because your hair won’t be back to its normal form easily. Thus, it’s best to apply oil and comb it down. Then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. 

Why is my hair so easily tangled?

Tangled hair is common for people with thick and curly hair. Then it’s also normal for long and fine hair. However, dry and damaged hair gets tangled easily. 

What causes tangled hair after chemo?

The reason is simple. You’ll see tangled hair after chemo because of the drugs. More specifically said, chemo drugs dry up your scalp and hair. Thus, your hair gets more prone to knotting. And it can be super difficult to detangle your hair. That’s why most people shave their heads during this time. 

Final Words 

Phew! We’re done writing about why is my hair so knotty all of a sudden

By the way, a little extra info won’t hurt. Thus, if these aren’t the reasons why your hair is knotty suddenly. Then it can be because of the heat from the sun and poor diet. 

Anyways, that’s it! Good luck solving the knotting problem! 

Katharyn Riedel

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